The Situation

What is the current hostile situation on the planet right now?

The reason I am writing this is because I keep seeing people who understand part of the picture but not the whole picture and their picture is just too simplistic and limited and, therefore, distorted. Their thinking is that, if two entities are working against each other, they can't be working together against another entity and that is false.

The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. That great sounding stupid idea that "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" is idiot and simple minded Hollywood bull crap.

The Major Power Mad Nut Cases

Let's start with who are the critical offensive players or evil people and then look at the more important minor players or factions of evil people and then we will look at their basic game plans keeping in mind that this is just the nutshell version and it is much more complex than this. This essay just covers the basics.

The Critical offensive players, without whom the other players cannot possibly succeed, are the Euro-American Royal Family (which includes all of the royals in Europe and all of the royals in North, Central, and South America), China, and the Muslims. Those three entities, the royals, China, and the Muslims are the most critical players in this satanic, insane, obsessive, global power struggle with all of the other players being minor.

I do not believe that Russia is a critical offensive player in this power struggle because all of her military actions under Putin have been defensive, trying to stop the royals from taking control of Russia and her people. I do not see any expansionist tendencies on her part like I see with the royals, China, and Islam, therefore, I don't think Russia is a threat to any peaceful people because her actions tell me she is no threat. I think that all of her military actions have just been her trying to protect herself and her allies.

Think about Russia's logistics. She has too small of a population with less than 200 million people, too many of whom are above military fighting age (she would run out of fighting manpower too quickly in a sustained war), her economy is not strong enough to support much of an offensive war, and she is not expanding anywhere except in a defensive nature such as opening new defensive bases in the Arctic area.

I don't see her as being a threat to anyone. Hell, she couldn't even take back Georgia or Ukraine when the West staged regime changing coups in those countries to put anti Russian leaders in power in countries on her border that can be used for staging troops for an invasion of Russia. She ain't going to conquer the planet in the near future but has a nasty bite if you mess with her.

I am convinced by Russia's actions that, for the first time in a long time, Russia ain't one of the bad guys.

The more important and critical minor offensive players in this extremely deadly game, that is already murdering millions of people globally, are the different factions within the royal family, North Korea, Iran (Shiite Muslims), Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia (Sunni Muslims).

The rest of the offensive players are just very minor puppets of these major and minor offensive players, without whom, these remaining players wouldn't pose a threat to anyone but themselves.


The basic strategy and logic for all of the major players in this very deadly game is that they will work together to destroy the US while also planning to eventually turn on and destroy each other because power mad people cannot share power with anyone else, they just have to have it all, baby. Power mad people simply can't stand to see anyone else have anything.

You have to understand their post WWII and Cold War logic is based on what took place in WWII.

As of December 6, 1941, All of Europe except for the Axis allies had been defeated, Britain was defeated and within weeks of capitulation, Russia had retreated to make a last stand in the Ural Mountains, Korea, Mongolia, Indochina, Indonesia had all been defeated by Japan, and Japan had conquered most of China, part of Russia, part of India, part of the Solomon Islands, and part of Papua New Guinea. The entire planet was on the verge of complete collapse by the middle to end of 1942 that would have left the US and Canada alone to face these Axis forces.

On December 8, 1941, after being attacked at Pearl Harbor by Japan on December 7, 1941, the US jumped into that mess with both feet and, for the first time in history, a nation fought two different wars against two different enemies in two different military theaters or parts of the world at the same time and won, making the US the greatest super power in history. No one else in history ever did that.

Add to that that the US then defeated the Soviet Union in the more than 40 year Cold War.

For example, previously, Britain had conquered enough of the world that she could brag that the sun never sat on the British Empire because it was always day time somewhere in a country she controlled but it took Britain hundreds of years to conquer all of those nations, many of which were underdeveloped islands.

If you are the power mad royals, China, or Islam, who are obsessed with ruling the world without getting your brains blown out, are you going to want to take on that super power by yourself before you conquer each other?

Of course not, no one is that stupid, not even the inbred upper class trash. Therefore, while they are working together to destroy the US, they are also working to at least weaken or destroy each other, with the simple minded people who believe that Hollywood bull crap that them being each others' enemies means they are our friends, which isn't even close to being true. While being allies against the US, they are also each others' enemies. They are all 3 plotting to conquer the world and commit premeditated genocide against billions of other people, including all of each other, but the US is in their way.

Get it straight, it is not whether they are on our side or the other side, it is that they are all on their own side while working together to destroy the US before they destroy each other.

Yeah, I know, kind of crazy but what do you expect from insane, power mad people, who are right now beginning to commit global genocide, sanity? Do you see just how complex this mess is?

Mean while, all of these power mad minor factions are busy waging war against each other to have control when the dust settles, while working to help destroy the US.

Hey, people, it is the greatest global backstabbing contest in history. They are busy stabbing everyone on the planet in the back while working together to help each other stab the others in the back. Think just how crazy that is.

I told you they have been inbreeding too long and they are all nuts and, because, they are all the spawn of Satan, none of them have any morals, values, or ethics so none of them can be trusted. They are like starving global cannibalistic piranha eating their way to the top of the pond. You know that ain't going to end well or be purdy.

Now, you need to understand that the greatest threat in the world to everyone, not just the US, is the royal globalists. China is only the second greatest threat because Islam is right now so divided and China can't be a realistic threat without the aid of the royals. Her economy, lack of natural resources, and underdeveloped military are holding her back.

You also have to understand that the royals are not one or more nations waging war against the world but are an international family using whatever nations and resources they can to wage war against all nations, including the people of their own nations. These human demons have no loyalty to any nation and will destroy any nation to get their global power.

The royals are the biggest problem but not the only problem but, without the royals, everyone else would have to behave much better, especially the minor threats. Without the royals, the US could clean up those minor threats in just a few years. But, hey, the royals have caused better than 90% of our problems on this planet for more than 3,000 years.

You also have to understand that one thing the royals are doing is using China and the minor threats as a distraction from what the royals are doing. "Hey, look over there, not at us."

Have you ever wondered where the terrorists are getting the money, weapons, ammunition, and other equipment they need to wage their war against the rest of the world without an industry to earn or generate that money?

Almost all of it comes from the royals, China, and Islam laundering money through trust funds that give the money to the terrorists to use the terrorists as a distraction.

For example, German businesses make a lot of money selling Iran weapons and building things like nuclear power plants for Iran to make nuclear weapons that Iran pays for with money Iran makes from oil. China trades Iran weapons for oil and then Iran gives those weapons to terrorists.

Now, you have to also understand that the US only has a few allies it can really trust. These include Israel, India, Japan, and a few minor players who depend more on us than we depend on them. Most of the ones the media call our allies, I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw Moby Dick up wind in a class five hurricane. To survive, we may even have to make Russia an ally.

This entire thing is very complex but that is the basics of what is really going on.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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