I Told You So 89

I just finished reading an "unofficial" military brief by a member of the black ops community on the intel about Saudi Arabia being behind terrorism, which was "leaked" right after Pharaoh Obama stabbed King Abdullah in the back. It said most of what I have been telling you for years and it is only being permitted to be discussed openly since the intel was "leaked" (read explaining the leaks to us civilians is part of stabbing Kingy Boy in the back).

You should know that the US military has sites on the Internet, mostly run by former military, which are used to feed info to us civilians. In reading this intel, you need to read between the lines of the intel and connect some of the dots yourself. So far my reads on intel from these sites has been 100% accurate, getting by all the smoke and mirrors. So far, they don't seem to mind because they know I won't publish anything which will compromise US national security. They may even enjoy watching me publish stuff they want to release but can't release at that time.

The brief said that Saudi Arabia has been and still is the largest source of terrorist funding in the world and the writer even used the term "puppet master" in relation to Saudi Arabia, but the Saudis are only a small part of the global puppet masters and just got voted out of the bigger club. Get the picture? The brief admitted that Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorists in Chechnya, the Taliban, Hamas, Al Quaeda, LeT, and other organizations. It stated that Saudi Prince Bandar all but admitted to Putin in his threat to Putin that Saudi Arabia controls the Chechen terrorists and Bandar even promised Putin that Saudi Arabia would protect Russia's ships while they were in the Syrian port, if Assad some how lost the war against Saudi Arabia's terrorists...uh...freedom fighters, yeah, that is the ticket, freedom fighters. (I know I have told you that Saudi Arabia has controlling interest in most of our liberal lying commie traitor media, but even that won't do the Saudis any good when Pharaoh Obama declares martial law and seizes all of the US media.)

The brief stated that there is an international war being waged between the Shiite Muslims backed by Iran against the Sunni Muslims backed by Saudi Arabia, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. It stated that the fighting in Syria and Iraq (the brief didn't mention Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and others, that will come in later leaks by Pharaoh Obama) are part of this fighting, you know, like I have telling you for years (like I have been telling you, this site is where you get tomorrow's news today).

So, who are the biggest threats to the US in this terrorist war?

Just like I have been telling you, Saudi Arabia and Iran. If you take out those two countries, this terrorist war will dry up like a small puddle of water in a hot, dry desert on a windy day.

Who are the greatest threats against the US? 1) Our own lying liberal pagan commie traitors and their upper class trash European allies who have already destroyed our democracy from within, 2) Islam/Pharaoh Obama, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, 3) China, and 4) Russia, in that order.

Who is going to win the fight to own the dictatorship over the former Republic of the US?

The liberal commie traitors think they have it all but won, and they do, but God has shown me that Pharaoh Obama will be able to stab them in the back (you know, like he is doing Kingy Boy) by killing them, temporarily set up his Muslim dictatorship and use it to invade Israel but get killed before the fighting even starts and then we will have to fight Valerie Jarrett in a civil war to get almost all of our country back and be able to build a new Christian theocracy. (Just a wee bit more of tomorrow's news today.)

So, how is that pagan democracy thing working out for you? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Are things getting interesting enough for you yet? It will get more interesting very quickly soon.

We really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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