George Bush II

Increasingly, conservatives are holding George Bush II up as a great leader in an effort to get more people to vote for our liberal high jacked GOP party. I am going to do some bubble busting today and some people are not going to like it, but tough, deal with it. God requires that I be honest and tell the truth, you know, it is that "Thou shalt not lie" thing. If you are allergic to the truth, don't read on.

The simple fact is that we have not had a good, much less great president since AT LEAST Ronald Reagan. I want to be clear, I am also not a 100% supporter of even Ronnie because he did some things I disagreed with but most of what he did I either agreed with or found acceptable. It should also be known that, as far as I can tell, Ronnie is the only president I can classify as a "good president" since at least....(I have to think about this)....Theodore Roosevelt. As you can see, I am very strict or hard on presidents because I have very high standards for the people who are elected to serve our people as the national leader. I even have a few things against Abraham Lincoln, he was far from a perfect president but better than most presidents. Get the picture?

Ronnie built up our military to where it was easily the best military in history, fully capable of defeating the worst of our enemies at any time. That was a very good thing. As soon as George Bush I took control, the first thing that idiot did was start destroying our military which caused our economy to fail which caused GBI to not get re-elected, a good thing, but caused Billy Boy Clinton to get elected, a very bad thing.

Who would have been the better president of the two?

Let me give you a hint, today, GBI and Billy Boy are now the best of friends. We would have been screwed regardless of which idiot was president. We didn't have a good choice for president at that time and have not had a good choice since. All we have kept getting as choices for president is idiots and traitors.

Billy Boy Clinton devastated the US military, FBI, NSA, and CIA along with selling classified military intel to China and who knows who else and who knows what else during his eight years of treason....and chasing female interns around under the oval office desk while Hillary destroyed the country. For the last two years of Billy Boy's presidency, I kept telling everyone that Billy Boy had the nation in a recession but no one would listen to me because the lying liberal commie traitor media were busy telling everyone the economy was booming to get Al (I invented the Internet) Gore elected as president. Interestingly, on the evening news following the election, right after it was confirmed that GBII had been elected and the commies really didn't have anything to hide for at least two years, until the mid term elections, Peter Jennings stated, "BTW, the economy really isn't booming, it has been soft since before January." That was the liberal commie way of admitting the economy had been in a recession for more than a year proving my observations right. And, amazingly, everyone missed it, you know, like most people are missing what I keep pointing out to you.

So 9/11 happened and GBII, following the advice of some idiot military experts, decided to build the US military up to only a two front military (it could only engage in two different military actions against different countries at one time) while planning to go to war against.....wait for it....FIVE evil axis nations! It doesn't take a genius to figure out that is incredibly terrible military math and is the equivalent of planning to lose a war, which we have done. The ABSOLUTE very least GBII should have ramped up to for this war should have been the equivalent of a six front military in case he had to go to war against all five countries at the same time and still have something in reserve. The best option would have been a 10 to 15 front military to handle all the troop rotations which would have been required for a prolonged war, you know, one which has lasted for well over a decade.

But hold it, that information that GBII spent more than a year ramping up for war and only ended up with a two front military is very critical information. When you are ramping up for war, you are recruiting, training, and equipping a lot of troops very quickly so it begs to ask, "just how much of a military did Billy Boy turn over to GBII?"

Think zero front military! In other words, the greatest military in history, built up by Ronnie, had been so completely decimated by GBI and Billy Boy that what GBII had to start with was a military which would have had trouble defending the US from an attack by some one like Russia or China. Plus you have to realize that Billy Boy had run up massive amounts of debt which had been covered up with "creative bookkeeping" or lying, stealing, and fraud (they transferred the money from Social Security and other such programs to cover up the debt, all criminal actions).

GBII had a very serious problem, he had to ramp up a military to fight a prolonged war in a number of countries without running the US debt up even more and destroying an already devastated economy (9/11 devastated the already bad economy of Billy Boy) without the treasonous media destroying GBII. Some idiot experts told GBII, "no problem, with today's technology, we can win the wars in these countries very quickly with a very small military." Unfortunately, a desperate GBII listened to the idiots and set out on a path to failure.

Let me give you a clue from history. Any time an "expert" tells you that you can win a war very quickly and/or with a very small force, take the expert out back and shoot him. Everyone in history who has used that military strategy has failed. I was absolutely stunned and very disappointed when GBII started down that path. I knew it would not end well and here we are more than a decade later and both wars have already been lost.

The ardent Bush supporters will say, in defense of Bush, that he didn't have a choice. Yes, he did. His entire military strategy was wrong. First, we knew at that time that better than 90% of the funding for Al Quaeda was from Saudi Arabia and better than 90% of the terrorists in Al Quaeda were from Saudi Arabia. We also knew that better than 90% of the funding for all terrorists groups and activities around the world came from Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In spite of this, GBII decided to go after Al Quaeda in the impoverished third world country of Afghanistan with heavy restrictions such as "thou shalt not also invade Pakistan", which was also harboring Al Quaeda, and then invade Iraq to "prove daddy right" with later plans to fight Syria (a puppet nation to Iran), Iran, and North Korea to finally win that war. That was an absolute idiot strategy made up of a number of senseless side shows with Iran being the only meaningful target. The very first thing GBII should have done was go into Saudi Arabia and Iran to take out the two principles behind this terrorist war against the world. Without those two nations' funding, the rest of the war would have been clean up, it would have required a three to four front military, the rest of the bad guys (read North Korea, Syria, and Libya) would have decided to play nice, and we wouldn't have the mess we currently have in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and a number of other countries. This entire war would have been over within the normal three to five years it takes to fight a war right. Get the picture?

A second really big mistake GBII made was that he asked Congress to declare war on the targeted nations, one at a time. This meant, before GBII went into each new country, he had to have Congress, the media, and the US people on his side, which is a really stupid plan. You know, like, if GBII had a set back, like he got in Iraq when the media began betraying the US and our troops, he was going to get Congress to declare war on another country like Syria or Iran? Yeah, right. It didn't work, did it?

What GBII should have done was have Congress declare war on all the terrorists organizations and all countries harboring, financing, equipping, or other wise helping the terrorists (aiding your enemy is an act of war against you). The little problem with that is it would have required the US to invade Iran and Saudi Arabia first and Saudi Arabia was in bed with the corrupt white upper class trash Euro-Americans or GBII's puppet masters. GBII tried to win a war being fought against the US by Saudi Arabia without invading Saudi Arabia. Yeah, like that will work.

Another big mistake with GBII was that he stood up well to the lying liberal traitor commie media until after his second election and then he suddenly buckled to media pressure and started using his already very limited military for "nation building" (so the US would look like good guys) meaning that a huge portion of his very limited military was no longer available for fighting the enemy. From that point on, the war was lost, especially after devout Muslim, Obama took over and began devastating our military again.

GBII made a lot of really stupid mistakes which have caused us to lose this war against terror. We need a leader who has the intelligence and guts to make the right decisions to save our butts. I am not holding my breath for it to happen, though I am praying long, hard, and often about it. I don't see any of our criminal politicians who would make such intelligent decisions (most have to have an entourage to help them find their way out of the bathroom). John Bolton is not currently a politician and I see him and a few others who MIGHT be strong enough to make such decisions.

As a footnote, Obama took over a military which was considered a two front military. About two years ago it was made public knowledge that Obama had devastated our military down to where it was, at that time, a one front military. Since then, Obama has continued to devastate our military so we should have what now? Less than a one front military, again, so that our military would have trouble defending our nation when attacked by some one like Russia or China and that military is currently scattered all over the planet. The weaknesses of this devastated military are the classified intel the traitor, Snowden, provided to China and Russia. Snowden is NOT a hero. With all of this in mind, it should be obvious that your best and only real hope is to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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