Food For Thought 4

There are some things that I need to add to the warning I just posted. First, it should be obvious that, with the lefties wanting to eradicate all members of law enforcement and the military who voted for Trump and/or will not swear an oath of loyalty to them and them knowing that 80% of the US military voted for Trump and/or are Christians and/or are conservatives, they are planning on wiping out at least 80% of our military, law enforcement, and government, probably more. That should be very obvious.

Think not? Then why have they been openly speaking out against law enforcement and the military and for doing away with law enforcement and the military and now they are passing the laws to do away with law enforcement and the military?

Second, law enforcement and the military committing crimes against the Constitution, Republic, and the good people of this nation IS NOT YOUR JOB so don't give me the crap about you committing those crimes is "just you doing your job". Get it straight, your job is upholding the Constitution, protecting the Republic, and protecting the people from criminals and crime, you know, from these traitors who are committing crimes by destroying the Constitution and Republic and committing treason against the people. You are not supposed to answer to them but are supposed to answer to the people.

You government employees need to know that you aiding these criminals in their crimes is called aiding and abetting and makes you complicit in their crimes and a criminal, therefore, you are not doing your job by obeying the lefties' orders to commit crimes against the people.

Also, the lefties making you swear an oath of loyalty to them instead of to the Constitution, Republic, and the people, is them making you break your oath to uphold the Constitution and Republic and to protect the people and is a crime. When these lefty criminals try to make you swear an oath to them, they are committing a crime and they should be immediate arrested and, if you swear that oath, you are committing treason against the people.

You also need to understand that the media aiding the lefty upper class trash in committing this insurrection and treason by putting out lies, misinformation, and propaganda is aiding and abetting in the commission of those crimes and makes them complicit in those crimes and traitors. They cannot get away with their crimes because the media and educational systems have been the most powerful weapons the left is using in their current insurrection and treason.

If you try to set up a new republic, after the left has finished destroying this Republic, you MUST write such things into your new constitution to make it very clear everything that is meant, which will take a significant amount of time, probably years of debate, or you can just setup a Christian theocracy where the Law says "you will not lie". That Law is already written and will take much less time to setup a new nation to protect the people.

To prevent or at least delay the problems we are currently having with the current Constitution, the new constitution will probably have to be at least 10 to 20 times the size of the current Constitution, probably more than 100 times larger, because it will have to be much more detailed and precise in meaning. That will take years to write unless the military already has a new one secretly written, which is why I keep encouraging you to set up a Christian theocracy, for which the constitution or Bible is already written much better than we humans can write one.

Under Biblical Law, everyone involved in this lefty insurrection would already be in prison or hung, if for no other reason than their best and most commonly used weapon for committing their crimes is the lie, which is outright forbidden by Biblical Law, and that doesn't include the other crimes they are openly committing and getting away with such as stealing and murder.

There would only be one 10% flat tax on income with no loop holes, sales taxes, land taxes, or other taxes like taxes on wealth and no deceptive tax shelters for only the rich, which require special expensive attorneys to start and maintain. You want equality, under Biblical Law, everyone equally pays a 10% flat tax on income, regardless of income, and no poor people will lose their homes because of land taxes and be made homeless and they won't be restricted in the food they can buy because of sales taxes.

The more you study our law and Biblical Law, the better the Biblical Law looks because, by keeping the taxes low, you have to keep the government small and efficient with the people having much more freedom and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE has to live by and be accountable to the same laws. Biblical Law is true equality and freedom.

Don't believe me?

Study our law and then study Biblical Law. The reason why the left hates Biblical Law is because they want to live by Satan's one law, which is, "Do as you will", which is what they are working on putting into effect right now, one legislation at a time. They find Biblical Law "oppressive" because the left wants to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want, which you can't do under Biblical Law, because Biblical Law oppresses evil to protect good people, which the left hates.

Under Biblical Law, you must respect other people and be responsible, which is the opposite of what the satanic lefties want.

Biblical Law is starting to sound better, is it?

It is a lot better than what we have right now, especially since the left has destroyed our Constitution and are eating away at your protections, rights, and freedoms, one legislation at a time. They are working towards getting their satanic law right now, very quickly and are getting very close. They only need a few more of their lefty laws to have their satanic law and then all hell will really break loose on you because they will be able to "do as they will" to all of you. Then nothing will be able to stop them from enslaving and butchering off all of you and that is what they really want.

You should be terrified at the thought of them getting their beloved satanic law because anyone and everyone will be able to do anything they want to anyone they want anytime they want. The problem is they are too evil and stupid to realize that even they should not want this because, if you can do what you want to others, then others can do what they want to you and it would only be a matter of time until others do what they want to you.

Whereas Biblical Law protects you from others as well as protecting others from you, which is not want Satan's spawn want.

Biblical Law is a law of protection and responsibility just like the Constitution, only better, whereas lefty satanic law is a law of evil and irresponsibility, where no one is protected from anyone unless they have the power to use force to protect themselves, which is why evil people who are powerful love satanic law. They can protect themselves from you but you can't protect yourself from them. There is no equality under satanic law because "might makes right" under satanic law and the mighty can do as they will to others and the weak are at the mercy of others.

What the evil spawn of Satan don't realize is that they may have enough power to protect themselves from you now but, as soon as a mightier army comes along or several armies combine, they can no longer protect themselves with their might and they are now at the mercy of the others and, if those others are evil, they are now screwed and probably dead.

Under Biblical Law leaders have responsibility to God and the people but under pagan law leaders have opportunity to oppress, enslave, steal, lie, and murder other people at will and are above the law because pagan leaders always have "sovereignty" to protect them from the law they force on you. Therefore, evil leaders will always hate God, the Bible, and Christianity but good people will love the protection of God, the Bible, and Christianity because, under pagan law, the people are at the mercy of their leaders but, under Biblical Law, the leaders are under the responsibilities they have to God and the people and must live by the same laws everyone else lives by so they won't force laws on you they don't want to live under.

Jesus said, "To whom much is given, must is require and to whom little is given little is required." The rich are supposed to have much grater responsibility and be held to a higher standard than the poor.

You don't see that with today's pagans, do you?

No, they force you to wear masks, social distance, and stay at home while they do whatever they want, you know, "they do as they will".

So, how is that pagan law working out? Living in increasing poverty and oppression, are we?

Leadership should never be an opportunity to cause harm to others and should always be a responsibility to protect others from harm. A leader should be a person you should follow because they are following Jesus, which will also cause you to follow Jesus, which is much better than anything Satan will ever give you, you know, your current lefty leaders who are now screwing all of you, including their activists.

You have to be really stupid to want to follow a leader who is following Satan, which requires you to follow and submit to Satan.

Under the rule of such a Christian leader, you know God will guide that leader and provide that leader with His wisdom to rule and protect God's people. That leader won't be perfect because they are still human but will be better than anything any other god can give you and will work to protect you until Jesus comes again.

I would rather be under a monarchy with such a Godly leader than under a republic with a satanic leader. It isn't the type of government you have but who is doing the governing because, under a Christian leader, God is doing the governing regardless of the type of government. Remember that Jesus will rule Paradise forever as our monarch under an eternal monarchy, which will be the best and greatest government in history.

Therefore, regardless of whether your government is a republic, a theocracy, or a monarchy, a true Christian leader will always protect you with Biblical Law but a non Christian will take advantage of you with pagan law.

You pagans should be careful what you wish for, because, if it is evil, it will always come back to harm you and this is being proved right before your very own eyes right now as the evil lefties keep doing to each other what they are doing to others by throwing each other under their commie bus. Their own evil keeps coming back to haunt them and they are too evil and stupid to realize it.

These lefties look like an insane school of starving cannibalistic piranha in a feeding frenzy and it is only going to get worse. Their greed and stupidity make my brain hurt.

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

Listen, these greedy, power mad, arrogant fools have not just destroyed your protection from them but they have also destroyed their protection from others too and that ain't smart, people.

God said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you" because God will cause others to do unto you what you do unto others.

Also, term limits mean nothing because I would rather have a true Christian leader protect us for 100 years than a satanic leader oppress us for 100 seconds. Also remember that, under term limits, every time you get a good leader, you will shortly lose them and they will probably be replaced by another bad leader. Therefore, term limits cause more harm than good and are probably Satan's way of quickly getting rid of a good leader.

Now, do you better understand why Satan's spawn hate God, the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity? Do you better understand why the lefties want to destroy the Bible and Christianity and are actively waging war against them? Now do you better understand why I keep pushing you towards a Christian Theocracy that will protect everyone from everyone?

God is smarter than we are and knows best how to protect you from yourselves and others.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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