Finishing The Coup

Remember that I have been telling you for years how corrupt our government, courts, and media are?

One very important thing this rigged election is proving is that I was right in telling you how extremely corrupt they really are. If they were not so corrupt, this mess would have 1) never happened and 2) been resolved weeks ago. It has become very obvious that the government, courts, media, and others are not on the side of the people but on the side of the royals staging this coup.

This government is extremely corrupt and I believe Trump did a much better job in fighting this corruption than almost anyone else would in spite of his deep state opposition. You see now that most of the government is against him and, therefore, against you. They only care about themselves and their bank accounts. It is a miracle that Trump is still alive.

This level of corruption should prove to you that this will only get worse until the people stand up and take back their nation by killing from the top down.

They are so confident that the evil people don't even really try to hide their corruption that much.

The vote rigging in this election was so obvious that better than 70% of Republican voters and even 30% of Democrat voters think this election was rigged. The rest are involved or just really stupid people who are not paying attention.

And the DAs, judges and legislators won't side with the people to stop a corrupt election?

Yeah, these criminals are just a wee bit corrupt and obvious.

Then God woke me up this morning pointing out some interesting things that you really need to deal with.

The upper class trash are literally staging or finishing their coup RIGHT NOW! Not next year, next month or even next week. They are doing everything they can to finish their coup as quickly as possible RIGHT NOW!

DeBlasio is literally seizing people's land in NYC RIGHT NOW, telling you that one reason they are using the lockdown to destroy the economy is so it will be easier to just seize the people's land and property because, if they control the land, you will either be homeless or you have to rent everything from them and, if you are renting from them and don't do what you are told, they will kick your butts out and you become homeless and it will also make it easier for them to safely grab your guns.

You know, that "reset thingy" where "you will all be happy owning nothing" and them owning everything the way it was hundreds of years ago under their monarchies?

That is what this "reset" thingy is really all about. The Royals want to reset everything back to the way it was hundreds of years ago when they owned the entire planet and everyone else was their slaves. They keep telling you what they are doing, people, listen to them!!!

The Republic of the United States of America is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet! The Republic can't save you because it can't save itself from the Royals. You have to save the Republic from the Royals. The Republic didn't set itself up by defeating the royals; the people set the Republic up by defeating the Royals.

But people blindly and stupidly are holding out hope saying, "We will win the 2024 election!" People, if Biden wins this, THERE.WON'T.BE.A.2024.ELECTION! There won't even be a 2022 election.

What, you think the same criminals and traitors who rigged this election won't rig the next election even worse so it will be impossible for you to vote them out of office even if absolutely everyone votes against them?

People, they brought in truck loads of pre printed ballots, counted them, and are getting away with it.

You think they won't bring in more truck loads of pre printed ballots or even train and ship loads of pre printed ballots next time and just toss your ballots out?

If these people are not removed from office, they are not going to ever, ever, ever, ever, ever run an honest election again. With them still in office, the future elections will become even more rigged than this election.

Quit putting your faith in the Republic and Constitution and put your faith in God. The Republic and Constitution are dead because they are not being enforced but God will never die.


Yeah, I know you don't want to believe it but ask the lefties what that "don't want to believe it" has done for them. Trump was still their president for four years. You have to face and deal with reality. You have to believe your lying eyes.

The only way you will get this nation back or build a new nation is by taking control of this nation with violent revolution AND you cannot be "civilized" like you have been brainwashed to think. You cannot just arrest these criminals because this election and the resultant power grab are proving that, if you do arrest them, the corrupt DAs and corrupt judges will either not prosecute or will dismiss the cases so the criminals will be back in office by the next morning, back in control, and will stage a quick and violent coup to take your guns away from you just before they kill you so you cannot arrest them again. You have to finish the job yourselves.

History and current events teach that, for this revolution to succeed, it has to be "shoot on sight" for everyone involved in staging this coup starting at the highest level and killing your way down. These criminals have to be permanently removed from office so they cannot finish their coup because they have proved again and again that the ONLY THING that can stop them is death.

Remember that I thought they were going to "elect" Megan for the Commierat presidential candidate and was surprised when they didn't? What happened?

The current actions and coup tell me that Dopey and Cruella were used as fronts just in case they failed with this coup. Dopey and Cruella are expendable, which explains why Dopey really didn't want to run for president and stayed hiding in his basement all of that time. Dopey just knew he was going to get shot for treason.

It is now obvious that the plan was, since the Americans still have their guns, the Royal Family ran Dopey and Cruella so that, if the Americans raised up and killed the top dogs, they wouldn't be killing Megan and Harry, you know, the Queen's grandson, and the Royal Family could quickly bring Megan and Harry back to the safety of the UK.

If they do succeed with this coup without Dopey and Cruella getting killed, Dopey and Cruella will be replace by the new American King Harry and Queen Megan. The Royal Family was playing it safe for Harry and Megan.

Get the picture?

You can bet Cruella and Dopey were made too sweet of a deal to refuse by getting a promise for some high position in the Royal power structure. Hey, maybe Cruella will even get to bang Harry.

If the Royal Family succeeds at getting Dopey and Cruella in power, Dopey and Cruella and their extremely radical staff will quickly begin the kind of power grab you are seeing right now by people like DeBlasio and the other Commierats on a national level to finish the coup and, when that coup is safely finished with the Royals having you locked down and having your guns, then Harry and Megan will safely become your king and queen, bringing the "colonies" back under the control of the Royal Family.



If you let the Royals finish this coup, better than 95% of you will be quickly murdered and the rest will be their slaves so the Royals can have their planet and slaves back, you know, that globalist reset thingy.

It is almost time to storm the castle, people, and you don't have a lot of time to get the job done. You have to go to their homes and offices and execute the criminals on site and you have to finish the job everywhere or they will execute you. It is now kill or be killed.

Once again, the Royals have corrupted everything to where it is Bastille time. They just can't leave other people alone. Dey just gots to hab der power and slavies.

Trump may not win this election and, if he doesn't, you only have until January 21, 2021 to hit the ground running because that is when the royals are going to hit the ground running on a national level to finish their coup. You still have a little time to get ready but not much.

You think I am wrong?

This mess is so serious that former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, a US patriot, who has sworn an oath to protect the US Constitution, is asking Trump to suspend the US Constitution and declare martial in order to have time to clean up this mess and cause Trump to be rightfully and legally elected, which will definitely cause the left to try to stage a coup with their fifth column government and set up everything else I have told you about, especially in my last essay. It sounds to me like this is just a wee bit on the serious side.

Remember that I have been telling you that people won't rise up when they have too much to lose in relation to what they have to gain and will only rise up when they have more to gain than they have to lose by rising up?

Note that, in this video the bar owner said they "have nothing left to lose" and it ended up as a protest. The restaurant owner told the people to rise up against the lefty tyranny.

This lockdown stuff is backfiring on the left because they are destroying what people have and has been keeping the people from standing up and fighting, therefore, the people are increasingly willing to fight because they have less and less to lose and more to gain by fighting for their freedom. Also, with the top lefties openly not obeying their own orders, it is further angering the people making them even more willing to fight.

It is very likely that the lefty lockdowns impoverishing and angering the people are what will cause the revolution and it looks increasingly like this revolution will start in the blue zones, especially the big cities, you know, as those power mad lefties grab more and more power.

Me thinks that ye ole fuse has been lit on ye ole American powder keg and it is only a matter of time. Tim is so angry that he may be the catalyst that starts this war. Tim makes some very good points in this video. It is probably one of his best.

I pray that Trump manages to outsmart the royals once again and win this election. According to this video Trump is still in the fight and may be able to win. Here is another video that shows that Trump is still making progress in this fight. Trump only has until January 6, 2021. If Trump doesn't win this election by then, then he better suspend the US Constitution and declare martial law or he, his family, and a few hundred million US people are going to die. The royals have blood in their eyes and want it on their hands. I keep telling you that the royals have been inbreeding too long and have gone completely bonkers mad.

BTW, don't be fooled by the upper class trash getting the COVID 19 vaccine because, how do you know it isn't just distilled water in that shot?

BTW, that 2+ million dollars I told you God is going to give me is money that I should have gotten more than 20 years ago and got screwed out of it. I thought you would like to know.

BTW, remember that I warned you years ago that, when the upper class trash no longer need you, they will shove your butts under ye ole commie bus just like they have already done to everyone else they no longer need?

Now that they believe they once again have control of the US Government and can finish their coup without the big techies, they are already announcing that a "number of states are going to sue FB" (at least 40 states), including lefty run New York, and "the US is accusing Google of labor violations".

The big techies got too powerful and the upper class trash are about to get rid of their CEOs. I told you that power mad people will not share their power with more people than is absolutely necessary and they definitely will not permit someone to have more power than them. You are going to see even more of these upper class trash take ye ole commie bus ride because they are already starting the purge.

BTW, here is another little glimpse into the Commierat civil war with this video. The commies are attacking Obama for his statements. This is promising because it is just dividing the Commierat Party more.

Interesting Video

After I had written all of the above, I just came across something very interesting in this video and you are going to love this.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is the Euro-American royals, especially the British Royal Family, who are causing all of our problems? Remember that I told you that George Soros is just a front man for the upper class trash royals? Remember that a British MI6 agent played a very important role in the Russia Collusion lie?

Well, Lyndon LaRouche, tells you that in much more detail. He tells you the direct link to the British Royal Crown and tells you exactly who George Soros is working for, you know, Lord Malloch-Brown, definitely a British royal, who reports directly to the Queen of England, AND a top official for the voting machine company, Smartmatic.

Gee, who would have figured? Do you believe me yet about the Euro-American royals led by the British Royal Family wanting their planet back and you as their slaves? Now do you better understand why God put me into the Air Force to be trained in espionage?

If nothing else, now you know who former Nazi SS member, George Soros, works for, the Queen of England. Just like I have been telling you, Soros is just a front man working for the upper class trash. I bet that opened an eye ball or two.

Lefty Media

I am pretty sure I have told you that the journalists for those lefty media organizations get their marching orders for which stories to cover and how to cover those stories from the upper class trash. Basically, they are all told what to say, which is why they keep using the same key phrases and words.

In this video you get to hear that with your own ears. Yep, it ain't news, baby, it is just propaganda disguised as news. Yes, they really do conspire or work together so there really are conspiracies against the people and our nation and their journalists are just front men and women who say anything they are paid to say as part of the upper class trash coup.

Billy Boy Clinton

Here is something I recently realized. Remember that I told you at about the end of Clinton being the US President that I felt that Billy Boy is probably the Antichrist?

Knowing that he is a member of the British Royal Family, if he survives Damascus and enough of the rest of the British Royal Family is killed there, that will put Billy Boy first in line for the British Royal Crown and the trillions of dollars that family controls. Also knowing that he loves living in the Middle East and him using those trillions of dollars to rebuild old Babylon and build next to it modern Babylon will cause the Muslims, who already love him, to recognize him as their Mahdi, it will put him in a position to be their absolute leader and will prove Billy Boy is the Antichrist. Keep an eye on this because it is going to happen soon and, if you see this happen, you will know Billy Boy is the Antichrist.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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