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Flying Cars

Everyone keeps talking about everyone driving flying cars sometime in the future. I find this attitude absolutely mind boggling.

Get it straight, a flying car will be recognized as an aircraft BECAUSE IT FLIES and, to fly one, you will be required to obtain a pilot's license, which is much more difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain than a driver's license. You will not be allowed to drive a flying car with a regular driver's license, even if it is called a car and not an airplane.

Besides, do you really want most drivers flying one or more tons of deadly metal over your heads and homes to suddenly come crashing down on you?

So, who will be driving flying cars in the future?

The rich and/or their professional pilots, just like with any other aircraft today. Most middle or lower class people will not be operating flying cars any time in the future because you will be required to obtain and maintain a pilot's license.

Basically, a flying car will make it possible for the rich to take their vehicle off from streets so they don't have to struggle through the traffic like you and can fly over the traffic.

Flying cars will be NOTHING like in the movies, you know, just like everything else you see in the movies. I have told you for years that, if you believe 10% of what you see in the movies and on TV, you are grossly misinformed.

Flying cars will just make it possible for the rich to fly over the traffic jams you are caught in and they will only slightly decrease the traffic on your roads. The crap about everyone driving flying cars is just another pagan fairy tale.


It is amazing what the lefties are teaching kids in Europe. I keep reading and hearing European lefty stuff that talks about how the Europeans won WWII and saved themselves with little help from the US.


Get it straight, at the time the US entered the war, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Turkey (the Axis) had conquered all of continental Europe except Switzerland, Britain was within two weeks of being forced to surrender to Germany, Stalin had been driven out of Moscow and was waiting to make a final stand in the mountains 100 miles east of Moscow, Germany had conquered almost all of North Africa and parts of the rest of Africa, and Turkey was gaining ground on the British forces left in the Middle East (if Britain had fallen, all of the latter would have gone to the Axis). The Axis, especially Germany, almost had the war won and was within from weeks to months of having it won.

Now, just exactly how did the Europeans save themselves when they had already been conquered?

Mean while, in the Pacific, Japan had annexed Korea in 1910, they had conquered almost all of China, they conquered Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos and Thailand had just invited the Japanese in without a fight with fighting going on in Burma and threatening India. Indonesia, Malaysia, part of Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and the Western Pacific out to the Marshal Islands had been conquered by Japan and they were threatening Australia and New Zealand, with Australia and New Zealand being the only reasons the Japanese hadn't conquered all of Papua New Guinea.

Do you better understand now why both Japan and Germany were so confident they declared war on the US?

They almost had their wars won, got over confident, and underestimated the US. That is why and how they lost the war. They should have waited until they had everyone else finished off before they declared war on the US and, even then, it would have been a much tougher fight than they thought.

At the time of the US entering the war, the only allied nations which had not been conquered or almost conquered were the US, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Everyone else was defeated or almost defeated and were within less than a year of being defeated.

What should that tell you?

That the US, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand pretty much saved everyone else's bacon with the US doing the bulk of that saving.

I love how the Brits love to tell how they and the US were providing Russia with materials, supplies, and weapons when the US was providing Britain with materials, supplies, and weapons.

Does anyone on this planet tell the truth?


I enjoy reading some people's stories about them cruising on sailboats because I am fascinated by sailboats and love the ocean. What is very interesting and consistent with all of them is that they all seem to, at best, endure the longer sailing trips of more than about 3 to 5 days with many actually hating them. Quite a few people come completely unglued by the longer open voyages, especially if they are becalmed or without wind for significant periods, and they often quit cruising. Most people who go cruising, don't last a full year before quitting, usually because of the longer voyages, and the long voyages seem to be especially hardest on women.

This is very ironic when you consider that they take those voyages because they like sailing but are very bored at prolonged sailing, which is what they dreamed of before they started cruising.

I also notice that they seem to be surprised at the amount of work is required for fixing and maintaining the boats because of the damage caused by the saltwater (causes lots of damage quickly), sun, and stress caused by sailing. They spend a lot of time fixing and maintaining their boats they thought they were going to spend lying around and having fun.

Remember that I taught you about cost of ownership?

Cost of ownership is very high in or near salt water because salt water is very corrosive.

It turns out that what they seem to enjoy the most is sitting in different harbors, site seeing, and partying instead of actually sailing, you know, just like they did back home in the cities...but now without all of the conveniences you have in the cities.

Do you see why most people quit cruising within the first year?

Be careful what you wish for because you might get it. We humans often imagine things to be better than they turn out to be. Really check out your dreams before you invest any time, money, or other resources in them, which is one reason why I am always researching such things.

A big hint here is that, if you enjoy the city life a lot and outdoor life only a little, you probably shouldn't try to spend your life outdoors.

Canine Behavior

This morning I realized that I need to teach animal behavior and this one will upset more than a few of you because it will disprove the warm fuzzies you have been taught about dogs by the lefty media, jerk marketing people, animal rights idiots, and PETA. This is something you must learn because, when our civil war gets going full bore with millions of people being murdered and their pets being turned loose on you, you will suddenly find yourselves facing packs of starving, wild, feral dogs that will hunt you and kill you, animals that used to be people's cute wittle, warm, fuzzy pets.

Think not?

Right now, there are more than 20,000 dog attacks against humans in just the US and most of them are against their owners.

The idiot lefties love to tell you that the reason dogs attack their owners is because of animal abuse by those owners but that is rarely true. I am going to teach you the real reason why most dogs turn on their owners, especially the children.

The reason dogs became man's best friend is because dogs are vicious predators that helped another vicious predator called humans kill other animals for food, were willing to share that food with us humans, you know, like they do with other dogs in their pack, and we were willing to share that food with them, you know, like we do with other humans in our tribe, which helped both of us.

Dogs did NOT become man's best friend because they were cute, warm, fuzzy, harmless little critters, contrary to what you are taught by all of the ignorant idiots on the left. If dogs had been harmless, cute, warm fuzzy little critters, we humans would have eaten them, you know, like cute, harmless, warm, fuzzy little bunnies.

You think not?

You just have to look to Asia where people became farmers and herders, they stopped hunting, and they now eat dogs. When I was in Thailand, I saw people kill dogs to eat them and they really love puppy meat because it is tender. Also, if you study American Indian history, you will find that American Indians considered boiled dog meat, especially puppy meat, a delicacy, which really turned off European settlers and convinced them even more that Indians were savages.

As a side note, there is a simple fact about us humans most of you, especially the idiot lefties, don't seem to know. We HUMANS are the prime predator or most deadly predator in history, not T-Rex, the Velociraptor, or any of that other lefty scare crap animals. We humans have hunted more species into extinction than ALL other predators combined and we humans are the only species in history to hunt every other known species, including bugs, on the land, in the water, and in the air. We even hunt other humans because war is really nothing but man hunting man.

Compared to humans, T-Rex, Velociraptor, bears, tigers, lions, crocodiles, and everything else are candy butts.

Dogs knew we are the prime predator and were glad to help us hunt instead of us hunting them so they worked hard to become our best friends by helping us kill game and share it. It made life much easier on both of us.

In spite of this, at the time Chris Columbus sailed west on his first trip from Europe, most people around the world ate dogs.

But, dogs are high enough on the food chain, that, when they think they can get away with it, especially in a pack of two or more dogs, they will hunt and kill humans, you know, just like any other predator. Don't every forget that, especially when dealing with what I am about to teach you.

Dogs are pack animals because they love to run and hunt in packs. There is a pack hierarchy which is regularly challenged by younger dogs, especially alpha males and alpha females. They also tend to see EVERYTHING outside their pack as game (food) or enemies, similar to humans. Gee, we are so alike, no wonder we became best friends, but only in the West.


When you take a dog home, especially a puppy, it sees you as their new pack. For a while, they let you be the pack leaders and will accept the existing hierarchy. If they begin to see you as weak leaders and, especially, if they are alpha dogs, both male and female can be alphas, they will eventually decide to challenge that hierarchy, you know, like they do in dog packs in the wild. YOU ARE THEIR PACK, KNOW IT! They will usually start by challenging the lower members of the pack, you know, your children. Dog attacks against children are quite high but most people, because of their ignorance about canine behavior, tend to assume it was the child's fault because "the child must have been mean to the poor wittle goggie."

Sometimes, yes, the child will cause or encourage the dog attack but not most of the time. Attacks against adults are probably most frequent because the dogs see the adults as the pack leaders, except with lefties, and then they may be more likely to turn on the stronger children than the weaker adults because the dogs perceive them as the leaders of the pack.

One day, the dog just suddenly decides, "I want to be leader of this pack", and they set out to achieve that goal by attacking the leaders. That is normal canine behavior.

A really big threat is when people permit their dogs to run loose, especially at night. I see this happening increasingly because of the crap taught by the idiot lefties. "After all, cute wittle goggies are all harmless warm fuzzies who won't hurt anyone or anything." Don't believe it because they are, by nature, vicious predators.

If you let your cute wittle goggie run loose, it will quickly pack up with other dogs other idiots are letting run loose and this is the biggest threat to the owner. If you dog packs up with other dogs and, especially, if they spend more time with those dogs than with the owner, the dog will mentally shift from you being its primary pack to those dogs being its primary pack and it will be much, much more likely to turn on you because you will become an outsider to your own dog.

Get the picture?

The more time your dog spends running loose with other dogs and the less quality time it gets with you, the more likely your dog is to turn on and attack your family members. That is a simple biological fact in canine behavior.

People used to understand this about half a century ago and, if they couldn't keep their dog restrained with fences and such, they chained the dogs up to prevent those dogs from packing up with other dogs and turning on them. Today, the idiot lefties teach us it is inhumane to chain up a dog and some states have made it illegal so I am seeing increasing numbers of dogs running loose, especially at night. Twice around here, I have had to chase dogs off from attacking women because their idiot owners let their dogs run loose and they started hunting and attacking even humans, especially women and children.

Any time you see a pack of two or more dogs running around sniffing and searching, they have "packed up" and are in the hunting mode and you can easily and quickly become their prey.

In the residential area of Albuquerque, NM, I had seen a pack of feral dogs running loose and kept an eye on them because I knew they were a threat but no one else seemed concerned because of what the lefties teach. One night, when I was walking to a store alone, two of them decided to attack me but I knew how to handle it and chased them off.

Any time feral dogs, that are familiar with humans, start to attack you, you bend over like you are reaching for a rock, even if there are no rocks around, and they will almost always turn and run because they will be used to humans throwing rocks at them, almost always.

Know that, if you run from or scream with any predator, you encourage that predator to attack, even dogs. If you attack them in any way or just stand your ground against them, it causes them to have second thoughts because you suddenly go from prey to predator and a threat to them. That is basic predator behavior for ALL predators, even humans and dogs. Perception and attitude are very important to understand in dealing with animals, especially predators, which is why I teach so much about attitude.

Before the lefties brainwashed everyone with their stupidity and ignorance, people used to hunt and kill packs of feral dogs because people understood the threat those dogs are and that they will attack humans, especially children. Because of that, dog attacks dropped off but have been quickly rising now for decades because of the stupidity being taught by the ignorant lefties.

Because of animal behavior, dogs should not be allowed to run loose in or around cities because they are too high on the food chain and are pack hunters posing a huge threat to people. Cats, on the other hand, are much lower on the food chain, are individual hunters, and pose little threat to humans while providing big benefits in bug, rodent, and bird population control that protect humans from deadly diseases. You really need to learn and understand animal behavior in dealing with animals.

Dogs are fine to have as pets, I have had dogs, loved them, and enjoyed them but you better understand canine behavior and know that you have to be firm enough with them so they always know who the pack leader is and won't challenge you, you have to give them a lot of quality time, just like with children, and you have to keep them restrained in your yard in some manner or they become a threat to everyone, especially children. Just always remember that, like you, they are vicious predators and respect that. You don't have to be afraid of them, just understand and respect them.

You better know that, when this civil war gets going really strong with millions of people being killed and their pets being turned loose, you are going to have to start hunting packs of hungry feral dogs again and, after a few local attacks, you will. You will also find out why we used to make other pets like deadly snakes, spiders, and such illegal because, when those things get turned loose on you, things will get really scary. You are going to better understand why our ancestors did the "awful" things they used to do for survival and one of many reasons why lefties are idiots. When you get some sense scared into you, you will start doing most of those "awful" things too.

BTW, as a side note, kittens and puppies don't like to be left alone, so, when you get a kitten or puppy, get a second one as a companion for when you are not at home. It blows my mind that people get just one kitten or puppy.

If you were a little child, how would you like to be left at home alone 8 to 10 hours a day? It would be pretty scary, wouldn't it?

Think about the animal and not just yourself before you get the animal.

Yep, I teach you just a wee bit, don't I?

It is good for you...and for us too. The truth doesn't just set you free but it also prevents a lot of problems I see getting worse because of the lefty lies.

BTW, as much as I teach you, I am still learning a lot because there is just so very much to learn. I may know more than most of you but I still don't even come close to knowing everything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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