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Islam vs Marxism

Why are our Marxists also Muslims?

First, you have to realize that all forms of paganism, including Marxism, are BOTH governments and religions where the upper class have absolute rule over the lower classes AND therefore, the upper class is above the law.

"Marxism is a religion?" you ask.

Yes, it is the religion of the government where the people worship and obey the government just like a god in other religions. The politicians are their pagan gods and goddesses that the people must worship and obey with the penalty of death. Not worshipping and obeying your leaders comes with the penalty of death just like all other religions and is their form of blasphemy.

In both Marxism and Islam the people are REQUIRED to submit to the absolute rule of their leaders or they can be put to death but there are other similarities in their laws and beliefs. Under both governments and religions, they can screw children and animals, they can use dope, and they can steal all they want from the people, especially from people who don't belong to their religion, to enrich themselves. The two biggest difference between the two is the spelling of the names and that, under Marxism, men can openly have sex with men but even under Islam, men can have sex with boys until they reach puberty.

They say that with Islam you also cannot commit adultery but what the heck do you think sex slaves are?

You will find this is true under ALL pagan forms of religion and government. The lefties love to tell you how wonderful the Greek democracy was but only the rich could vote and the rest of the people were either poor or slaves. The same was true with the Republic of Rome, only the rich could run for office or vote and the rest of the people were either poor or slaves. All forms of pagan monarchies were the same, whether for kings, emperors, Caesars, pharaohs, or whatever they called themselves, the leaders had absolute control and power over the people and the people either submitted or were killed with the leaders being above the law just like our Commierats today.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

The same was true for all forms of pagan cults, whether the occult, Buddhism, Hinduism, Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, Babylonian mythology and others. They were all the same with different names and a few slightly different beliefs but they all practiced that the leaders had absolute control and power, were above the laws they forced on you, could steal all they wanted from you, and the leaders were required to be worshiped and obeyed with only slightly different sexual allowances, usually with different sexual definitions as per in Islam men screwing boys is not considered homosexuality and men screwing sex slaves or raping non Muslims is not considered adultery.

You see, the greedy and power mad satanic upper class trash don't care what you call their government/religion as long as they have absolute control and power, they are above the law they force on you, they can steal whatever they want from you, they can kill you any time they can justify it, and they can pretty much do as they please and that is true with all forms of pagan government/religion.

So you call their government/religion Marxism, Islam, monarchy, or the flying pig cult, they don't care as long as it meets those conditions.

The reason why the upper class trash and their puppets hate Judeao-Christianity is because they don't have absolute power and control, God does, they cannot be above the law and must obey the same laws given to us by God as everyone else, they are limited in how much they can take from the people to only 10% of the people's income, and adultery, homosexuality, and having sex with animals are clearly defined and not allowed.

"Why, that is just intolerable!" and is why they say that Christianity "oppresses them."

Do you understand why the spawn of Satan feel that Christianity "oppresses them"?

They can't do as they will to whomever they will any time they will. They have to respect other people and not just use them for whatever purpose or pleasure they feel like.


You don't think Joe made a deal with the Bannies for the Bannies to take control of Afghanistan with Joe leaving US citizens and Afghans there that helped the US along with US weapons systems for the Bannies?

Then why are the Bannies "feeling betrayed" by Joe leaving choppers that don't all work?

The ONLY reason the Bannies would feel "betrayed" by Joe leaving choppers that don't work is if there was a deal for Joe to leave choppers with the Bannies assuming all of the choppers would work. Think about.

Here is a video that provides more evidence that Biden knew this collapse was going to happen and planned it to happen, just like I am telling you. Tim is just a wee bit ticked at this corruption.

Note that the then president of Afghanistan contacted Biden about the rapidly developing collapse of his government and requested air support but was turned down by Biden.

Listen, all Biden had to do was call in Navy and Air Force air power to attack the Bannie forces moving in mass from one community to another to take over each city and that would have easily slowed and probably, if done right, stopped the Bannies from taking over Afghanistan. That alone could have stopped this from happening.

Why did Biden refuse to call in air power, of which we have a lot in that area, plenty to have stopped the mess that took place?

The only thing I can think of is that Biden had a deal with the Bannies, which we know he had been negotiating with before Biden ordered the US troop pullout.

Also, I am seeing that Joe is bringing 100,000 Afghans to the US but, hold it, I thought there were only about 10,000 Americans over there and maybe 40,000 Afghans that helped the US, most of them have been left there by Joe with him not caring whether they live or die? Why am I also seeing groups, including groups of US veterans, who are risking their lives to rescue the Americans and Afghans who helped the Americans and are stuck over there, so who are those 100,000 people Joe is bringing to the US?

Think not?

In this video Tucker says that, out of 150,000 being brought to the US(what the Biden government is now saying), only 6,000 are US citizens and only a few more thousand are English speaking Afghans who worked with and helped us in the War Against Terror.

Note that Tucker says that we are openly being told that most of these afghans are not "allies" of the US.

Note also that Tucker shows that the upper class trash are persistently telling us this was a "success" but Tucker is not asking the right question, which is, "Who is this a success for?", which will explain a lot, especially that this was planned to end this way. The left is telling you that this was planned to end this way but most people are not getting it. The left is telling you that they succeeded with their plan. Think about that because it is called treason.

Who are the other 140,000+?

Let me guess and let's do the math.

The Commierat Party is failing with its coup, failing at getting guns away from US citizens, they are looking less and less like they will be able to rig this coming election enough to keep enough control to retain power, them using COVID 19 as biological warfare to scare people into submission is working less and less, with the people increasingly rebelling so that is also backfiring against them, and their violent Antifa and BLM thugs are getting whipped in street fights at protests.

Gee, you don't think Joe and the upper class trash made a deal with the Bannies to bring Bannie, Al Quaeda, ISIS, and other terrorists to the US to stage terrorist attacks to scare the US people into submission, do you?

Here is something to keep an eye on with all of this going down. Let's call this food for thought and some very interesting coincidences.

Remember that 13 years ago I posted some prophecies about Obama nuking Chicago to seize control of the US, force Sharia Law on us, and take a military force to invade Israel, which will lead to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39? Remember that in one of those dreams God showed me that the 10K nuke will be delivered by a twin engine, 8 passenger private airplane? Now, what would we call the pilot of an airplane that flew a 10K nuke into downtown Chicago and detonated that nuke, killing himself?

Answer: A suicide bomber who can fly an airplane.

Remember that Obama is a poser Christian and best friends with his "role model", Louis Farrakhan, who is the head of the US Nation of Islam and has visited all of the top Muslim leaders around the world.

Remember that Obama has remained VERY politically active as a retired president.

Remember that the Commierats are failing with their coup of the US Government and getting very desperate and increasingly violent.

Remember that the upper class trash and other Muslims terrorists just love to use fear to control the people and nuking the third largest city in the US would cause a lot of fear in the US, much more fear than crashing planes into buildings in New York City.

Remember that Biden is desperate enough to bring Bannie, ISIS, and Al Quaeda Muslim terrorists to the US, many of whom would gladly be suicide bombers.

Gee, that sure is a lot of interesting coincidences happening at the same time.

Therefore, it is very likely that the pilot of the airplane will be a Muslim suicide bomber staging a terrorist attack to terrorize the American people into submission to the upper class trash, who are closet Muslims.

Every day we get one day closer.

Fighting Back

This video has one word of profanity at the end but you need to see it because it shows that the good guys in the military have had enough and are starting to stand up and fight back just like God told me and I told you years ago.

We need more officers who are willing to sacrifice their careers and retirement for this nation and I think we are just now catching a glimpse of this. Note that he is in daily contact with a lot of other upper level officers who support him and what he is doing. I have no doubt that he and they made plans for what he will be leading.

They are clearly planning to "bring down" the corruption within the upper levels of the Military, you know, the lefty traitors. These people are trained and have experience in organizing and managing such operations. This is really big, people, so keep an eye on it.


This video provides us with some very incriminating intel concerning COVID 19.

First, he shows that Fauci was not only working with but was acting in partnership with the Wuhan Lab concerning research for "gain of function" or what we used to call biological warfare.

Then he tells you that Fauci was sharing intel concerning this research with the Wuhan Lab just like I told you and is treason.

Very importantly, he tells you that the Gates Foundation was involved with the Wuhan Lab, was providing funding for the Wuhan Lab, and, when you put that together with the statement by Bill Gates about 25 to 30 years ago that they would use a vaccine to depopulate the planet, it is significant evidence that is what they are really doing with the vaccines they are trying to force everyone to take. This is serious evidence of planned global genocide by the upper class trash and them using China as the front man so, if everything fails, they won't be the ones facing the death penalty.

This means that China and the Wuhan Lab are just the fronts for the upper class trash planned global genocide and the vaccines are a main part of that genocide.

He tells you that they believed they could eliminate 60% of the global population with just one virus they were working on. 60% of 7.8 billion people is 4.68 billion people murdered.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are evil?

People, that virus won't ask whether you are a good guy are bad guy before it kills you, it will just kill anyone and almost everyone. Hey, nothing like purging ye ole commie troops.

People, I warned you that they have worse than COVID 19 and this was just a dry run.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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