I was watching a video about three people who survived a plane crash in Alaska at here. There are some things I want you to watch for in that video and one thing I want you to notice is the difference in psychology or mentality caused by Marxism verses that cause by Christian capitalism.

Please notice in this video that the three people survived purely by the grace of God and not because of any significant effort to save themselves while mostly waiting for others to come save them. All they did to save themselves was swim to shore, find a place which sheltered them from the wind, made a small fire, and, when a plane finally came by close enough, shot off some flares. Their mistakes were many because of a lack of training and the psychology created by socialism teaching us to wait for the government to save us instead of planning and working to save themselves. There is a huge different between waiting for others to save you or take care of you and you saving yourself. The first is based on blind faith in others and wishful thinking and the second is based on planning and action.

The first mistake they made, especially for people working out in the wilderness, was obviously to not get better training for survival or at least do the individual research for personal survival. They very clearly knew almost nothing for survival in their job environment. This was a huge mistake, which almost got them killed, because they have been taught that, if they get in trouble, the government will coming running to their rescue. This socialist mentality kills people every year.

Please note that I am not picking on these people but using them for a teaching example to help you. I have seen the same thing in increasing numbers of modern survival stories.

My grandparents on both sides of my family were latent pioneers in the Southwest, but especially on my mother's side, and moved to New Mexico the hard way. My mother's parents and my parents influenced me most in growing up. My mother's father migrated alone to New Mexico from Oklahoma through Texas working ranches as a teen age cowboy (starting at 14 years of age) taking care of himself and learning survival from others and experience. His wife moved here by covered wagon (3 wagons) with a family of 15 and she was taught to take care of herself as well. Both of my parents were taught independence and to take care of themselves as I was.

That used to be the American way, you didn't wait for someone to come along and do things for your, you took care of yourself or died. But Marxism has taught us to be so dependent on the government and others that most people no longer even think about trying to care for themselves. That is Marxist psychology or thinking.

You should also notice that the three people in the above video went on their trip completely unprepared with no survival equipment except for the pilot carrying a device to start a fire. There were no hunting knives, hand axes, or other equipment needed for survival in a job and area in which it is only inevitable that they will eventually find themselves in a survival situation. They should have each had a survival pack they could have grabbed on the way out of the plane. If just one of them had grabbed their survival pack on the way out of that plane, it would have made a big difference. I see that as being very common in our world today, people are not prepared to care for themselves in a survival situation.

My grandparents and parents taught me things like carrying survival equipment in the truck of my car such as a shovel and gravel to help get unstuck in things like snow, spare water and food, and equipment to help survive an emergency. That is especially important here in New Mexico because it is easily possible to get stranded, even on paved roads, where there is no communication, there will be no traffic in a snow storm, and you must take care of yourself or die because it could be a day or more before anyone can get to you.

About 10 to 12 years ago, my car broke down in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere and by the time a state trooper got to me, he thought I was dead but I was comfortably sleeping in my car and was even lightly sweating. I could have lived there for a week or two because I was taught to be prepared and the officer was pleasantly surprised.

If you know anything about survival, you will notice in that video that they barely even began to try to save themselves. It is good that they sought out wind shelter and started a fire but they should have also built some form of shelter to keep the heat from the fire closer to them and give them better protection from the elements. They didn't even try. They should have built a rock circle around the fire for safety to keep the fire from spreading with a rock heat reflector on the opposite side of the fire from them to direct more of the heat from the fire towards them (you build a small rock wall at the back edge of the fire from you, the fire heats the rocks, and the rocks radiate the heat towards you and into the shelter). They should have cuddled together to share body heat but they didn't even know to do that.

If you know anything about survival, you know that an international emergency signal for survival or in need of rescue is three fires built in a triangle about 30 to 50 feet apart. You burn dry, smoke free material at night so the flames can be seen as far as possible and green smoke emitting material during the day so the smoke can be seen as far as possible.

The three people in the above video did not make one rescue fire with planes flying all around their area but not close enough to see their plane in the water in spite of the fact that they were suffering hypothermia and time was of the essence. Because of this, they were not rescued until late in the day, when they were becoming concerned that they might have to spend another night where they were, which would have probably killed the pilot and possibly also killed the other two from hypothermia. They didn't even have any snacks, food, or candy to keep their blood sugar high enough to help prevent hypothermia.

It is important to understand that, because of their socialist mentality, they did not do everything they should have done to SAVE THEMSELVES and they should have been rescued hours earlier. With only a few exceptions, they sat waiting for others to save them. In such a survival situation, you have to be much more aggressive at getting yourself saved. This waiting-for-others-to-save-us mentality is what our wonderful liberal socialism is doing to people.

It is not the government's job to change everyone's diapers. It is the government's job to protect, free, and empower you to take care of yourselves and then get out of the way so you can. That is a Christian capitalist mentality people used to have in this country.

BTW, it is very obvious that increasing numbers of liberal white crackers are attacking both Obama and Hilarious. It is blatantly obvious that the liberals are trying to throw Obama and Hilarious under the bus but that bus throwing thing can go both ways. Keep an eye on Chicago.

Putin has significantly increased the size of his forces for his "military exercises" while a large number of Western forces are moving towards Ukraine (it is supposed to take them nine days to get there) and Ukraine is saying they are going to retake Eastern Ukraine from the Russian forces while both forces are building up in the East (note, Putin is building up, not backing down, that should tell you something, you know, like there is going to be a really big fight). The largest increase was in the forces in the area of Britain and the Baltic Sea.

Could he be ramping up for a large surprise attack against the West?

If he does, he will have to make his move before the Western forces get too much closer to Ukraine, though he could be setting a trap for them in Ukraine. He may decide to go straight after the nations interfering than just waging war against their forces when they get to Ukraine or some combination there of. The four most significant forces moving against Putin are the US, Britain, France, and Germany. If Putin knocks three of those four on our butts, the rest will make nice really fast.

Mean while, keep an eye on China, North Korea, Argentina, Syria, and Iran to name a few. This won't just be Russia against the West and it won't be nice.

I am thinking that Putin is going to take Britain and Ukraine while Argentina takes the Falkland Islands, China takes the Senkaku Islands and islands in the South China Sea (Taiwan?), North Korea invades South Korea, and Iran and Syria make a major push in the Middle East. I am thinking that Putin could be drawing the Western forces into Ukraine and then surround them with the invasion strategy I told you he would use to take Odessa, Transnitria and Kiev while blockading all of the Ukraine ports to cut the Western forces off from their supplies, you know, encircle them.

Then I thought, "Is Obama causing all of this trouble to tie up the US military all over the planet so the US miltary cannot move to stop Obama from setting up his Muslim dictatorship in the US and setting up his CNSF to replace the US military?"

Think about it, Obama caused the mess in Ukraine with his intervention, he caused the mess in Iraq with ISIS, he caused the mess with Israel, he is making a terrible deal with Iran, and quite a few other terrible things plus Obama has the US forces scattered around the world in 150 different countries, after having devastated the US military down to pre WWII strength.

Is this all part of the Muslim plan to conquer the world by causing us to destroy each other's armies and then sweeping through with their Muslim armies for clean up?

I guess we are about to find out.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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