I saw something posted on FB which got my interest. It was a "Snowden" story (secret intel about the government, ooooo) being put out by NBC (Not Believable Communications) telling about the "Internet dirty tricks" of GCHQ. But there were some things which kind of bothered me about this. First, it was a "story" being put out by NBC and I trust NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS about as far as I can throw Moby Dick up wind in a class five hurricane, in other words, I don't believe a thing they put out. I am suspect of everything NBC puts out.

Second, I didn't know of any US government agency with the alphabet designation of GCHQ, so who is GCHQ?

GCHQ, Government Communications Headquarters, is a BRITISH government agency responsible for British government communications security. They protect the British government communications from hackers and spies.

OK, I have two dots, NBC, which is US liberal commie propaganda slime, and GCHQ, which is British government intelligence security. So I read through the "intel" NBC war providing in their "story" (read propaganda) and found some other interesting dots. First, the story is a character assassination against GCHQ and is purporting GCHQ is using the same dirty tricks the commies have been using on the Internet for years. Second, the "story" is also written to protect certain entities such as Anonymous (specifically mentioned), the hacker organization which is regularly in the news for hacking government agencies, you know, like US and British government agencies.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Anonymous got caught hacking the British Government, GCHQ caught them red handed and is taking the little rats to court, and NBC is using a "story" to discredit GCHQ and protect NBC's criminal hacker friends.

Which should tell you what?

Since we know the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, NBC is inadvertently telling us that these hacker organizations are part of the liberal commie traitor organization working to destroy our nations and set up their global dictatorship. If Anonymous gets busted and convicted, it could provide the Brits and the US with enough intel to bring down the liberal commie traitors (including NBC) and their evil plot. See, that wasn't so hard. We figured that one out really fast just by connecting a few dots.

Now, what should we expect?

NBC and other liberal organizations will work to protect their hacker buddies by trying to discredit GCHQ so GCHQ won't take Anonymous to trial, exposing who knows how much of the liberal organization and plot. To discredit GCHQ, NBC is blaming all of the Internet dirty tricks the liberals are using to disrupt the Internet and information on the Internet on GCHQ. The liberal commies are hoping they can cause such a public outcry against GCHQ that GCHQ will back down and not prosecute Anonymous. Keep an eye on this.

Mean while, there is probably a very interesting cyber war taking place between GCHQ and Anonymous and the red flags tell me Anonymous isn't doing too well, which is why NBC is trying to save their butts. Hmmm, did Anonymous finally pick a fight they can't win? Personally, I am looking forward to the British movie about this one. Can't you just see a very nice, clean, organized British government room with Sean Connery calmly directing the actions of British government computer professionals in a counter attack against a dirty, messy, pot smoke filled room of American criminal hackers who are frantically losing ground being led by a crazed and panicking Rosie O'Donnell? Yep, that would be worth seeing.

With such liberal dirty tricks abounding, you really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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