I have not been writing much concerning these hostile over throws of Muslim dictatorships partly because I have been waiting to see which shoes will drop and how they will land. I did tell you that these are not real revolutions like the lying liberal commie media have been hyping and warned you that they were Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood staged "revolutions" being used to overthrow those governments so Iran can use those countries armies to invade Israel and, if successful, would pose greater threat than good.

Remember that the liberals have been brainwashing us to believe that it wasn't God, Yahweh, who made the US the greatest country in the history of the world but their god, democracy. Because of this, the idiot media were reporting all of these terrorist staged military over throws as great revolutionary events in which the great liberal god, democracy, was going to set up another wonderful kingdom.

Well, the idiot liberals have finally started waking up to the realization that their god, democracy, is not necessarily good now that the reality of much more hostile Muslim governments will be replacing those less hostile dictatorships. They are finally having to deal with what I have been teaching for some time that it is not the type of government which counts but those who are running the governing proving that, in the wrong hands, even a democracy is a bad government but, in the right hands, even a dictatorship can be a good government. It isn't the system but the people who run the system that counts.

With this in mind, I have been watching the liberal commie's trying to work up enough guts and lame excuses to help the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow the Gadhafi government in Lybia for their god, democracy, at all costs. They have placed sanctions against Gadhafi's government, been threatening to force a no-fly zone over Lybia so Gadhafi can't use his air force to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from overthrowing his country, and other forms of intervention while trying to make it look like they were doing so for the good of the Lybian people when in fact it was all political.

Well, today, Gadhafi has outsmarted the intellectually superior upper class trash Western natural elites in such a way that he has caused these intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites to shoot themselves in the foot showing what fools they really are. While Gadhafi is in the last stages of cleaning up the attempted overthrow of his government and country by Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, he has just stated that he is running all of the western oil companies out of his country and will be providing his oil to Russia, India, and China. With this, you can bet that Russia and China won't let the UN forces set up a no-fly zone over Lybia to prevent Gadhafi from winning this war and the Euro geniuses are going to lose their oil because, once again, they outsmarted themselves.

Please note that I wish we could replace Gadhafi with a better ruler and government but I definitely don't want to replace him with a worse ruler and government. The idiot liberal commie's were trying to replace Gadhafi with a much worse government and are now going to pay the price because Russia and China will now support Gadhafi's defense of his government and country to get that oil.

It is most humorous that, in order to sell the idea of getting rid of Gadhafi for the worse of two evils, the Western media portrayed Gadhafi as a babbling lunatic who had completely lost it and now they have to admit they have been out smarted by a babbling lunatic which makes them how stupid? I know I have told you and the commie's have once again proved that the commie's are the stupidest people on the planet. These intellectually superior people are so stupid that they can't do anything right. Once again, is there anything the liberals have not screwed up? And yet, they still persist in believing and claiming their are intellectually superior to the rest of us proving what I have taught you that being stupid is like being drunk because stupid people cannot tell they are stupid because they are stupid. And, once again, the idiot liberal commie's have proven they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Is it even possible for anyone to be dumber than a liberal?

Just remember, Man plans, God laughs.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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