First, let me remind you that I would love to see Gadhafi replaced with a better ruler and government but I would not like to see him replaced by a worse ruler and government. I make this reminder because liberals have extremely short memories.

Second, remember that the current military actions in Libya being dubbed by our lying liberal media as a civil war and revolution by the people of Libya is actually an Al Quaeda and Iranian orchestrated attempt to overthrow the government of Libya so they can use the resources to stage a war against Israel. Also remember that, following Tunisia, the lying liberal media started a feeding frenzy for their beloved holy god, Democracy, to replace these despots with the lie that their god, Democracy, would bring about paradise on earth when, in fact, democracy has failed every where since the ancient Greek empire thousands of years ago plus the democracies such as Iran, Pakistan, and other places which have not provided anything like paradise but are evil, oppressive governments. The lying liberal media shifted their focus to setting up their god, Democracy, as a smoke screen to divert your attention from the fact that these "revolutions" are actually orchestrated attempts by Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Quaeda to over throw current US allies and other countries and most people are falling for it.

Third, please remember that the US coalition didn't move a muscle to help while Gadhafi was losing the war but have now started an invasion in support of the "revolution" being staged by Al Quaeda "to prevent a slaughter of Libyan people" when Gadhafi stated he would eradicate the Al Quaeda troops trying to over throw his government. Also note that the new Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt has been supplying weapons to the Al Quaeda troops trying to topple Gadhafi while the Muslim Brotherhood is butchering hundreds of civilians in Egypt and no one doing anything about it.

Fourth, if this invasion by the US coalition is for humanitarian reasons, why has the coalition not taken the same actions against Iran, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, and other countries for which the governments are oppressing or killing the people who are trying to topple those governments? Why didn't these righteous and humanitarian countries put together a coalition against Russia when she invaded Georgia or against North Korea when it shelled civilians in South Korea or against the Sudan when the Muslims are currently attacking and killing non Muslim civilians or against Somalia when their Muslim pirates are currently attacking vessels at sea and killing civilian crew members? A little hypocritical, isn't it?

What should this tell you? This should tell you that the reasons for creating democracies and humanitarian reasons are just a smoke screen for supporting the hostile overthrow of Libya and other countries by Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Quaeda in order to use those troops to destroy Israel.

A big question here is, when the Western coalition stops Gadhafi's forces and Al Quaeda starts advancing again, will the coalition stop the attacks by Al Quaeda? I seriously doubt it.

Have you figured out yet that what I have been telling you about Obama Bin Laden being a closet devout Muslim and poser Christian is true? Have you figured out yet that Obama is working with the Muslims to over throw the West?

The only person using any intelligence of any kind in dealing with the Libya crisis is Senator Lugar. The rest are either completely clueless, really stupid, or traitors. I see the vast majority of the politicians beating their war drums against Gadhafi just using this to promote their own political careers without even a thought about the end result and whether we should even be involved in this mess. Personally, I think that Senator Lugar and others like him are the only people anyone should vote for again for any political office.

The scriptures tell us that all wisdom comes from God and we are definitely not seeing much in the way of wisdom. What should this tell you? It should tell you that this country has not gotten right with God and the fall election results were God just setting this country up for the rest of the punishments we have earned by turning our backs on God. There has not been the required revival in this country for God to turn things around and things are still getting worse.

Last year, the liberal commie puppet masters tried to scare Obama into falling in line by threatening to remove Obama and Obama called their bluff and won. He is now in a position to where the intellectually superior commie puppet masters can't remove Obama because then we would have that idiot Biden as president and a Republican as Vice President and only one significant mistake by Biden from being president. Because of this, Obama has gotten even more out of control and is doing his own thing regardless of what the rest of the Commiecrats are doing or wanting. Obama knows that, short of an impeachment and removal or just killing him (think JFK being removed by the Commiecrats), the commie puppet masters can't get Obama out of office until at least 2012, almost two years from now. Even then, they will be moving a Republican into the Vice Presidency so they won't removed Obama except as an absolute last resort. Therefore, Obama just continues to push his agenda regardless of anything anyone else says or does.

Oh yeah, just like I told you, Russia is starting to call for an end to the attacks against Libya. Also note that the Arabic League has already turned against the Western coalition for attacking Libya. Want to bet that China will soon enter the mess on the side of Libya?

How bad will the intellectually superior upper class trash screw things up now? No telling. Just remember that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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