After Obama has stiffed everyone on the planet and France has taken a stance against Iran having nukes, I read that Israel and France are now making buds, you know, the way France is now building aircraft carriers for Russia. Israel can't depend on the US with Obama as the president and is turning to whatever friends she can get, you know, just like all of our other former allies. Israel makes better than 80% of her own weapons but don't be surprised to see Israel doing increasing business with France and less business with the US and not for just weapons.

Remember that I told you that Obama back stabbing Saudi Arabia amounted to a death sentence for the rich Saudis? I just saw in the news that the two bitter enemies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are planning an attack together against Iran. Israel and Saudi Arabia are Iran's primary targets for nuclear weapons so they have a common foe even though they are deadly enemies. The greater threat to both of them is Iran with nukes but don't expect tensions between them to ease just because they have a greater common enemy.

Basically, this is a temporary alliance for their common survival. Israel has the technology and know how Saudi Arabia needs to destroy Iran's nukes and Saudi Arabia has the strategic location Israel needs to destroy Iran's nukes. This may provide Israel her best opportunity to destroy Iran's nukes without using nukes. We will see.

If I were Israel, I would make plans just in case Saudi Arabia decides to stab Israel in the back as soon as the Iranian nuclear threat is removed. Islam requires that Saudi Arabia do so.

It looks like the US just lost her last ally or friend in the Middle East. It seems that the US is bleeding friends all over the planet like a stuck pig because of Obama. It is getting just a wee bit lonely for the US on this big planet. Isolationism may be forced on us by those Obama has betrayed, which includes everyone. The US military may have to remove Obama's butt from office for matters of national security alone, not including all the crimes and treasons Obama has committed.

An easy prediction here is that, without any friends and a severely diminished military, increasing numbers of our enemies will decide to have a go at us, you know, like everyone did to Rome when Rome fell. Bad guys are drawn to weakness like moths to light and we are not exactly a super power any more. No matter how you look at it, we are in for the hardest fighting we have ever done, just for our survival, because of Obama and the liberal commie traitors, you know, like Rome did when Rome fell. The bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Where art thou, O' Vandals, that God shouldst use thee to judge us for our many iniquities? Where art thou, O' fire and brimstone, that God shalt rain thee down upon our heads, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah? Shalt we not also be punished like all transgressors before us?

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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