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It is beginning to look like this site has gone full circle. It began with creation science and has heavily returned to creation science but not just creation science. In studying all of these things happening at just the same time (gee, what a coincidence), I have come to realize some very interesting things about choosing sides on God's line and want to draw the picture God is painting along with making a few easy predictions based on the Bible and what God has shown me.

Let's start with stating that choosing sides on God's line is a global event and God has had me mostly focused on the US. Everyone on this planet is being forced to choose between God and Satan. There will be no more middle ground or grey areas, no more infiltration, no more posers, nothing but everyone finally being forced to take a stand for one side or the other.

God has permitted the pagans to have enough control to gain enough confidence to show their true colors so that fewer and fewer people are not informed and everyone is making informed decisions. But have you noticed that the pagans can't quite seem to close the deal on their global dictatorship? There are too many good people, especially Christians, working too hard to keep the pagans from performing the pagan coup d'eta on the Christians and God. The pagans are getting almost everything they want but it is backfiring on them and turning many towards God. Let's take a little look at the road signs telling us where we are quickly headed.

The Catholic Church is right now in the process of dumping Jesus and converting to Islam as per their own public statement earlier this year.

There is a rapidly increasing of the global persecution and murdering of Christians and Jews, even in Euro-America.

The Luciferians are right now trying to murder off billions of "inferior humans races" around the world with deadly diseases along with everyone who is not part of their Luciferian cult.

The Muslims are right now working on their plans to rebuild the City of Babylon with architectural plans available online for you to see, just do a search for rebuilding the City of Babylon. There are some pretty impressive architectural proposals out there.

Iran (Shia Islam) is openly building an arsenal of nukes with stated plans of nuking Mecca and Medina to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as the most holy site for Islam.

The Muslims are right now in the process of overthrowing Europe from within and importing millions of Muslims into the US, Canada, and other Western countries to finish the job.

Almost everyone is turning on Israel, including the US. Israel is being forced to make new friends anywhere she can find them. Please note that it is not the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 which says that every nation will descend on Israel, that is for the Battle of Armageddon. There may be some countries which don't send armies against Israel in this rapidly approaching war.

Obama being stabbed in the back and being driven into an increasingly smaller corner by the white crackers. But, have you noticed that Obama seems to be helping the GOP win the coming elections by some of his public statements? Gee, I wonder if Obama is helping the GOP win so the GOP will try to impeach Obama so Obama can blame the GOP and conservatives of working with Israel in trying to assassinate him when he nukes Chicago? Gee, will Obama use that as his excuse for purging all of the white cracker leaders on both sides?

Then we are watching the rapidly approaching demise of evolution. Punctuational Equalibria has all but finished kicking leaving only Catastrophism as their last and remaining "theory of evolution". The big problem with Catastrophism is that it admits that the layers were laid down by catastrophes, you know, floods, which is only one step away from Creation Science and the global flood. But they are saying that it wasn't a global flood but local and regional floods which laid down layers crossing numerous continents, which is completely absurd. It is only a matter of time until this extremely flawed "theory" or pagan fairy tale is busted wide open and they have to admit to a global flood having laid down all of the layers and not billions of years, which would require them admitting to creation by intelligent design. This is especially true with them having found the remains of ten humans (four women, one infant, and five males) in the same strata with dinosaurs and the geological results of Mount St. Helen.

"Ah ha", you say, "then Christianity and the Bible have won!"

No, there is one more lie left and remember this entire evolution thing has been about the pagans not wanting to live by God's Laws. They want to live by their pagan law, you know, do as you will. That lie is Islam, which has both creation and flood stories, though quite flaky and very flawed, it will beat them having to live by God's Laws. But, hey, a flaky creation and flood story will make it easier for the religious leaders to bend their stories to fit the facts.

Remember a few years ago when the global Muslim population had dropped to 1.2 billion people by the spring and then quickly rebounded to 1.6 billion people by that fall, almost totally caused by conversions to Islam? Gee, could it be the evolutionists saw the writing on the wall and already converted to Islam to keep from admitting Christianity and the Bible are right?

It kind of looks that way, doesn't it? Just too many coincidences!!! I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in God. Eyes are opening and people are choosing sides.

So, based on all of this, the Bible, and what God has shown me, what do I think will happen in the near future?

They will soon find the orbiting and expanding super massive ring of water God and the Bible told me is on the outside of our cosmos. That is, if they have not already found it and are trying to come up with a good non Biblical spin or lie about it being there. The idiot ideas of black matter and invisible matter are toast.

They will soon find the dead T-Rex lying on the top of the caved in roof of a building with dead people inside the building along with the rest of that pre-flood city. This will be the smoking gun which will finish off evolution. The evolution fish just went belly up.

Most of the remaining evolutionists who have not converted to Islam will convert to Islam to keep from admitting the Bible is right and having to live by God's Laws. Most of the rest will convert to Christianity.

The upper class trash and their media will soon announce the rebuilding of Babylon as required by Bible prophesy and Iran will nuke Mecca and Medina while blaming Israel in order to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as the most holy site for Islam and get all Muslims to join together to invade Israel, you know, just like the Bible says. Don't be surprised if the nuking of Mecca and Medina take place at about the same time as Obama nuking Chicago. One 10k nuke each in the back of small container trucks like they used in Oklahoma City parked near the center of both cities will do the job perfectly and make it easier to blame Israel than if nuke warheads come screaming in from Iran.

Obama will nuke Chicago killing off all of the top white crackers while blaming Jews and Christians and purging all of the remaining white cracker leaders putting all of his Muslim pals in control of all government agencies, using Chicago being nuked to discredit the US military, Secret Service, and law enforcement and intelligence agencies so he can replace them with his CNSF or Muslims and white cracker activists, while taking an army to invade Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, and starting the US revolutionary war.

God is going to punish both Chicago and Los Angeles for their wickedness with Chicago being nuked and Los Angeles suffering an almost completely devastating earth quake. Think about it, the water, gas, sewer, and electric lines will all be torn apart in the worst damaged parts of Los Angeles, almost no one will be able to live in the most devastated areas of Los Angeles, and there isn't enough money on this planet to rebuild the infrastructure of LA.

We are going to be just a wee bit busy in the near future, aren't we?

Remember that God showed me in a dream that He has a secret army of Christians who will take control of and build our new Christian nation?

I am right now watching that army organize and fight back against the Luciferians and Muslims. They will be the teachers, college professors, government leaders, judges, soldiers, law officers, media, and others we will need to build that Christian nation. Pray for these people.

And I am watching all of this and much more come together RIGHT NOW and at exactly the same time?

Gee, what a coincidence. And that is just the nutshell version.

But, hey, stick around, God told me that it will get better and more exciting.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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