Navy Ship Yard Shooting

I have realized that this problem of so many liberal commie traitors infiltrated into the US military working to take over the US military from within, especially the US Air Force, by persecuting Christians for their Christian beliefs in violation of the US Constitution in order to drive those Christians out of the military shows that there are really a very large number of liberal commie traitors infiltrated into the US military, many more than even I had thought. These traitors are now feeling confident enough in their plans to come out of the closet and openly commit acts of treason and other crimes showing they are everywhere and organized within the US military. This is a political coup of the US military and an act of treason. It is happening right now while you are reading this.

Never forget that it is these devouring brute beasts, the liberal commie traitors, who are working right now to set up their global dictatorship and slaughter more than seven billion men, women, and children globally. This is the most horrific crime against mankind and, therefore, these people are capable of doing anything including nuking US cities. After all, they are working to murder off almost all of those same people anyway, so why not just nuke them? No crime is beneath them. These are very terrifying people.

The revelation of there being so many liberal commie traitors infiltrated into the US military, especially the US Air Force, means that the story about the shooting at the US Navy ship yard being an ambush to prevent Obama from being arrested for treason is very probable. Obviously there are enough traitors in the US military for them to steal nukes and who would be willing to nuke US cities for Obama to be able to nuke Washington D.C. so Obama can declare martial law, for Obama to get information from his liberal commie traitor moles inside the military about the pending investigation and arrest, and to set up an ambush of those officers to prevent Obama's arrest. We're in trouble and really need God to save our butts, big time.

This also means that Obama and King Abdullah don't have to sneak nukes into the US to stage nuclear attacks against US cities so Obama can declare martial law when the liberal commie traitors in the US military will gladly provide those nukes and detonate them in those cities for Obama. Suddenly, my dreams about Obama nuking Chicago and my friend's dreams about other cities being nuked become very probable, real, and scary. How many nukes have these traitors already stolen and removed from US military bases? Where are they and which cities do they plan to nuke so Obama can set up his commie dictatorship and murder or enslave all of you? When do they plan to nuke all of these cities?

They are moving right now to finish seizing control of the US military and you know that, when they have control of the US military, it won't be long until they make their final moves, which will happen very quickly. The fight's on and we are losing. Is it too late for anyone except God to save our butts? We must at least pray and try. We are in very serious trouble.

We must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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