Final Solution

Adolph Hitler had a final solution to eradicate Jews and Christians. The liberal pagans don't tell you that Hitler also killed millions of Christians in his death camps because the liberals want you to believe that Hitler was both a conservative and a Christian to turn people against both conservatives and Christians, when, in truth, Hitler was a liberal socialist pagan who belonged to the Luciferian cult. Hitler pretended to be a Christian just like Obama pretends to be a Christian.

Gee, I wonder where Obama got that idea?

It has finally become very obvious what Obama's final game plan is for his Israeli final solution. Obama has stated that he is going to submit and pass a UN resolution requiring Israel to return to her pre 1967 borders and give the rest of the land she is currently controlling to the Muslims to set up a separate state or nation of Palestine for the Muslims. Obama and Israel both KNOW that Israel cannot survive with the pre 1967 borders for more than one or two years and that Israel must therefore defy the UN concerning such a resolution.

Obama knows that this will put Israel in a catch 22 where, if Israel does submit to a two state solution with Israel returning to the pre 1967 borders, it will only be a short period of time before the Muslims over run the rest of Israel and butcher all of the Jews. If Israel refuses to return to her pre 1967 borders in violation of a UN resolution to do so, it will justify the UN invading Israel and setting up a Muslim nation in her place. Either way, Israel will quickly cease to exist and the Jews will be butchered on a global basis. Obama KNOWS that Israel will choose to take a stand against the UN and die fighting rather than submit to slavery and eventual death anyway.

But Obama has several more problems he has to deal with. First, better than 65% of the US people support Israel against Obama and the UN and will not stand for Obama taking US forces as part of a UN force to invade Israel. Therefore, Obama must find a way to turn enough of the US people against Israel for Obama to be able to take a UN force to invade and conquer Israel.

To achieve this, Obama must create a US disaster far worse than 9/11, one that will cause more damage, murder more people and terrify the US people more than 9/11, and blame Israel for it so Obama can declare martial law, set up his Muslim dictatorship, declare war on Israel, and take a massive UN force to invade Israel as a reprisal, you know, hold Israel accountable for her actions or at least the actions she is accused of committing.

Second, in order for Obama to set up his Muslim dictatorship with Obama as the head ruler, he must get rid of or purge at least the liberal pagan white cracker puppet masters in one swift move before they can react to stop and remove Obama.

The obvious solution is to nuke a major US city but do it in such a way as to make it look like Israel was trying to assassinate Obama while conveniently also taking out the puppet masters and, oh yeah, killing his wife and two girls so he could use the sympathy card to keep anyone from blaming Obama for nuking Chicago, after all, Obama wouldn't murder his wife and girls, would he? Yes, he would because, in Islam it is a good work to kill your family to promote Islam, a man can even be required to murder his family for Islam and we know that Obama is a devout, radical Muslim and poser Christian.

How would you do this?

First you submit and pass a UN resolution which will require Israel to submit to her own destruction, which will force Israel to take a stand against the UN resolution and Obama for survival causing a huge amount of tension between Israel and Obama with Israel hating Obama for causing their dire situation, therefore creating the motivation for Israel to try to assassinate Obama and remove the cause of their dire situation. Then you set up a formal ball in the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago for the upper class trash puppet masters with Obama supposed to attend with his family while smuggling a 10 k nuke into the US and stealing an Israeli owned private aircraft for delivering the nuke. Obama either leaves early or shows up late "because of government business" when the nuke inside the aircraft goes off near the Willis Tower killing the puppet masters and Obama's family along with more than one million people in the third largest city in the US with the US economy taking an immediate and severe nose dive (creating a major national crisis to justify declaring martial law). The American people will be stunned and terrified beyond words or rational thinking with many being over come by emotions. Then Obama suspends the US Constitution, declares martial law, replaces his Secret Service (they were incompetent and didn't protect his family) with the New Black Panthers the way he said he wanted to right after he was elected the first time, replaces the US military and other government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others (they were incompetent and didn't protect Obama and his family) with Obama's CNSF the way he said he wanted to right after the first time he was elected, produces bogus evidence proving Israel nuked Chicago, declares war on Israel, gathers a huge UN force to invade Israel, and invades Israel slaughtering every man, woman, and child in Israel to set up a purely Muslim nation proving to the rest of the Muslims that Obama is the Mahdi of Islam requiring all 1.5 billion Muslims to quickly form the Caliphate behind Obama to conquer the rest of the world using their weapons and the US weapons, including our nukes.

I have thought about Obama smuggling in more than one 10 k nuke because I am sure he got more than one 10 k nuke for the $5 billion US tax money Obama recently gave Iran.

What would most likely be Obama's other targets, pending how many additional nukes Obama has smuggled into the US?

I would have to start with Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and other government headquarters so Obama would not have any resistance to setting up his dictatorship. Then I would have to consider at least the state capitols for the states which have passed laws against enforcing Obama's executive orders and gun control to stop that rebellion, seize control of the states, and prevent states from seceding. After all, once the US Constitution is suspended, there won't be anything left to legally hold any of the states together as a union, every state government can legally secede.

Having one or more of the above additional targets is a very good reason to nuke Chicago and the other places on a Monday, which is a regular work day and not a holiday, and during normal work hours, you know, when all of the people Obama needs to murder will be at work. The few key people Obama misses this way can quickly, quietly, and easily be taken out by Obama's Muslim hit squads.

How would you smuggle one or more 10 k nukes into the US?

Easy, after an agreement between Obama and Iran is reached, as a sign of good faith, Iran loans priceless ancient works of antiquity to strategically located museums run by liberal commie traitors and/or Muslims in the US for the American people to enjoy. These would be very large works "made out of pure gold" which can't be opened or damaged in any way (they are priceless) which will be passed through US customs by orders from Obama with diplomatic immunity. They could be pure gold (for $5 billion US, they should be) or lead with a gold plating to mask any radiation leakage from the nukes and to prevent X-rays from showing what is in them and they would have to be large enough to easily contain 10 k nukes, which, with today's nuke technology, wouldn't be that large (about the size of a military backpack). On some night shortly after midnight, these "priceless works of art" will be removed from the museums in wooden crates by container trucks to locations where the nukes will be cut out of the works of art and placed into cars, trucks, planes, and boats for delivery to the targets and detonation. Some of these could even be used as extortion to prevent a rebellion or coup by hiding them in large cities and threatening to detonate them in the event of any resistance.

In this way, 100 or more 10 k nukes could easily and quickly be strategically located throughout the US. Hey, Iran, formerly ancient Persia, has tons of priceless ancient works of art, though you know these will all be recently made phonies.

That is the short story of Obama's game plan or final solution. It is all coming together nicely, isn't it?

Keep an eye on Chicago.

BTW, the blacks and Latinos are about to cause Rahm Emanuel to lose the race for Chicago Mayor. The power struggle between the liberals and black Muslims is in full swing with the Latinos helping the blacks.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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