I want to explore the different futures planned for man, first, by Satan and his globalist crowd and then by God so it will be very easy for you to decide which future you would want.


The globalist future is all about them being able to enjoy their sins to the maximum potential. They just love their sins.

They don't want to have to share "their planet" with us lowly middle and lower class people but do want to use some of us for slaves and sex toys at our expense though we are now seeing them experimenting with using robots and Cyborgs for those things.

Which should tell you what? They don't plan on sharing their planet with any of you and plan on murdering all of you off. It is getting just a wee bit obvious that the upper class trash are planning to murder everyone off and replace them with robots and computers in spite of their great sounding lies of utopia for all comrads.

Gee, that isn't much of a future, is it?

They love Satan's one law, "Do as you will" so they can freely do whatever they want to anyone they want any time they want, not realizing that also means anyone else with enough power can do whatever they want to them, you know, like murder them.

They are very simple minded, evil people who only care about themselves and immediate physical pleasures. They only care about themselves individually and prove this by constantly throwing each other under the bus. There is no loyalty among thieves, only cooperation, when necessary. When it is no longer necessary and they can gain more power and wealth by murdering each other, they murder each other without hesitation.

The simple minded idiots are too obsessed with power, greed, and immediate physical gratification to realize this is all Satan's plan to wipe out ALL of mankind, even the power mad, greedy pagans, so God can't fulfill the rest of God's prophesies so Satan can claim God is not perfect and, therefore, not qualified to judge Satan and his demons so they won't have to spend eternity sun bathing and tanning in the Lake of Fire.

In other words, all pagans are being conned by Satan and his forcing into murdering each other off because Satan is just like his pagans in that he doesn't care about anyone but himself.


God infiltrated His Christians into the pagan Church of Rome to gradually take it over enough to create the greatest culture in the history of the world, the Western culture. The Church of Rome was still paganized enough that it kept destroying things so God caused His Christians to flee paganized Catholicism to create the greatest nation in history, the United States of America. We Christians fell asleep and bought into the pagan lies enough that it became possible for the pagans to take over and destroy the US so God is using that to separate out the pagans and poser Christians from the true conservative Biblical Christians.


Because God's next step is create an even greater culture made up entirely of conservative Christians. It will be the greatest culture in all of history and, to do this, God has to get the pagans to come out of their closet so they will show their true colors to open people's eyes to the truth. That way, we will be sure who the true Christians are and who the pagans are.

The adventure God is about to send us on is mind boggling and like no other adventure in history. It will be beyond your wildest imaginations and will require massive inspiration from God coupled with Christians working as a group and incredible innovation.

The first thing we will have to do is fight the pagans in a civil war so we can throw off their shackles of selfishness and stupidity. Then we will have to write a new constitution to include things to prevent pagans from doing to that constitution what they did to our current constitution like writing into the constitution that it is not some stupid living document but is fixed law, that this is a Christian nation based on Biblical Law, that freedom of speech and press do not give us the freedom to commit crimes like fraud or treason, and there is no separation of the Christian church and state. We need to learn from the mistakes of the current constitution to write a better and stronger Christian constitution.

At the same time, we will have to do away with all forms of Marxism under any name and crony capitalism to create a truly free market capitalism because we are going to quickly need the fastest growing economy in history to begin our next part of this journey and adventure, which will be to colonize 9 planets in 2 different galaxies with only Christians.

You see why God is separating the Christians from the pagans? Do you really think God wants the pagans, who have messed up this planet for thousands of years, to mess up 9 more planets in 2 galaxies?

This one jump will be bigger than going from a hunter/gatherer society directly to our current society with planes, ships, submarines, space craft, computers, and the Internet. It is going to require the thinking, planning, building, and management of our greatest Christian minds working together with a lot of inspiration from God.

Think not?

We are going to have to go from a government managing a part of one continent to an interplanetary and intergalactic government covering 9 planets in 2 galaxies. That alone will be just a wee bit of a jump requiring the building of an intergalactic federation or Christian United Planets or Galaxies of Space.

God is about to give us Christians 9 planets and 2 galaxies to manage and we will be RESPONSIBLE for properly managing them and we really don't want to screw this one up. This is going to be a huge responsibility, huge challenge, and huge opportunity and we will have to achieve this virtually overnight, within just a few years. Everything we do and know right now is about to take a quantum leap into the future so you better get used to thinking beyond what is presently considered possible and learn to work with God to regularly do the impossible, you know, like I did with LART.

Regardless of your job, you will ALL be challenged to do what man has never done before and that can only be possible with inspiration from God, you know, like I did with LART, you know, proving that nothing is impossible with God.

To get the economy we need to make this move, we will be forced to do away with all taxes except the one Biblical tax of a flat 10% tax on income. There will be none of the other taxes or forms of piracy forced on us by the greedy, power mad pagans like sales taxes, land taxes, and such. We will have to learn to do much more with much less, you know, like I did with LART.

What will we be dealing with in population?

There are about 2+ billion Christians on this planet right now and, if we took all of them to those 9 planets, which we won't, it would be a little over 300 million people per planet or only about as many people per planet as we currently have just in the US today. I figure that, most likely, we will only have from about 50 to 100 million people per planet by the time the Tribulation begins, which should tell you there won't be much population density and there will be a lot of open space on every planet.

Our cities will be small compared to here on earth and we will have the opportunity to learn from past mistakes to better plan our cities for long term growth and development to avoid the problems we are facing today. This will require some thinking ahead.

It will be best to start out by colonizing limited parts of the planets and growing into the rest of those planets. This will be necessary because we are going to have to quickly move untold numbers of businesses from mom and pop businesses to major corporations to 9 planets in such a manner as to quickly build growing economies on all 9 planets plus a thriving interplanetary economy. We are about to go beyond all current theories and ideas concerning economics.

Did I tell you this will require a lot of prayer and inspiration from God, you know, like I did with LART?

Let us look at a few little examples of how things will and must quickly change.

In law enforcement, the FBI will be forced to quickly go from enforcing the law in one country and working with law enforcement in other nations to managing the law enforcement on 9 planets in 2 galaxies.

The US Coast Guard will go from patrolling our nation's coasts, lakes, and a few other places to patrolling the coasts, lakes, and around the planets for disabled craft, including space craft, on 9 planets in 2 galaxies, just a wee bit of a change.

The US military will have to go from protecting a nation and its allies to protecting 9 planets in 2 galaxies and develop offenses, defenses, weapons, fleets, and strategies and tactics for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial warfare, just a wee bit of a change.

If you think the airplane changed the military, wait until you see what space warfare will do to the military. They are going to have to quickly develop planetary defense, planetary offense, and modify terrestrial warfare based on interplanetary strategies and tactics. This is going to require some really innovative thinking.

I figure it will probably be best to assign one planet to the military for use as a base of operation, training, and weapons R&D so they can regularly practice things like planetary defense and invasion without disrupting our economy much or posing much of a risk to space travelers. The military is going to have to quickly develop and test ideas for interplanetary warfare and just imagine them having a planet for R&D where our enemies can't spy on them with satellites.

We are still going to need a lot of terrestrial activities such as truck driving for delivering goods from one place to another place on the same planet but will also have to quickly develop things like space freighters for interplanetary commerce.

Who wants to be a real Christian "Hans Solo" flying a space freighter between planets and galaxies?

This is going to be what I like to call dancing in tornados because everything will be moving so fast in every direction that only God will be able to make it possible for us to keep up with it. This is easily going to be the most exciting time in history.

BTW, you retired preachers better dust off your Bibles because we are going to need a church or two on those 9 planets and we will certainly have to use the Internet to reach the more remote Christians, you know, online churches.

This is going to be the most innovative time in the history of mankind.

BTW, God has let me know that He will give me a very large sum of money that I MUST spend the way He wants me to spend it to create businesses on those planets to create jobs on those planets so some of you will go to those planets to work and live, which will require someone building you houses, building stores for you to shop in and everything else. The money will be to quickly jump start those economies.

Now, which future do you want, Satan's future so you can love your sins, even though you won't get to live much longer to enjoy those sins, or God's future as space aliens colonizing planets and galaxies?

All of the sins in the world are not worth giving up God's love and plans for us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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