Land of the Lost

Is the US really dead and finished off the way I have been telling you?

Let's do the math. You know I love math.

We are going to have to examine this from a number of perspectives. I have already shown you a number of times that, financially, the US is finished but what about legally and politically?

First, we will take a peek back at the differences between Biblical Law and common law. I told you that in common law, justice is meaningless and the letter of the law is everything. A great example here is that, when bad guys began using the Internet to steal from other people, the attorneys couldn't prosecute those bad guys because the law did not specifically say that using the Internet to steal was a crime, therefore, under common law, using the Internet to steal couldn't be a crime, the letter of the law didn't say so. So they quickly passed a series of very complex laws making it illegal to use the Internet to steal, making it a crime.

Under Biblical Law, stealing is stealing regardless of whether you use a gun, a knife, a computer, the government, or whatever, it is still stealing and is a crime. Now you can better see why the criminals, who have seized control of our nation, hate Biblical Law. Under common law, if the crooks controlling our country can find a new way to steal from you, which is not specifically covered by common law (the letter or wording of the law, get it?), then it is not stealing until a complex set of laws, containing a lot of hidden loop holes for the corrupt upper class trash, is written making it a crime to steal in that specific manner, unless you rub your belly, pat your head, and turn around in a circle the correct way and number of times, all of the instructions for which are hidden in the law for the upper class trash.

By converting to common law, the criminals have been able to use some of the best attorneys to write our laws so that those laws are so complex, it takes teams of attorneys and their legal aids weeks and even months to find out exactly what the law really says and how the loop holes play out. Talk about job security for attorneys!!! These criminals have made our laws so complex that there is no way you can rebuild a nation or build a new nation without divesting your nation of those corrupt laws. Our laws are such a mess that, if you could kill off all of the corrupt leaders in just the federal government, it would only take the corrupt attorneys in this country a few months to find enough loop holes (assuming they don't already know them) to get more corrupt criminals back in power using any form of democracy. It takes a really huge library to hold all of the common laws written in the US. You can hold all of the Biblical Laws plus Biblical history in just one hand. Get the picture?

Therefore, 1) you cannot save our country using common law and there is no way we can just divest ourselves of more than 100 years of common law without seceding from the Union and 2) you cannot build a new nation using those common laws. The only way to be able to build a new nation of, by, and for the people is to do away with common law (which was never meant or written for the people) and convert to Biblical Law, which was very clearly designed to protect good people from bad people.

Did you know that is exactly what the founding fathers did?

Our founding fathers were being oppressed and persecuted by the common law of Great Britain, which was set up by the corrupt members of the British Royalty, basically, all of them. The founding fathers fought against, won, and threw off the oppressive common law of the British (divested themselves of British common law) and instituted Biblically based law in, what they realized, was a very fragile Republic, understanding that it would eventually fail and them also leaving us Constitutional means with which to deal with that failure.

Did you know that our founding fathers wrote in the Bill of Rights that it is our right and responsibility to rebel against and throw off an oppressive government? Rebelling against an oppressive government is not an act of treason in the US because it is a right and responsibility of the people, so said our founding fathers. The founding fathers also gave us the Constitutional rights for free speech and to bear arms (FIRST and SECOND amendments, respectively, get the picture?) so we could do just that along with a lot of other Constitutional rights to protect us. The founding fathers gave us state rights so the states could fight against an oppressive federal government.

Now do you better understand why the oppressive criminals, who have destroyed our nation, hate the US Constitution? It was written for you, the people, and not them.

Then you have to understand how "the system" functions behind closed doors. What you, the people, see, is not what you get. The nutshell version is that greedy, corrupt rich people find some one who is 1) charismatic, 2) a very good liar, and 3) a political whore who will do whatever they are paid to do. Those corrupt rich people, the upper class trash, will spend tons of money getting that political whore or politician into and moved up through government, usually starting at the local level and working up to the national level. Once the political whore is elected into office, the upper class trash puppet masters will give that political whore bills written by the upper class trash attorneys which will award the upper class trash with government financed "projects" like bridges, subways, and freeways which go no where and never get finished or special laws permitting banks to grow money on trees, magically creating money out of think air, or tax laws with loop holes only the upper class trash attorneys know about and funnel or launder trillions of your tax dollars into their corrupt pockets.

Of course the political whores get all kinds of special privileges such as it being perfectly legal for every member of Congress to do insider trading on the stock market, buying and selling of stocks with insider information from companies before the general public gets that information. Gee, our political whores are not on the take, are they, you know, receiving privileged information from companies to pass laws or bills for those companies? Remember that Martha Stewart was prosecuted for that crime because she was not a team player with the upper class trash but your political whores "representing you" in Congress and legally do what you cannot do, they are above the law.

Gee, where have we seen that before? Oh yeah, Britain, under common law, the British Royalty were above the law.

This corruption has made it so expensive to get elected that it is almost impossible to get to the state level in the bigger states and even the city level in the larger cities, much less to the federal level, without at least millions of dollars in "donations" (I consider them bribes because there is always a pay back) from very wealthy people, you know, the upper class trash. Do you still believe you have a functioning republic? The upper class trash has been running this town for a long time, sweetie.

"But", you say, "we have the courts."

"Really?", I replay, "Not all of them or even most of them." 1) The lower level judges are all elected with bribes...uh...I, er, mean donations, yeah, that is the ticket, donations from the upper class trash and there are strings attached to those donations. 2) It is well known within the judicial community that, if you are a "player", you will get appointed to higher level benches for which judges are not elected and get a lot more money and benefits.

By whom are those judges appointed to those higher benches?

The corrupt political whores....uh....I mean....politicians, of course. Basically, in a nutshell, the upper class trash also owns most of the upper level judges. It is extremely difficult for a good judge to get appointed to an upper level federal bench.

Get the picture yet? The upper class trash owns almost everyone in all three branches of government from your local city council to the federal government. There is NO Republic of the United States of America any more. You are now a citizen of a fascist upper class trash dictatorship, the United Soviet States of America.

Don't believe me, yet?

Try to not participate in the very un-Constitutional Obamacare and watch the fascists take away your home and your bank account. Remember that Obamacare was passed by "your" Congressional representatives, signed into law by "your" dictator in chief....uh....president, and approved by "your" Supreme Court, all three branches of the US government sold you to the devil. Do you still believe that any of them represent you and this is still the Republic of the United States of America? Are you feeling like you are in the land of the lost yet?

BTW, how is that pagan god, democracy, thing working out for you? Ready for a Christian theocracy, where no one is above the Law, yet?

I bet that, right now, you are wanting very badly to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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