Food For Thought 3

I want to discuss several very interesting and developing things with this essay. They are all extremely serious matters you need to know about.

Item 1

Remember that the Pentagon told Obama that the US didn't have the resources to invade little Syria?

You better bet China has been thinking about it. (Light bulb time!!! Big time.) You can also bet that was one of the things the traitor, Snowden, told China and we don't know what else.

I know, let's do a little roll playing game to explore this matter further from China's perspective. There is no better way to be able to predict an enemy's actions than by looking at things from their perspective, which means you have to understand their logic. Therefore, for this little game, YOU are China. We temporarily ignore what Snowden may have told China because that would just be speculation, we know it wasn't good for the US. We are just going to explore what is in front of us.

First, the US not having enough military resources to invade little Syria should tell you what?

The US definitely doesn't have enough military resources to fight much bigger China, YOU, and you have been planning and building your military to conquer the world. Napoleon, be ware!!! Genghis Khan II is coming!!! (Great movie.)

So, what do you do knowing that, if you make a mistake and underestimate the US military power before going to war?

You can't just hit restart and start over because you will be dead, for real. These games are much more serious than computer games and you only get one chance in the real world.

The first thing you do is test the waters with a slow escalation of things to see if and when the US will back down because they have hit the point beyond which they cannot militarily defend their position, especially after seeing the US back down so many times to lesser nations.

You expand your defensible air space 200 miles out to sea into Japan's territory, you know, like China just really did, meaning what?

You just created a very serious territorial dispute with an American ally by escalating a previously less serious territorial dispute. Get the picture?

Now what do you do?

You are playing chess with real world lives, including your own, so you just wait to see what the US will do.

The US counters your move by flying two unarmed B-52 bombers from Guam through this newly claimed airspace challenging your claim to that airspace, you know, like the US just did.

Now what do you do?

You keep escalating the game until either the US makes a move forcing you to back down or the US backs down. That is right, it is an international, real world game of chicken where you are both watching to see who backs down or blinks first. If the US backs down, you ramp up for war and go to war starting small such as invading a US ally like Korea or Japan to see what the US will do. Will the US talk or fight? If the US talks, you escalate the war, if she fights, you start talking cease fire and truce negotiations so you can save your hide, unless you think you can win the war, then you escalate into a war against the US.

Now you can better understand why the US has to play such games with power mad, whacko, countries. If we don't, it will be a sign of weakness to that power mad country and instant war. Our best deterrent is to back them down and prevent the war.

"But", you ask, "Why would China risk going to war against the US when she has a deal with Obama to take our wealthy upper class trash as slaves and all of their wealth?"

I answer, "Why take a few buckets of milk when you can take the whole cow?" Which is what China is planning on eventually doing any how AND, thanks to Obama, China already has military forces on US turf with which to start taking out key military targets INSIDE the US, quickly weakening the US even more. China already has a well developed beach head inside the US. Get the picture?

That is how the game is played in the real world. Keep an eye on this, it has just barely started.

Item 2

Did you know Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran in 1953? (Are more light bulbs turning on? They should be.)

She was born to a couple of US expatriates who left the US and went to Iran because the US helped overthrow the previous Iranian government. (Read sympathizing liberal whackos) They moved back to the US in the 1960s, Val is fluent in Persian, she is a Shiite Muslim, and she is Obama's keeper and handler or virtual president of the US running the US while Obama plays president, you know, taking expensive vacations, golfing, and attending expensive parties with rich famous people raising money.

Remember that I told you that the Shiite and Suni Muslims have been waging war against each other for 1,300 years? (More light bulbs?)

As Obama's keeper, Val would have known about and been involved in everything going on between Obama and King Abdullah, especially Kingy boy waging war against the Shiite Muslims (you know, Val).

Question #1: Did Kingy boy and Obama know Val was a Shiite Muslim? (We are turning on an entire factory full of light bulbs, aren't we?)

Question #2: Did Val go along with the Kingy boy and Obama's plans of conquering Muslim nations like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria to set them up as Suni governments so they could set up the Caliphate as a Suni government to make Kingy Boy and Obama think she was on their side WHILE secretly passing info along to Iran to help Iran later overthrow the Suni governments and turn the war in Syria around to make Kingy boy look like a loser to Obama?

Question #3: Did Putin suddenly become brave and bold against the US for the Syrian War because he knew that Val is an Iranian mole?

Question #4: Did Val use Kingy boy suddenly start losing the war against the Shiites to turn Obama against Kingy boy and join sides with Iran and the Shiite Muslims, which would be quite normal in Islam?

Did you know that Val began secret negotiations with Iran held in Yemen more than a year ago, before the "Arab Spring" began and continued with those negotiations up until just a few months ago?

Question #5: Did Val use those negotiations with Iran to pass along secret information to Iran, her home country and Shiite religious sect, about Kingy boy and Obama's plans before, during, and after the Arab Spring so Iran could counter the Arab Spring? (I think that one is a no-brainer, of course she did. Obama and Kingy boy got played by Val and Iran. You can bet she was meeting with at least one upper level Quds (Iran's best military unit) officer who passed along instructions to Val and Val passed along intel to him.)

Listen, you can't make this crap up, this would make the best spy novel or movie ever done and it is true life. The acting president of the US is a mole for one of our worst enemies, Iran? Think about it. AND the fool playing president is a mole for one of our worst enemies who is pretending to be an ally, Saudi Arabia? Then, if you toss in Snowden, Wikileaks, and all the other nuts, spies, and traitors (who knows how many we have not even discovered yet), it gets mind boggling.

And you still think God isn't punishing this country for turning its back on God and all of our wickedness? This country is in deep doo doo without an oar or canoe so you better start swimming hard.

Item 3

Remember all the stories about Obama illegally obtaining nukes to nuke from two to three different cities as a false flag so Obama can declare martial law and set up his dictatorship and Obama firing admirals and generals because they stopped Obama? There are now enough news stories about this and they are compatible enough with each other and current events to give at least some credibility to the story.

If this did happen, then it means that Obama's sources for obtaining nukes to fry a few cities as a false flag to set up his dictatorship have been dried up and the US military is watching everyone Obama and Val have contacts with concerning US military contacts so it would be almost impossible for it to happen again. This means Obama will have to get his nukes to fry a US city from else where.

By the strangest coincidence, shortly after the nuke events were alleged to have happened, Obama openly turns on King Abdullah and makes a mind boggling deal with Iran, giving Iran the farm. This deal has made it possible for Iran to make nukes and creates another set of questions. Remember that this deal was pre-negotiated by Iranian Shiite Muslim Val before the open negotiations ever began so what was really negotiated between the US and Iran probably won't make public for a while and then you have to keep this in context with everything else I have shown you. Also, Farrakhan visited Iran during this time and was he also secretly involved in the negotiations, providing secret intel to Iran, and other aspects of what has transpired in this mess? Farrakhan is very close with Val.

Question #1: Did the deal with Iran include Iran secretly "selling" nukes to Obama for Obama to smuggle into the US to use for false flag events? We know Obama's sources for nukes inside the US are dried up.

We know that Obama gave Iran from three to four billion US dollars to use for their development of nuclear weapons along with lifting almost all sanctions which have slowed the production of nukes in Iran.

Question #2: Did Val and/or Farrakhan provide Iran with secret intel to help Iran develop nukes and a better missile delivery system the way Billy Boy Clinton did for China?

By the strangest coincidence, Iran announced, right after the deal, that they had developed a new and better missile for delivering their nuke warheads. Get the picture?

Now I bet you agree that this will make the greatest spy book or movie you have ever seen. Without God, we are screwed!!!!

I think that is enough food for thought to make your head hurt for a few more weeks. By the way, God made me write this essay on....Thanks Giving Day. Go figure.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving and Merry Christmas!!! Be thankful you still have God to save your butt.

I bet I don't have to tell you that you need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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