The Trap

I have been quietly watching the shoe storm for a while and suddenly something just jumped out at me. Follow me closely because this is complex. We are going to do a lot of dot connecting here.

Before I start this essay, it is important for me to state that I have known quite a few good blacks and there are at least a few I would vote for as president such as the black preacher, Carter, and retired general West. What is going on and I am about to explain will hurt these good blacks more than anyone else and they know it.

Remember that I told you that, when I was working in Los Angeles as a broker's assistant in training to become a broker, I learned that there are approximately 300 families which run the planet, they are all white Euro-American families, they are white supremacists, and they got UN Agenda 21 passed by the UN in which the global plan is to set up a global "communist" dictatorship and kill all but a maximum of 500 million people globally, which means they are planning to murder more than seven billion people globally.

Now, who do you think these evil people plan to murder off?

Everyone who isn't a Euro-American white, of course.

But, hold it, aren't these the same people who have been promoting multiculturalism?

Yep, but they knew multiculturalism wouldn't work out because the differences in culture would cause conflict and turn very angry Euro-American whites against the rest of the races and it is working. The upper class trash plan is to turn the Euro-American whites against all other races to the extent that most of those whites will at least accept the idea of purging the planet or gene pool of all races other than Euro-American whites to bring peace or utopia and most would be angry enough to demand the upper class trash purge the "gene pool" to bring peace. After all, the whites gave these other races a really great opportunity by sharing the Euro-American culture with these other races and these other races paid the Euro-American whites back by hating and killing the whites. Get the picture?

The upper class trash knows that killing off the first race will be hardest for people to accept and it will get easier to kill off entire races of people for peace or utopia with each new race to kill off. Therefore, the upper class trash decided to kill off the blacks first because there has been a fair amount of animosity between blacks and whites for centuries which will make it easier for the whites to accept the genocide of the blacks than for any other race.

That is where we get to the trap that has been set for blacks and the blacks are helping out quite willingly. The first part of the plan was to help the blacks achieve equality while setting up hateful race baiters as their leaders to develop high levels of hatred and animosity for whites within the black community. The upper class trash started this part of their trap in the 1960s but killed Martin Luther King because he preached peace between races and not hatred. The upper class trash replaced MLK with a group of white hating black bigots who have done a great job of promoting hatred of whites among the blacks, you know, just what the upper class trash wanted. After that was achieved, the next step was to start giving blacks an unfair advantage against whites in order to start generating animosity in whites towards blacks and it is working.

During this time, the upper class trash have been doing some other interesting things. Remember that I told you that the FBI said in 1992 that all black gangs were Muslim? No one really paid attention because the rest of the Muslim world had not started waging war against us yet. By now you also know that Muslims hate all non Muslims and promote committing crimes against non Muslims including murder, meaning that Muslims hate all Euro-American whites. Over the years I have heard quite a few law enforcement officers from local cops to the FBI say they could quickly put an end to this drug problem because they know who all the bad guys are, where they all live, where their gang headquarters are, and how they work their systems but the upper class won't let the law enforcement officers clean up this mess because the upper class trash make a lot of money from selling drugs via these criminals to idiot liberal whites.

Hmmm, some very interesting dots. Could it be that the upper class trash worked with black Muslims to set up criminal gangs across the US to move and sell drugs to idiot liberals to increase the wealth of the upper class trash but also so that these criminal actions and the resulting violence would make blacks look bad and help turn people against Blacks? And with more and more black males turning to crime, going to prison, and using drugs themselves, the black males would become less responsible as fathers and the females would have to turn to government assistance to support their fatherless children, which, of course, would make black women look lazy and unscrupulous turning whites against blacks even more. Do you remember the liberals building the Welfare State around black single mothers and fighting conservatives who tried to stop the Welfare State? This Welfare fight began back in the 1970s.

Now we have these black gangs turning whites against blacks even more with their hate based crimes like flash mobs, mob violence, and knockout games targeting whites. There was even recently a Middle Eastern Muslim who did the knockout game against a Jew but we will get to Muslims in another essay. Right now we are concerned with the upper class trash white boys club making all blacks look incompetent, lazy, and violent in spite of all the opportunities we whites have provided them. Get the picture?

All of this racial hatred and race baiting is what the military would call battle field preparation or set up for the trap. Think about this, the upper class trash started this economic mess to destroy the US and justify setting up their commie global dictatorship decades ago with presidents like Carter, Bush, and Billy Boy Clinton putting into effect legislation which would cause such things as the housing bubble and the resultant economic mess. Now, into this steadily plunging economic mess you place the nation's first ever non white president who is really an Arab-American Muslim but looks and is thought of as being black, Obama. The man is very charismatic and has a mesmerizing voice to get the stupid people to follow him but he isn't even a US citizen (deception - "them blacks can't be trusted"), is so stupid he can't give a speech without reading it from a teleprompter and dumb enough to fall for the trap, they had to bribe Columbia and Harvard universities to get him in and then had to hide his college transcripts to keep people from realizing the man is an idiot, and, until he was elected the second time, they covered up his crimes enough to get him elected twice.

Please note the incredible timing of everything which has been happening since then and is still happening. Believe me, it is not a coincidence and was all planned out. And remember that this is all going on when increasing numbers of whites are becoming unemployed, homeless, frustrated, and angry. Their anger will be focused on the first black president and not the rich white boy club, think anger diversion. Hitler used it with the Jews to justify killing off all the Jews.

Suddenly, the liberal commie media have been exposing one crime after another (IRS, NSA, Benghazi...) and Obama's ratings are plunging. Then, by the strangest coincidence, Obamacare, which was clearly designed to destroy the US economy or finish it off, came into effect at the start of Obama's second term? Plus the idiot in chief is also doing what his puppet masters, the rich white boy club, want him to do, which is to legalize all illegal aliens which I have already shown you will devastate what little is left of the economy. Obama is under such a siege that even liberals, including the liberal commie media, are turning against him in mass and starting to call for his impeachment. Obama's ratings among blacks has fallen from 95% to 75% and black leaders are openly calling for his impeachment and prosecution for his crimes. Gee, what a coincidence.

Here is the trap, the rich white boy club wants to destroy the US and global economies to set up their global dictatorship, they also want to wipe out all other races starting with blacks so the upper class trash needs to turn the whites against those races, and they want to convince us that we are stupid enough we need the rich white boy club to take care of us or micro manage our lives. So they set up everything to destroy the US and global economies and our nations so they can set up their global dictatorship but to keep you from revolting against the rich white boy club and to blame blacks, when it is time for their final move to destroy the economy and our countries, they insert a black scape goat in as US president as the fall guy so you will blame him and all blacks by making all blacks look incompetent, lazy, and corrupt and Obama is doing a great job of that with all his irresponsible luxurious living, spending trillions on nothing, and criminal activities and then, of course, we, the people proving we are stupid enough to elect this twit twice have proven we need the intellectually superior upper class trash to set up a dictatorship to "take care of us". Get the picture?

Can't you just hear the post crisis propaganda from the rich white boy club? "All of the US presidents before Obama were white and they built the greatest nation and economy in the history of the world and then one black president destroyed the greatest nation and economy in the world in less than two terms proving blacks are incompetent and stupid." "The black gangs, black hatred of whites, so many blacks on Welfare in spite of the fact that blacks were given more opportunity than whites, and black violence against whites proves that blacks are lazy, stupid, corrupt, and violent and should be removed from the gene pool." The rich white boy logic is obvious, "therefore, we whites are clearly superior to blacks and, in order to have utopia on this planet, we must rid the gene pool of blacks and, by the way, you lower and middle class whites are so inferior to us intellectually superior rich white boy club members that you must have us micro managing your lives for us to achieve utopia." Get the picture?

Better than 95% of the blacks thought that Obama getting elected president was the best thing to ever happen to blacks but it is turning out to be the worst thing that could have happened to good blacks.

But I am not feeling sorry for Obama, the race baiting rich blacks, or the rest of the bad blacks. I am only concerned about the good blacks who will pay for this white back lash, which will soon happen. As a matter of fact, because of Obama's own evil plans, I am actually enjoying watching the vile little worm squirm on the end of his own hook.

Speaking of which, did Obama just purchase one or more low throw weight tactical nukes to use against US cities, you know, like 10k, by very quickly making the deal with Iran giving away the farm so that Iran can now make nukes? I am keeping an eye on that falling shoe and me thinks it is going to make a very loud bang when it hits, you know, in Chicago....soon.

We are watching and increasingly the victims of a massive global power struggle between the rich Euro-American white boy club, the Muslims, the Chinese, Russia, and the good people of planet earth. But always remember that man plans, God laughs.

Are you getting the picture yet why it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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