Food For Thought

Did you realize that God has given me dreams or visions for the destruction of two of the three largest cities and economies in the US and two of the five largest cities and economies in the world? Los Angeles via a massive earth quake and Chicago via nuclear destruction, what some would call fire and brimstone.

Los Angeles and Chicago are two of the largest and most liberal cities in the nation and both have been responsible for oppressing Christianity and promoting paganism. They are both very corrupt and are having serious financial problems. It is very easy for Christians to see why God would punish both cities with destruction and death, especially with both cities becoming even more God hating and corrupt. Especially when you see the destruction which has been brought on Detroit because of their anti-Christian liberalism and corruption.

Unfortunately, when one liberal pagan city is brought down, like Detroit, the liberal pagans just move to and destroy other cities with their liberal paganism, well, until God has had enough and decides to just take out the liberal pagans along with their corrupt cites. Hmmm, that would explain why God would kill millions of liberal pagans in Los Angeles and Chicago. That would definitely keep those liberal pagans from moving to and destroying other cities.

What about New York City, one of the two largest and most liberal cities and economies in the US and the entire world?

We know they were punished on 9/11 but they didn't learn (were in denial about being punished by God) and have only gotten worse, especially under Bloomberge. NYC is easily one of the most corrupt liberal cities in the world and getting worse. When considered with the above, it kind of has me wondering what else God has in plan for NYC.

Oh yeah, what about Washington DC which has easily become the richest and most corrupt city on the planet? You would think God has something in store to punish them for their wickedness. I saw a little of that in one of my dreams. We are talking about them eventually living in third world poverty. Think Somalia.

But then again, there was that dream about millions of US people being taken off into slavery to China (our Vandals). Knowing that China will pillage the rich and not the poor (you can't steal as much from the poor), wouldn't that take into account the punishment of all of the rest of the corrupt liberal US cities? Maybe or at least part of their coming judgment.

Then there is "Merry Old London". She has been the liberal communist capital of the West since before WWII, has helped spread their evil liberal communist wickedness all over the world, including to the US, and has played a major role in bringing down the US. Most of the liberal "Mother England" commie traitors in the US don't realize that the real reason for England helping destroy the US is so England can get "her colonies", slaves, and natural resources back she lost in the US Revolutionary war.

I recently read that an English economist said that "Mother England", economically, is quickly sliding back into the Dark Ages. We are talking third world poverty heading for England. Could it be England trying to get her colonies back is because the liberal English commies know this and want to tax their slaves (us) and pillage our resources so the liberal commies in England can continue their failed socialism and don't have to work?

I have also read that the Scottish people have taken to England's socialism so well that Scotland is getting more money from England than it is paying in taxes and Scotland is dragging England down even faster. England is thinking about getting rid of Scotland just to save their own commie butts.

Could it be that England slipping back into the Dark Ages is God punishing England for her wickedness? After England being one of the nations who has required Israel to give away most of her land "for peace", I could easily see England losing all of her territories like Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Falkland Islands and returning to being just England, a third world country back into the Dark Ages. Hmmm, has me wondering what God has in store for Merry Old London, whose upper class trash and academe have been responsible for so much of the mischief in the world.

And there are many more examples of countries who are in serious trouble and quick decline because of their beloved pagan communism and hate for God and Christianity such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Ireland. Will they give up their communism and turn back to God before their impending economic disasters or will they be severely punished by God? Hmmm, maybe I should get a flack jacket for when the EU finally blows apart. I wouldn't want to get hit by any EU shrapnel.

Just a little food for thought.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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