Gathering Intel

God has taught me a number of ways to gather intel that I have never heard anyone talk about and I want to share some of these ways with you to help you better gather intel. Hey, I am almost 72 and won't be around forever.

I spend hours almost every day gathering intel to teach and help others.

One of the most important things you need for gathering intel and making analyses is that you have to know how things work. Therefore, a good education in how things work really helps. You also need to understand human behavior and have common sense.

I had been gathering intel decades before the Internet existed but the Internet makes gathering intel much, much easier and faster. In my life, I have seen a lot of corruption, especially by the left.

The first is I quickly saw the opportunity to use FB to gather intel from the "enemy" as well as from friends. I got most of my "friends" by playing a popular FB game called "Viking" so that they are a random selection of people to watch, which provides more accurate intel. The rest of them I got from people I knew or knew about who raced or coached bicycle racing for or against me. It is important that these people are not all or even mostly from my group of personal friends so I am not getting intel from a bubble or echo chamber.

That gave me two good sets of about 200 random people each, very few of which were my actual friends, which made for a reasonably accurate selection for monitoring what they say. A random selection of almost 400 people provides a reasonably accurate test group and they don't know they are my test subjects.

I pay attention to the lefties, especially the trolls, to see what lies they are pushing, which tells me what the lefties are up to and I pay attention to the conservatives to see where their minds are and how they are reacting to events.

Then I use YouTube for a number of reasons. I almost completely stay away from MSM because their information is bad intel to use for connecting dots. It is all biased and very inaccurate, which will make your analyses inaccurate. I use conservative to moderate channels that prove their intel is reasonably accurate for gathering intel or dots to connect.

Concerning their analyses, I listen to the ones who show me they are mostly accurate but I listen with a grain of salt and barely listen to those who are brainwashed biased and are afraid to even think that people actually conspire to do things, therefore believing there can't be any conspiracies and/or they give people too much of a benefit of the doubt, refusing to realize that people doing evil things are not stupid but are actually evil, especially after those people have repeatedly shown they are evil. People, planning to butcher 7 billion people is evil, not stupid.

You would be amazed at how many conservatives still give evil people too much of a benefit of the doubt too, when they shouldn't, and refuse to admit that there really are conspiracies, especially when it is blatantly obvious the people conspired to do their evil again and again.

Mostly, I look for accurate intel or dots to connect and do my own analyses. There are some channels that provide accurate intel along with good analyses that I use frequently.

If a channel doesn't provide me with accurate intel, I will only keep it around to see what garbage some of the people are believing. You have to be objective and discerning about what you believe and must test it regularly.

Then I use things like sailboat cruising channels for a few different reasons. First, I enjoy the sailboat stuff but I also use them to see how the boating market is doing, how many of them are actually spoiled rich people looking for a more fun and easier life (most of them), and also to see what is going on in the other countries they visit, which gives me a very good international perspective on current events. With enough of a variety of channels, you get a good varied and objective international perspective on what is going on in the world that you will not get from most other normal sources.

Then I watch a variety of DIY channels telling me what people are interested in and what current technology is developing in those areas. I look at numbers of subscribers and views to get an idea of their market and supporters. This can tell you a number of things like people practicing escapism, looking to start their own business, and where markets are going.

Then I watch a variety of channels about things like military information, history, religion, and other things to see what people are believing and being taught. I regularly see trends by the left in putting out misinformation to confuse or distract people from the truth. I don't have to agree with channels to get information from them about what people are believing or being distracted by.

I watch some channels for other intel such as a channel about a guy who does rebuilds and he recently started rebuilding expensive damaged motorboats. He regularly goes to boat auctions where insurance companies are selling "totaled" boats to put in bids on certain boats to rebuild and sell for a quick profit. He often shows the different damaged boats in the yards, while providing new prices on those damaged boats along with showing very large numbers for just his relatively small area, which shows that, even with the damage the lefties are intentionally doing to the economy, there are still a lot of people with a lot of money to blow on boats they regularly crash and destroy. We are talking motorboats that used to cost 30 to 40 thousand dollars each just a few decades ago and are now costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

One thing I have learned is that there are too many people who have too much expensive stuff they are not willing to risk losing by fighting a revolution and they are often against a revolution to keep from losing their stuff. They would rather lose their freedoms and rights than to lose their stuff so they just look the other way instead of paying attention to what is going on. They are so obsessed with their expensive stuff that they seem to be willing to lose their lives rather than lose their stuff. Life is so good that they just don't want to be bothered dealing with reality.

You would be surprised at what a lot of these channels can tell you about people but you have to be aware of that information on those channels, look for that information, and recognize it when you see it. Very often they won't tell you what they are inadvertently showing you so you have to look for it and recognize it.

I also do quite a bit of research on the adult toy industries because 1) when people have more disposable income, they buy more toys and, when they have less disposable income, they buy fewer toys, 2) I enjoy designing such things even though I don't have the money or health to build them so I just use the designing as my hobby and mental exercise for my brain and 3) those sites selling adult toys like boats, models, toy trains, replica WWI aircraft, car rebuilding, animals, plants, gardening, tropical fish, and other such hobbies tell you a lot about the economy, how much money people have, and how those industries are doing.

You have to use a variety of such industries because just monitoring one or two such industries could give you bad intel. For example, if you were only monitoring buggy whips when the car was first becoming popular, you could have easily thought the decreasing sales of buggy whips meant the economy was dying when it was only the buggy related industries that were dying.

You also have to monitor a variety of businesses, both small and large, within an industry because a business having problems for any number of reasons could cause you to wrongly believe the economy was dying when it was growing. You have to keep things in a proper perspective.

Let me give you a few examples of things I have noticed within several different industries. First, you have to understand that most people are trained to manage a business with a very small profit margin so that almost any decrease in sales of even just a few percentages creates problems for those businesses.

On one site for replica WWI planes, I see that they have decreased the number of models they are selling because the economy is down so they are doing what we in business management call retracting their business to save money and survive.

When a business is prospering, it will increase inventory to increase sales and cash flow for growth but, when the economy is retracting, a business will decrease inventory to decrease the amount of money tied up by inventory and increase cash flow to survive until times get better.

By visiting a variety of different model train sites, I see a variety of ways they are handling this bad economy and a decrease in sales. They are all decreasing prices to keep inventory low and keep items moving to increase cash flow and have most of their merchandise out of stock.

At Walthers, which both makes their own products and sells other companies products, they have a "back order" button for things that are not in stock, with most merchandise not being in stock, so that you can back order the item and, when they have enough of those items back ordered by customers, they will place an order for those items to keep their inventory low. Basically, they only order most of their inventory when it is already sold or potentially sold.

Hobbylinc, which only sells other companies products, does it differently by having an "e-mail me" button so they can e-mail you when they order and get stock in for those items so you can make a purchase.

You have to understand that they know that not everyone who does place back orders will actually buy that stock when it comes in (they may have found the product and purchased it elsewhere) so they probably only order a percentage of the items that are back ordered. This keeps them from tying up cash in inventory while maintaining good cash flow for survival.

Imex is a smaller manufacturing/sales company that only sells their own products, both wholesale and retail, with many fewer items for sale so they cut back on items that don't sell as well to decrease inventory shelf life and increase cash flow. For example, they normally have two house trailers, a blue and white one and an orange and white one but they now only have the orange and white one for sale.

Classic Metal Works only sells to retailers and has cut back on their wholesale inventory variety to increase cash flow.

I forget which company is doing it but one of them is prelisting new products before they begin to produce that product to test the market and create sales to cover the cost of producing that new item. This decreases the risk for the new items to maintain cash flow and survive.

Some of the things I look for in all of these businesses are prices of toys, telling me how much people are still willing to pay for those toys and sales of items to decrease inventory and maintain cash flow.

I also check sales for products in a number of countries to see how those markets are doing globally.

I also have a little fun while gathering my intel, which helps keep it from getting boring. Basically, I pay attention to what is going on around me and question everything.

If you have a business, you might want to spend a few hours checking out what other businesses, including your competitors but not limited to competitors, to see what they are doing to survive this commie caused crisis. It could save your business.

If you gather a lot of different information from a lot of different sources, it provides a better view of national and global activities and markets plus telling more about more people. This increases the potential accuracy for your analyses, which is one reason my successful prediction rates are so high but God is my biggest reason because I have learned to listen closely to Him about all things. I pray about almost everything daily. I lead a very active, informal prayer life because I pray about things when I think about them, basically, I walk with God daily seeking His wisdom in all things.

I hope that will help some of you gather better information.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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