Future of Islam

This is the basic time line for what I see as the future for Islam based on Bible prophesy, my dreams, and my revelations from God. This will be the short story but I will write more later when God tells me to write that.

Islam will lose the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 for the same reason every Caliphate before has failed to conquer the world and wipe out all non Muslims, it wasn't time yet. The nations of Islam will suffer severe loss to their forces and their top leaders will be killed at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39. This will leave a massive power vacuum in Islam causing Islam to come together and form the Final Caliphate. Mecca and Medina will be destroyed so that they cannot be rebuilt and no one can live in them again and the mosques on the Temple Mount will be destroyed for the rebuilding of the Jewish Third Temple causing Babylon to become the most holy site in Islam. Therefore, the Final Caliphate will set up Babylon as their capitol city and begin building it quickly, fulfilling the prophesy of Babylon.

After the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, Israel will become the most powerful nation in the world and a super power. Following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, Israel will take all of the land from the Euphrates in the north to the Nile River in the West, down to the Sea of India in the south, and just east of Jordan in the east completely physically dividing Islam in two parts to fulfill the prophesy of Daniel which shows Islam as the two completely separated feet of the image, iron mixed with clay.

Following this division, the Final Caliphate will structure the ten leader council for the Final Caliphate by taking five of the Final Caliphate's leaders from the West portion of the Caliphate and five leaders from the East portion of the Caliphate further fulfilling that prophesy.

The Final Caliphate will very quickly build Babylon to the greatest and most magnificent city in the history of the world, fulfilling that prophesy of Babylon the Great. As the capitol of the Final Caliphate, it will become the financial capitol of the world greatly increasing the wealth of the Final Caliphate, which wealth will be used to build the largest military in history with a standing army in the hundreds of millions, probably more than 300 million soldiers in their army, navy, and air force.

This will also fulfill the prophesy of the Harlot and the Beast in the Book of Revelation with the Harlot being the non Muslim nations of the world and the Final Caliphate being the Beast. Throughout the Bible, the Final Caliphate is depicted as the beast because it is a ruthless warrior religion and devouring brute beast that will eventually conquer the entire world and none will be able to stand before it. (Think Klingons, Cylons, and Emperial Soldiers combined, none of the best Hollywood producers have been able to depict the power and magnitude of the Final Caliphate military in their movies.)

During this time, Israel will continue to build its nation and military but at no where the rate of the Final Caliphate. The Christians will form a new Christian theocracy and begin colonizing other planets, taking most of their military force off world with them but even they will not compare to the military size of the Final Caliphate.

Following the Rapture of the remaining Christians (both Jews and Gentiles) on earth in 2025 (the off world Christians won't rapture), the Messiah of the Caliphate will sign a seven year treaty (by the Jewish calendar of 360 days to the year) and begin the conquest of the world in three phases. In the first phase the Final Caliphate will stand up a military of probably more than 100 million troops to quickly conquer everything west of Israel to the West or Pacific Coasts of North, Central, and South Americas, killing all non Muslim males and taking all surviving females and children (including young males) as sex slaves. The Pacific Coasts for the Americas will be the global dividing line. This war will cause the death of 25% of the people on the planet.

While this first force is still doing clean up on the nations it quickly conquered, a second force of 200 million troops will quickly conquer everything to the east of Israel to the West or Pacific Coasts of North, Central, and South Americas, also killing all non Muslim males and taking all surviving females and children as sex slaves. This will fulfill the prophesy in the Book of Revelation where the Beast destroys the Harlot. This war will cause the death of 33% of the people remaining on the planet so that these two wars will kill more than half of the people left on the planet at the beginning of the Tribulation, enslaving the rest.

Following this, the Final Caliphate will break the seven year treaty with Israel after only 3.5 years, turn its forces on Israel and the majority of the Jews will capitulate and convert to Islam with only a "remnant" fleeing into the wilderness to hide and live as nomads.

God will destroy Babylon and the Muslim Messiah will set up Jerusalem as his new capitol of the Final Caliphate, the Jewish Temple will become his palace and the Holy of Holies will become his throne room fulfilling that prophesy in the Bible.

At the same time, mid Tribulation, the Final Caliphate will begin to wage war against the off world Christians who didn't rapture by attacking the Christian Lunar colony, destroying that colony, and capturing the Moon. The Final Caliphate will continue to wage a space war against the off world Christians and their space colonies for the next 3.5 years.

That will bring us to the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Tribulation, for which I will write more later. This is the short story for what will happen between now and the end of 2032, which will be quite a bit.

Following the Rapture of the Christians in 2025, Islam will conquer the world because it will be time and the Bible says it will.

Now that you see that this is all quickly coming together, you should always want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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