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Women should be feeling completely betrayed by the left because they have been the largest voter block for the left for more than half a century and just got sold out with this law about men pretending to be women can compete in women's sports.

Make those men pretending to be women compete in their own transgender sports?

No, that might protect women's rights and wouldn't discriminate against women.

Yeah, the left really cares about you women and is openly discriminating against you. They just made it obvious that they have played you lefty women for suckers and fools.

Do you feel like a sucker and fool yet? What happened to women's rights? Why is the left permitting men to take advantage of women and abuse them? What, the left is discriminating against Women?

But, hey, the lefties don't need you women voters anymore because they just got their dictatorship set up with their rigged voting.

Please note that it is the lefty men who are taking advantage of and abusing women and not the conservative men.

So, whose butts are the lefties sticking under ye ole commie bus next, blacks, Latinos, Asians, who?

Hey, you kept voting for them when we conservative men were trying to warn you and now the evil tyrants don't need any of your votes anymore.

Black Culture

The lefties keep talking about black culture but blacks are just like whites and everyone else. They don't just have one culture. Blacks have a variety of cultures. I have known poor blacks and rich blacks and they have different cultures.

Idiot lefties act like all blacks are the same, you know, "dey all looks alike". The lefties are arrogant, racist fools. That is right, the worst racists are not conservatives but white supremacist lefties.

Blacks are human beings with individual feelings and emotions just like whites. I have known quite a few of them and they were all just as different as whites, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, and others. They are people but the stupid lefties are too arrogant, racist, simple minded, and stupid to figure that out.

Just like whites, blacks don't have just one "black culture", they have a variety of cultures but that is too complex for simple minded lefties to understand, especially lefty college professors.

The stupidity and ignorance of lefties make my brain hurt. It must be terrible to be that ignorant and stupid. Life must really suck to be a lefty, which would explain why their suicide rate is so high and they spend much more money seeing crazy lefty shrinks, who also have a very high suicide rate.

Food For Thought

Is it possible that the reason they were able to create a vaccine so fast was because the left had this all planned out in advance and already had the vaccine?


Fauci and others are now on a kick promoting wearing two to three masks at one time.

But, hold it, I thought the masks work and, if they work, then why do you need two or three of them? Gee, you don't think they have been lying to you the way I have been telling you, do you? Gee, I wonder if the stores selling masks are seeing the end to them making money selling masks and have bribed some people to push people into wearing two or more masks at one time to increase sales of masks and their profits? Hey, I know, why don't you wear 10, 20, or 50 masks at one time?

They probably are bribing the x-spirts, I told you it is a racket.


Remember that I told you that, if they recall Newsom, he will win because the election will be rigged?

I just realized that what the commies might do is "primary him out" to put another commie in office in his place to continue their Marxist tyranny. The commie voters are stupid enough to fall for this in spite of the fact that all of their commie leaders are tyrants. Keep an eye on this.


With the increasing tension between Russia and China, it is obvious that Russia knows what China's goals of global conquest are and, therefore, the main and maybe only reason they are working with China at all is because the Euro-American upper class trash threat to Russia and Russia knowing she is not strong enough to win a fight alone with the West.

Keep an eye on this because Russia is really grabbing at straws for allies against the West.

YouTube Videos

It has been getting insane with the videos on YouTube. I guess they get paid by the hour or something because they just keep getting longer and, when you spend your day watching videos to get news, that day gets really long.

The videos for many channels went from 10 to 20 minutes to 1 to 2+ hours, which just doesn't work because, if you spend 4 hours watching videos, you can only watch 2 to 4 videos instead of a dozen videos plus I have learned that the longer they get, the more of it is gab and the less of it is valuable information. You end up getting just as much information with a 2 hour video and much more gab than what you get with a 20 minute video.

It has gotten to where I see which channel it is, read the titles, and then look at the time and, if it is more than 20 to 30 minutes, I almost never watch it or only watch about the first 20 to 30 minutes of it.

I guess other people are doing the same because the channels whose videos have gotten really long are starting to also do short videos of just 10 to 20 minutes.

I guess their viewership is dropping off for the insanely long videos?

I cannot sit and listen to someone just gab for an hour or two to get a little information I can usually get somewhere else.

If I have to post a link to a really long video, just watch the first 20 to 30 minutes or until you get the intel. I will only post a link to a really long video if it is the only one I can find with really important information.


I guess too many people are realizing that Hitler really was a socialist or Marxist because I just saw an academe post a video "proving" Hitler wasn't a socialist. It is getting just a wee bit obvious who the real Nazis are and it isn't the conservatives. Eyes are definitely opening.

Hey, actions speak louder than words and, now that the commies have absolute power, they are going wild with their insane tyrannical actions so everyone is starting to see the truth, which is why the lefties keep trying to use distractions to keep people from seeing the obvious.


It seems that some people are having trouble understanding the existence of God.

The first thing you have to do is understand is that He is so complex that our simple human minds cannot even begin to understand the totality of His existence. Most Christians realize this and have the saying, "If God were small enough for my mind, He wouldn't be big enough for my problems". That alone is proof that the Biblical God was not dreamed up by mankind.

If you study paganism, you learn that they have from dozens to more than 1,000 gods because they can't imagine or dream up beings that are as complex as us humans, much less a being more complex than humans. This is why so many great writers use people they know as characters in the novels they write.

The biggest question seems to be, how can God be three different beings at once, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost?

It is even more complex than that because God is infinite, meaning He is everywhere at the same time. If you managed to leave our cosmos, it would certainly and instantly kill you because you will run into the actual real physical existence of the being, God, which will destroy your body.

The Hebrews believe that God had to make a space inside His existence to create our existence or cosmos because God is infinite. I realized this had to be true before I heard that the Hebrews already believe it.

Because of His infinity, something we can't even comprehend, He can be with, see, hear, and respond to everyone on our tiny little planet at the same time. He can "manifest Himself" in any form He wants to everyone on the planet at the same time. If all 7+ billion of us were to all pray to Him at once, He could hear all of our prayers and respond to them all at the same time.

From my readings in the Bible, I have learned that God has seven spirits, where as we humans only have one spirit and it seems that the dominant spirit is God, the Father. To have an indwelling or inspirational spirit, He seems to have separated out one of His spirits to be the Holy Ghost. The God, the Son spirit seems to have been separated out to create the being Jesus because, in the book of Revelation, it says that Jesus will return to being one with God, the Father.

The human mind simply cannot understand the existence of the being we call God. You accepting His existence has to include faith that He just does exist but there is also considerable evidence that He does exist.

Flying Cars

This insane obsession with flying cars scares the crap out of me when I see how terrible most people drive. I absolutely do not want to see most people driving flying cars over my head and home when I already see that they can't even pay attention to driving for just 10 to 15 minutes to go to the store.

Do you really want such terrible drivers with such horribly short attention spans controlling a one to two ton vehicle flying over your head?

You have to be nuts to want that.

Well, one thing about it, it will definitely and quickly depopulate the planet. The planet population would probably drop by at least 25% to 50% within the first year or two because, when they crash, they are going to fall dozens to hundreds of feet to the ground, which will kill everyone in the flying car and every other flying car they take down with them, not including the people they fall on top of on the ground. Almost every flying car accident will have a 100+% mortality rate by also killing people on the ground. Yep, flying cars will definitely stop the planet overpopulation problem.

Me, I am going to get as far away from other people as possible until all of the stupid people kill each other off.

With all of these stupid people who can't pay attention to their driving for just a few minutes, talking on cell phones and texting while driving, people drinking and driving, driving stoned, aggressive drivers, people not knowing their right of ways, and just really stupid people driving and killing more than 38,000 people in just the US every year, do you really want all of those stupid and irresponsible people flying over your head in control of heavy, fast moving machines?

Oh, you know they will easily kill more than a million people a year because almost everyone involved in those accidents will die. There will be very few survivors, even on the ground.

Every time I see stories about "wonderful flying cars", it makes me want to build a bomb shelter for a house. If I were an engineer, that would be one of the last things I would want to invent.

Don't we have enough plane crashes already without putting all of the stupid people in control of flying cars?

It makes me wonder about the intelligence of the people writing those stories or wanting to have flying cars.


Remember that I have been telling you that nothing the left says or is ordering you to do has anything to do with science?

The left despises science because it disproves what they say or want you to believe while claiming it is the conservatives who hate science. This video shows a number of things for which the left says and science proves them wrong. They just ignore the science and keep right on lying.

One of the examples for the left blatantly ignoring science is them saying that obese women are healthy in spite of the fact that we have known for more than half a century that obesity causes bad health and death. But, hey, they just ignore science and keep telling their great sounding lies with the stupid people believing it.

The story about Newsom saying that Commiefornia is business friendly because billionaires are doing fine proves what I told you about the commies destroying small businesses to eliminate competition for the major corporations is true.

Concerning the study about transgenders she reported, people, it is common sense biology that, no matter what hormonal treatment those people undergo, their bodies will always function based on the sex they were born with because, if you have a Y chromosome, your body will always be programmed to function like a male's body and, if you have two X chromosomes, your body will always be programmed to function like a female's body. People, those sex hormones they are using to "change their sex" are still being created by their DNA programming.

It is your DNA programming which determines how your body will function and they can't change the DNA. Therefore, it is grossly ignoring science to permit men pretending to be women to compete with women because they "identify" as women. I don't care if they identify as a bird, they still won't be able to flap their arms and fly even if you stick a ton of feathers up their butts.

BTW, Biden's answer to the small business problem the left caused is just meant to appease the non white business owners, while their businesses finish dying and will do nothing to solve the problem the left has caused.

Most lefties wouldn't know science if it bit them in the butt, beat them bloody, and ran over them with a truck. They don't WANT to know science and math because science and math disprove what they WANT to believe and want you to believe.

Stock Market

Remember that I told you that the stock market is rigged against you?

This video shows you a little of the corruption that takes place in the stock market and about a small group of people who figured out some of what I have been telling you. This video shows you that the upper class trash own and run the stock market to steal from you and put extra money in their pockets. It is rigged.

These people who own the stock market are the same upper class trash who own your politicians. They are the upper class trash. What Tim is showing you here is just a tiny glimpse of the stock market corruption.

The upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough and this is just one tiny proof of that.


I was just watching a video about why people are drawn to paganism, especially witchcraft and he was missing the boat.

The reason most people are drawn to paganism is for a number of reasons. First, they love their sins and paganism says sin is a good thing. Second, people enjoy the feeling of power, some more so than others, and witchcraft is really nothing more than using spells and incantations to worship Satan and his demons in exchange for power. Third, some people are greedy, paganism worships wealth and permits their people to steal from others to increase their wealth.

You need to know that, if you worship Satan and his demons under any name in any pagan religion, they are permitted to move into and take over your life because you are willfully submitting to them and their will in your life.

Knowing this, I will not read any books, watch any movie, play any video game or do anything else that has anything to do with paganism, especially witchcraft and magic because I know that doing so will be me asking Satan and his demons into my life to take over and control my life.

They can't have me because I belong to Jesus. My soul is not for sale because it was purchased by Jesus on the cross.

If you do anything for any reason that has anything to do with any non Christian or pagan religion, you are asking Satan and his demons into your life to take over and control your life. When you sell your soul to Satan, it isn't if but when will he come around to collect his merchandise.


This video shows some of the complexity involved in life. I have tried to explain a little of the complexity I have learned in biology and they take it further.

When watching this video, know that there is a biological clock in our DNA that turns on and off the right DNA at the right time during our growth or the right things would not develop or will develop too much and that usually causes death or at least is crippling. It is fantastic to watch a young organism growing and developing knowing that its DNA is controlling that growth better than we humans could ever imagine.

They talk about the extreme complexity and function of DNA, which, in of itself, is mind boggling, but there is also extreme complexity in molecular cell functions, in molecular body functions between cells, in our overall physiology, and in the control and safety functions in such things as endocrinology. Then you have to look at the complexity within all organisms and with the relationships between all organisms called environmentalism. Then you have to look at the environmental complexities for life to even be able to live on a planet because there are more than 200 different conditions which must all be exactly right at the same time.

As complex as what they talk about is, it is just a tiny picture of the required complexity for life.

There is absolutely no way all of this incredible complexity happened by magic coincidence and accident. You would have to be about as ignorant as a worm or dumber than rocks to believe life just accidentally and coincidentally happened under any conditions.

Science has proven that the only way there could be life is because a vastly superior being to us designed and created that life and its total environment, including what is in space. I have shown you before that science has proved absolutely that God MUST exist.

Biology has taught me that God is fantastically brilliant in all that He does. I love science because science teaches me about the great and wonderful God I love.

I have told you before that better than 90% of the scientists who profess a belief in evolution also believe that a superior intelligence (much more intelligent than humans) must exist who caused life to happen and this is why they believe that. Life is just too complex to accidentally happen and they know it.

Poser Christians

Remember that I told you that God is exposing poser Christians and getting them out of His church?

This video shows you that 88% of the corrupt politicians in Congress say they are Christians. There is absolutely no way that many of the members in Congress are true Christians because true Christians would not be corrupt, only poser Christians would be. They only say they are true Christians to fool Christians, probably poser Christians, into voting for them.

There are other things pointed out in this video that should make you feel wonderful about mankind right now. (/sarc)

Remember that I have been telling you that the poser Christians will convert to paganism and this video shows one of the steps in doing this when a self professing Christian prays to or recognizes the legitimacy of a pagan god.

This person will eventually take his following poser Christians with him all of the way into paganism and it will happen very soon. God is cleaning out such pagans from within His church. This is happening right now.

When you see this kind of crap, know that God is cleaning out the pagans hiding in His church that Satan has infiltrated into the church to destroy the church.

Also, listen to what she says about "hyper tolerance" and you still think that tolerance is not a sin and doesn't infuriate God?

Tolerance is accepting other gods, authenticating other gods, and supporting the worship of other gods.

And God said, "You will have no other gods before me." ("Before me" means in His presence.) Think about that. Tolerance is breaking at least one of the Ten Commandments, often more than one. Tolerance is NOT good, it is a sin and is bad. You Christians have been brainwashed by Satan's spawn into believing tolerance is good when it is evil. Get it straight, tolerance is very evil and bad.

BTW, lefties being offended is just them virtue signaling to show they are 1) one of the herd or flock of the sheeple and 2) that they are even superior to other lefties because they did get offended by something. "Oh, look at me, how wonderful I am because I got offended."

That is pretty pathetic, isn't it?

Consolidating Power

Remember that I have been telling you that the commies have succeeded with their coup and are now consolidating power?

Watch in this video where the commies try to get all Republicans officially designated as terrorists, which will require they all be arrested as felons so they won't be able to hold office, vote, or own guns.

This video shows another attempt by the commies to consolidate power.

Do you believe me yet that we are now living in a commie dictatorship and they just have not finished consolidating power yet?

She also points out how corrupt and controlling the upper class trash are, especially with things like the stock market.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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