The First Vision

This was my very first vision or dream when I was a child, even before my dream or vision for salvation.

The Flight

I was about eight or nine years old and in third grade, living in the Zuni View Trailer Park west of Grants, New Mexico when God gave me my first vision. I would not really understand it until almost 40 years later in 1994 when God began a major work of preparing me for the job He has assigned me. I wasn't even sure until 1994 that it really was a vision instead of a very unusual dream. I had the vision anywhere from half a dozen to over a dozen times in a period of weeks.

The vision had to do with the area that I was living in and was in two parts. In the first part, my parents, my older sister, and I played the part of a family which was in my family's car heading north on a road west of Grants, New Mexico. It was noon but the sky was pitch black except for the fire of the raging volcano, Mt Taylor, which was off to our right and erupting like a huge blast furnace with flames roaring high into the dark sky and also the lights of the city ahead of us to which we were fleeing. Note that Grants, New Mexico did not exist in the dream.

We had just fled our farm house somewhere south of where modern Grants, New Mexico is today because the lava from Mt Taylor was about to over run it. The earth was shaking violently from the volcanic eruption and other seismic activities.

In the vision, I was confused because it was raining very hard and I felt that it should have been lava falling from the skies and not rain. I didn't know until years after the vision that volcanic eruptions cause very heavy rain fall because most of what a volcano spews out during an eruption is steam which condenses into rain clouds causing thunder, lightning, rain, and hail storms. The rain was already standing on the relatively flat ground and was getting deeper very quickly. The soil was very saturated.

I knew that a Tyrannosaurus Rex was following us. I was afraid because I thought that he was chasing us and wanted to eat us. I did not realize until 1994 that he was just frightened by the eruption, storm, earthquakes, dark day time skies, and hot lava and was simply fleeing in the same direction and behind us.

The city was a circular, walled village on the west side of a long, straight hill which ran north to south. The front gate was at the bottom, west side of the hill. It was also at the bottom, center of the city we were fleeing to. The administrative and business area was in the middle of the city about half way up the hill and we were heading to a place at the south end of the city which was also half way up the hill on a major street which ran up the hill not far from the city's outer, southern wall.

The Family Dies

The second part of the vision was when the family had reached the building they were fleeing to for protection. During this part of the vision, I was a spectator watching the boy and his family from the south end of the building they had just reached. They were no longer being played by my family and didn't look like my family or me. They had gone from first person to third person.

The building the family had just reached and in which they were seeking shelter was a long, rectangular, single room building which ran north to south. It was a commercial laundry room with a pitched roof and open rafters. I only saw one door at the north end of the long, west side of the building and it was near where the family had just parked their vehicle. The west side of the building was the downhill side of the room. The south end of the building was adjacent to the major street which ran east, up the hill and near the south end of the city.

Down the middle of the long room ran two rows of large, white, square wash bins which were set against each other so that the walking space was against the walls of the building much like modern laundry rooms. You have to remember that this vision took place in the mid 1950's in New Mexico when I had never seen a square shaped washing machine. The only commercial laundry buildings I had been in had had big funny shaped sinks with the front side slanted so the women could wash their clothes with scrub boards. The only other technology in these old laundry rooms were a few short, square quilt tubs at the ends of rows of such washing sinks and a few cylindrical shaped electric washers with the movable clothes ringers on top. The latter were the latest in laundry technology at that time.

The young boy ran into the room through the door, past some people at the north end of the room, and toward me along the west, downhill side of the room between the wash tubs and wall. Behind him came his father, mother, and then sister in that order. At the north end of the room were a number of people who were going in and out of the door and milling around. The little boy had almost reached the south end of the building and wash tubs, his father was about half way down the west side of the building, and his mother and sister were together about a quarter to a third of the way along the west wall when the Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly crashed through the middle of the east wall and roof caving them in.

The boy fell forward along the wall towards me with his arms stretched out in front of him. I can still see the surprised look on his face. The father sat down in a near fetal position at the center of the west wall and covered his head almost directly under the dinosaur as the building collapsed. The mother and daughter fell down between him and the door. The washing units all slid against the family, crushing and killing them.

The Meaning

God had showed me the final moments of a family from Noah's Flood. He had let me know that He was and still is in control. He knew that some anti god people would dream up the story of evolution and He had prepared to deal with them in His own good time. God had planted a family and other people in a primitive laundry building with a Tyrannosaurus Rex on top of the building knowing that, when found, it would forever destroy the lie of evolution. It will prove that people existed at the same time as dinosaurs and, therefore, evolution could not possibly have happened.

In 1994, God let me know that the top of the hill had given away in a massive mud slide because of the soil being so saturated from the rains and the earth shaking so hard. The mud slide had swept the dinosaur into the laundry building and killed everyone. The laundry building, dinosaur, center of the city, and the gate at the bottom of the hill plus part of the road leading to the city were still buried under the mud slide waiting for God to expose it at the right moment. When God sees fit to expose it, it will destroy evolution forever.

You have to understand that this will be one of the single most significant finds in the history of archaeology. They recently found the remains of ten humans in the same strata as the dinosaurs but this won't be a group of humans in the same strata, it will be a group of humans in a building in the same spot right under the T-Rex.

Another important thing is that more than half of this city remains pretty much intact and will give us a fantastic look into pre-flood life in every aspect, technology, music, art, knowledge, tools, and other aspects. Homes, businesses, and government buildings were covered by the mud and are preserved with only God knows how many people AND animals from that time. Remember that neither people nor animals began eating people or animals until after the flood but you know they had pets and certainly had animals for things like milk and eggs. There is no telling how many other extinct animals will be found in the city with those people. Think a pre-flood Pompeii, with everyone and everything preserved in place waiting for us to discover it all.

If any creation scientists from Answers in Genesis or any other creation science organization, want to work with me, I will be more than glad to help them locate the site. I would love to have them keep me abreast of their findings and post pictures and information of their finds on the internet and in books as often as reasonably possible. There will be so much information at this site that they will want to build a steel building over the site so they can work the site year round.

You need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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