Food For Thought 2

Currently the top five ranked military powers in the world are the US, Britain, France, Russia, and Israel, pretty much in that order, but I believe this is currently in a state of flux. The US is considered the number one military power in the world and is considered the only remaining super power because of it WMDs, especially nukes, superior technology, and top level training for its troops, especially now that most of those troops are combat experienced. This is in spite of the fact that the liberals and Obama have all but crippled our military with reductions in force to the point that the Pentagon told Obama the US didn't have enough military resources to invade little Syria with the US currently only involved in one low tech war, Afghanistan. Oops!

This should tell you that the US only has a one front military (can only wage one war at a time or war on one front at a time), especially since the US is not even fighting forces in Afghanistan which have an air force, radar, SAM sites, a Navy, and such technology. The main reason for this is because the liberals and Obama have gutted our military to the point that we can't field a two front force. The US big stick has been turned into a twig by the traitors in our country.

A second reason is because we have thinly scattered our forces around the world so we can continue to play global cop because, for the US to vacate that position and no one else willing or able to accept it from our side, would cause global chaos within days with every whacko with a gun, knife, or even a club quickly trying to conquer whatever turf they could. War would quickly break out everywhere and all of those weapons the West, Russia, and China have been selling to everyone on the planet would suddenly be put to use.

Basically, the US is politically, economically, financially,and militarily in a state of rapid decline. It is commonly believed that as your economy goes, so goes your military and our economy is in a super depression but, politically, our nation is in even worse shape and bad leaders don't win wars (name one war Obama has won in the last five years). It is only a matter of time and the US will be forced to withdraw its forces from around the world just to be able to protect the home land the way Rome did in 474 AD. A civil war could easily cause the US military to fall completely out of the top three to five militaries globally with almost everyone knowing the US is on the verge of a civil war.

When that happens, history teaches us that either some one else will have to step up to do the job of global cop or all hell will break loose on this planet with very powerful and devastating weapons. It turns out that our power mad, corrupt politicians have not just screwed the US but have screwed the world. Increasingly, I am seeing other countries realizing this and arming to the teeth, some for defense and others for the opportunity to conquer what they can including the world.

But who can take over as global cop?

Britain would be everyone's first guess but, as I showed in the last essay, she is in a state of economic decline caused by her socialism and as your economy goes, so goes your military. Some of her economists believe that, economically, she is quickly returning to the Dark Ages or third world poverty because of her socialism. Again, she is ranked number two in military might because of her WMDs, technology, and well trained troops but her forces are also quite limited in size and diminishing quickly.

I have not seen that anyone else noticed it, but Britain sent one of her best military units into the Helmand Province in Afghanistan to rid that province of the technologically challenged Taliban. Britain's forces took such a terrible beating with heavy casualties that a US Marine force had to relieve Britain in the Helmand Province. The US Marines rid most of the province of the Taliban and Britain's much more limited forces were given an area with less extensive fighting.

I find this to be very troubling, at the least, especially with Britain's economy quickly declining, its military to follow, and Britain on the verge of losing everything but England in the near future. I don't see any way Britain could possibly field a large enough force, even with the combined help of the rapidly declining US to play global cop. I would not be surprised to see Britain drop from the top five militarily and even have trouble protecting herself in the next decade, especially from the Muslim horde which is already making itself at home on her shores. I believe that, in the next decade, that Muslim horde will be England's greatest threat. The Muslims don't have to invade England, they already have courtesy of the liberals. If you think the US civil war will be bad, England's will be much worse, especially because her people have been disarmed and will be at the mercy of the Muslims.

The next top cop contender is France who is realizing it and trying to step up to the job as the US is failing because of Obama and the liberals. (France? Go figure.) The trouble is that she is also in an economic decline because of her socialism and she is involved in the EU mess which can't last much longer. When the EU implodes, which won't take much longer and won't require much of a catalyst, every country in the EU will suffer greatly, especially France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal. Most of these countries are having enough internal problems that such an economic disaster could easily cause civil wars to break out plus all of these countries have also been peacefully invaded by the great Muslim horde, which is already grabbing for whatever turf they can get. Most people don't realize that the Muslim fighting and civil wars have already started in most of these countries.

France could easily splinter into half a dozen countries from the Vichy French in the south to the Brets and Normans in the north and the Muslims spread throughout France, already waging their own civil war against the French. In the next decade, I see France also fighting for her life and possibly losing quite a bit of that fight. There is no way France can be the global cop for more than just a few years and on a very limited basis. Lately, France has been doing what she can but that old gal is in trouble.

Then we have Russia which is very powerful but has a very limited military much like Britain, but even weaker. Russia only has about 30% of the military force she had when she was the Soviet Union. Putin realizes that he can't afford to build a large military and is working on building a better military. He has been doing a great job and may even be thinking about invading at least parts of Europe when the fecal matter hitting the fan reaches crisis level. (I have shown that the fecal matter is already hitting the fan, most people have not realized it, and most people won't realize it until it reaches a crisis level directly effecting them.) Putin is already stepping up his international game as Obama and King Abdullah's plans have failed and Obama is now floundering. (Man plans, God laughs.) Putin's greatest military strengths are his WMDs, technology, and well trained troops but he doesn't have a lot of them.

But Putin is having his problems also. Russia is barely recovering from the collapse of the Soviet Union, has quite a bit of work to do for rebuilding, will be adversely effected when the EU collapses even though Russia is not directly a part of that failed plan, and is having his problems with his Muslim horde. I don't see a new civil war in Russia's future because the collapse of the Soviet Union took care of most of that mess decades ago. What I do see is Russia fighting the Muslims for survival on one hand and possibly also China and maybe invading Europe or parts of it. With her basket already full and not being very large, if Russia tries to grab turf in the US, she will be over reaching the way Germany did when she invaded Russia during WWII and it could cause everything else to fail for Russia resulting in China and the Muslims fighting over Russia. Russia is in a place where she has to be careful about aspirations for global conquest because she has an aging population of less than 200 million which could run out of troops pretty fast, you know, the way Germany did during WWII.

I don't see any way Russia can effectively play global cop even for a brief period of time because her plate is small and already full unless she combines forces with Britain and France until they finish falling. All three of those countries are having trouble policing their own countries, much less the planet. Another possibility would be for Russia to develop a combined defense force against the Muslims and Chinese with Poland and Germany. That could work to save all three of them. I already told you that Russia signed a military treaty with China to protect both of them from the Muslims but that treaty doesn't protect Russia from China.

Israel also has a small but very powerful military with some of the best military technology and best trained and experienced troops in the world. Her military is built to be defensive and, after Ezekiel 38 and 39, she will greatly increase her turf greatly increasing the task of defending what she has. With only God on her side, Israel cannot play top cop and I don't even see her combining forces with anyone to do so because, everyone else in the top military level has turned against her. Israel has a few smaller friends such as India but no one she could work with as global cop. I believe that Israel and her few remaining friends will be fighting to survive.

Then we have China and Islam on the dark side.

By now, everyone should know that the Muslims are working to conquer the planet and wipe out all non Muslims. Their greatest strengths are 1.6 billion fanatical people who are willing to die for their religion and whatever their religious leaders tell them to die for and trillions of dollars in wealth from Oil. The Muslims are increasing their weapons technology very rapidly and increasing the fighting experience and training for their combatants, thanks largely to their enemies, us. Fortunately for us, Islam continues to be very fractionalized and the Muslims spend more time and money fighting and killing each other than the rest of us. When that stops, we are going to get a face full of ugly from the dark side.

Then we have the power mad whackos running China who are systematically building their military to conquer the world. (I can't wait for this conquer the world crap to stop. Every nut with a sling shot wants to conquer the world.) China's greatest asset is that she has a very large and well trained military with 1.3 billion people and she is working on developing her military technology for global conquest. China also has intelligent enough leaders to not try to start her global conquest until she is certain she can achieve her goal. China's power mad whackos are being very patient, determined, and no nonsense about working towards developing an unstoppable military before she starts her global conquest.

In the short term, it keeps China at home, but, in the long term, it makes China the most dangerous entity on the planet. The Muslims are impatient and are trying to conquer the world before they have the military might by using proxy terrorist armies which are taking heavy losses. China is being patient, planning, and building a great military which will deal out heavy losses with relatively few losses on her side.

China's greatest weakness is the same as Germany's was during WWII, China has a severe shortage of natural resources within her own country and has to depend on resources from other countries, especially oil. This makes her supply lines extremely vulnerable and her Achilles tendon. If you stop those supplies, you stop China.

Most of the countries near China realize the increasing threat and have started ramping their militaries up for war. They are training their troops as best as they can, increasing the size of their militaries, and have been buying more military technology from the West and Israel. Some have even started talking with China in a vain hope of stopping China's aggression but China's rulers have made no effort to hide the fact that they really want and are planning to conquer the world.

With the US rapidly declining and Obama screwing every friend we have and China increasing in power and aggression, I would not be surprised to see a number of countries in the area form a common defense treaty or Asian Defense Federation to keep China at home. I could easily see countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, maybe even Israel, form a defensive alliance for survival. With the US and Europe turned against her, Israel is desperate for, looking for, and reaching out for new friends and has already made an alliance with India. With Israel being the fifth best military in the world with a strong growing economy, that would greatly enhance such a military alliance. Keep an eye on this.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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