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I just realized something that, for some reason, I had never thought about.

Remember that I told you that the military knew about the lefties planning a coup since at least the 1960s, were preparing for it and, 20 years ago, the military leaders were putting soldiers out of the military to recruit and train militias to stop this coup? Then, why did the military fail to stop the coup?

What I just realized is that was 20 years ago and most career people in the military only serve about 20 to 30 years before they retire, so almost all of those officers are now retired, out of the service and have been systematically replaced by lefties as this video tells us the officers have "been moving left" in their political positions. The "officers moving left" was the conservative officers retiring and being replaced by liberal commie traitors. This is not the patriotic, oath keeping military of 20 years ago but a communist and treasonous military of today.

You don't think that maybe the lefties took over control of our military academies about 20 to 30 years ago and began turning our military officers into Marxist traitors, do you? It kind of sounds like it, doesn't it?

While we slept, the commies took over our nation, including the upper echelons of our military, you know, the Pentagon.

Watch the entire video because it gets worse.

Most of the enlisted troops doing the fighting and some of the officers are loyal patriots but their leaders at the top are commie traitors helping stage this communist coup of our government and remember that Obama spent 8 years stacking the Pentagon deck with lefty commie traitors. Think about that.

This vetting the troops by the FBI is the start of the left shoving our troops' butts under ye ole commie bus to replace them with lefty thugs, their CNSF/Antifa/BLM, like Hitler's Brown Shirts and Gestapo, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. This is happening RIGHT NOW! This is not something that will happen in the future. They start by vetting the soldiers for this reason and then another reason and so forth until they have removed them all and replaced all of them with commie thugs who will do everything the elites tell them to do, you know, just like Hitler did.

What Constitution? They killed that, baby, remember that?

Note that Tucker also pointed out the corruption, bias, and complicity of the judge in this coup, you know, our corrupt legal system and courts the left has also taken over.

Baby, it is you and God so don't wait for the military to do anything to save your butts. You have been sold out by everyone because the lefty commie traitors have infiltrated and taken over every part of government so that they now have absolute control of every important part of the government. That should scare you into turning back to God and putting your faith in God to save your butts as only He can.

Years ago, I told you that only God can save us and do you believe me now? You thought Trump could save you and how did that workout? Not so well?

He will be lucky if he can save his own butt right now.

Do you believe me yet that this is a lefty commie traitor coup being supported by the top leaders in the US Military to destroy our Constitution, Republic, and the good people of this world? Do you believe me yet that the Constitution and Republic are both dead and they have now finished kicking because we turned our backs on God for our sins?

You just might want to repent of your sins, turn back to God, ask God to save your butts, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This ain't going to be purdy.

Where is our George Washington?

We need him very much right now, you know, an officer who will stand up to the traitors in the Pentagon for us.

Here is a good scripture for now. Exodus 14:13

"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, standstill, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever."

That would be nice, you know, to see these spawn of Satan no more forever. Put your faith in God and not in men.

"Lord, send us our Moses and Elijah, please."

Then we have to deal with the virtue signaling of the righteous, holy, magnificent, and wonderful fools on the right who go around telling us that violence is not the answer and violence is beneath their wonderful butts. They have been brainwashed by the lefty educational system to not be able to see outside of their butt holes so they can't even see the very obvious writing on the wall. "Why, our violent Founding Fathers did it all wrong because they used violence."

You just tried it the peaceful way, how did that workout? Not too well? Why? Gee, you don't think that maybe the peaceful way has been taken over by the lefties so they control all peaceful means to remove them from power, do you?

Let's see, they control the key legislatures, the key judges, the key executors (president, governors, and mayors), the key law enforcement, the key bureaucrats, and the key military officers so that they will now control all future elections so they cannot possibly be removed peacefully. Yep, that pretty much means they have control of every peaceful way you could remove them from power.

And you know what?

Biden and his gang of commie traitors are making it very clear that the very first thing they intend to do is make the moves necessary to make sure they can never be peacefully removed from office again.

And God said, "There is a time for war and a time for peace."

Guess what time it is?

DEAL WITH IT, PEOPLE! The left has already made sure and are making it even more sure that there will be absolutely no way they can be peacefully removed from power again because they have absolute control over ALL peaceful means of removing them and they ain't going to remove themselves any time soon, you know, within the next century.

What do these virtue signaling fools think, they can just go up to these commie traitors, say purdy please, and the traitors will just give them our country back? Really?

They have and still are making sure that the only way they can be removed from power is by violence, you know, the way our Founding Fathers did it, and they will soon start rounding up you and your guns to make sure you can't get your nation back even with violence. You don't have long, people! Time is running out because they are waging war against you and you are waging peace against them!

They are even openly talking about rounding up everyone who would vote against them in their rigged elections and killing you and these virtue signaling twits don't get it?

That is about as rigged as an election can get. It is RIGHT NOW, either kill or be killed and the lefties are telling you so. Read the writing on the wall. Murdering all conservatives and moderates ain't peaceful.

Listen, they have been telling you for 30 years that they plan to butcher better than 95% of you off with their planet depopulation crap so that, even if you went up to them, threw your guns down at their feet, and submitted to be their slave, they would probably (better than 95% probability) still murder you. THEY ARE GOING TO MURDER YOU!!!! They said so.

They are telling you they will murder you so maybe you should listen to them?

Hey, if you are so wonderful, magnificent, righteous, and holy that violence is beneath you, do yourself, your family, your friends, and your nation a favor and just go off and kill yourself to get it over with so the rest can do whatever is necessary to get their nation back and save their families lives. Hey, almost certainly, if you don't fight soon, you are going to die along with your family, friends, and nation.

Now you need to start thinking like the military they stole from you. You need to know how the military would handle fighting this revolutionary war and this is right now a war.

The first thing is organization.

Remember that I have been telling you for years that you need to join a militia, organize that militia internally, organize that militia with other militias in your area, organize that militia regionally, and organize that militia nationally?

You are about to find out that you are going to need that organization RIGHT NOW and why.

First, you have to deal with a simple, ugly fact that you will be dealing with tens of millions of traitors in just the US so that you won't have the facilities, personnel, or time to arrest, contain, try, and imprison even a fraction of them so this is going to have to be military brutal and ugly, you know, just like the SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force and others do daily.

If you just try to arrest as many as possible, it will slow you down enough and tie up enough of your troops that they will easily be able to stage a counter attack and win the war AND THIS IS WAR! They are your enemy in this war!

Therefore, strategically and tactically, your only options is to issue SOS or Shoot On Sight orders or find them and kill them as quickly as possible just like our Special Operations Teams do because you will have a lot of killing to do and very little time to do it in. That is the only thing that can work when trying to stop tens of millions of them as quickly as possible.

Hey, you better know that they will also have SOS orders to shoot you on sight and take no prisoners so you better not plan on surrendering and plan to die fighting to drag as many of them to the grave with you as possible. They are already telling you that they are going to kill you anyway. They are right now telling you that it is now kill or be killed. LISTEN TO THEM!!!

Then, by the strangest of coincidences, the military would organize nationally, regionally, and locally for these missions. Gee, who would have thought? Do you understand now why you need to organize?

The military would start their operations by concentrating on taking out command and control and also communications so that is what you would have to do. Without command, control, and communications, the troops will be in chaos and easy pickings for a well organized army. Their defeat will be inevitable and it will only be a matter of when.

The military would organize kill zones where the targets live and work (hint: none of the A targets live in lower and middle class neighborhoods, they all live in upper middle and upper class neighborhoods) and start their operations just after midnight, when better than 90% of those targets would be home so they will start out focusing on their homes. Each team would be assigned a kill area or zone and be given a kill list of all of the "A" targets within their areas to kill first, with special designations for special targets, you know, like "A1" and "A2" targets. In the upper class trash neighborhoods, there would be several kill teams assigned with them working together to make sure they quickly get everyone they need to get before anyone can get away.

Each team would use their kill list and a map to design the best, fastest, and most efficient route for taking out the primary targets within their kill zones. Then they would all go to those kill zones and, at exactly the same time, at midnight, start kicking in front and back doors, to make sure no one gets away, and kill every adult in each of those homes because, if they are there, they are part of that lefty criminal organization and some of them will be spending the night at other criminal's homes.

As quickly as possible, the military would kill all of the very wealthy upper class trash who are financing and causing this mess, their puppet politicians, judges, DAs, top law enforcement, top military traitor officers, lefty journalists, and lefty CEOs for the lefty Internet forums while shutting down ALL communications so none of them can send a warning to others so those others can escape.

If the kill teams go into a home and no one is there, they need to immediately contact home base, which will send a message out to kill teams where those people have other mansions to be stormed to quickly find those people so they don't get away. If they get away, they will regroup, reorganize, and stage a counter attack.

If a target is not in any of its mansions, then special search and destroy teams (that is what the military calls them) will be notified to quickly find and destroy those targets, starting with the highest priority targets. The military will quickly run all of their top targets to ground.

That silent but deadly operation would continue until about 6 am, when the military would take control of all media and start telling people that martial law has been imposed and they are to stay at home in place to keep them out of the way. These search and destroy missions would continue for from a few days to a few weeks with teams being given new lists and kill zones when they complete a list or sent out on search and destroy missions.

Note that, within 24 hours, there wouldn't be any lefty journalists left alive because they are a prime target because the lefty media are the left's most powerful weapon in this coup. These people would be quickly replaced by military personnel providing people with limited information about the progress of the war to save this nation and those people.

The military would have their targets designated into classifications such as A, B, C, and so forth pending their importance with them first killing all of the A targets in their area or region and then killing all of the B targets, and so forth to make sure they quickly get the most important targets first. You MUST take out command and control first.

The military would continue killing down list on the targets until they were busting down the doors for the lefty commie thugs living in middle and lower class neighborhoods to clean up the job. That system would prevent as much street fighting as possible and save as many lives and property damage as possible.

Think not? Then why does our military focus so much on killing leaders for organizations like Al Quaeda and ISIS?

That is right, they do it just the way I told you they do it and prove that on a regular basis because that is the way that works best and it all starts with organization and planning. The logistics for such an operation are massive and there should be plenty of veterans in your militias who are trained to design, create, and manage those logistics because they have experience doing such operations.

First, you have to secure your red zones to protect your families and have a safe base of operation for your missions, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Repent of your sins, turn back to God, and pray your butts off that God will send you a Washington, Moses, or Elijah to save your butts from these traitors who are working to murder you and your families with their global genocide. You don't have much time left.

BTW, quit listening to these stupid pacifist preachers who only preach the part of the Bible they like, you know, teaching you that violence against tyrants is wrong when God used violence against tyrants in the Old Testament and Jesus told his Apostles to buy two swords instead of one.

What? Do they think Jesus told them to buy two swords to peel spuds and slice tomatoes?

They are committing blasphemy and helping Satan's pagan upper class trash permanently destroy a great Christian nation so whose side are they on?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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