Fight's On 2

At 4 am this morning, October 1, 2013, God suddenly woke me up and said, "Write!" so I wrote the essay "Fight's On." I just tried to go back to bed but God said, "Write some more", so here I am at 6 am.

What is happening with this Christian persecution in the US military, is they are RIGHT NOW staging a political coup of the US military because these liberal commie traitors know that the Christians and other good soldiers will not turn their weapons on the US people when ordered to do so by the commie traitors. Therefore, the commie traitors are taking over the US military and driving the Christian soldiers out. I told you that they were persecuting our Christians in the US military to drive them out and now it has become very hostile, aggressive, and broad sweeping telling me that they have infiltrated a lot of traitors into the US military.

What they did was get homosexuality legal in the military so they could use homosexuality to persecute Christians because they know that Christians are against homosexuality. This is the main reason why the liberals fought so hard to get homosexuality legalized in the US military and not because of any rights for homosexuals. It was all to set up their political coup of the US military by bringing charges against anyone who is against homosexuality and driving them out of the US military so the liberals would have control of the US military. It is working.

This political coup of the US military is an act of treason, an act of war against the US and its people, a federal crime, and is being used throughout the US military but especially very aggressively in the US Air Force, RIGHT NOW.

Why the US Air Force first?

To gain control of our air power because they can use that superior air power to destroy any ground or Navy efforts to fight back against their coup of the US government and attempt to set up their commie dictatorship. Our vastly superior air power has become key to our military strength and would be the most powerful weapon they would have to stop the people from revolting against their treasonous acts to overthrow the US government and set up their communist dictatorship.

Therefore, it is critical that this political coup of the US military be stopped dead in its tracks, RIGHT NOW, especially within the US Air Force. Can you imagine our planes and smart bombs being used against our troops and us? If you don't stop this now, they will be in the near future.

I warned you before that when the commies get something made legal, it is always so they can use it for something else. Every law, new "right", or anything else they get only makes it possible for them to do or get the next step in their treasonous acts to stage a political coup of the US government and set up their commie dictatorship. They always make it look like they are caring, kind, and trying to help people but this should be blatantly obvious that they only care about themselves and their treasonous commie agenda to seize control of the US and set up their dictatorship. It is past time that we Americans say enough and no more. It is past time that we take a stand to take our government back which will require undoing the damage they have done to this country and our legal system.

Now, can you better see how God's Laws protect good people from the evil of bad people and oppress bad people from their evil and criminal behavior against good people? We must get back to God, God's Laws, and Christianity. Do you now understand why our new government MUST be a Christian theocracy to protect all good people? The only thing Christianity oppresses is evil people and their mischief. Christianity protects the rest of us from the evil people.

We MUST fight NOW to stop this political coup of our military and our government because their political coup is obviously in its last stages. For them to be so hostile and aggressive means they are close enough to achieving their dictatorship to feel they can openly be so aggressive in committing their acts of treason and crimes. If you blink or hesitate at this point, the fight will be over, they will have won and set up their commie dictatorship, and it will be too late.


With the commie traitors so openly and aggressively committing acts of war and treason against us, we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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