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I have been writing this blog for 14 years next month. I posted my first blog essay (not creation science essay) in March of 2000. (I posted my first creation science essay in November 1999.) I first wrote about the false Euro prophets and the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 in April 2000 and about Islam being the one world government and one world church of the Book of Revelation in March 2002. For more than a decade, I have been telling you that they will rebuild ancient Babylon as the financial, government, and religious capital of the world, just like the Bible says and they are doing right now, and that end time prophesy has nothing to do with Europe, especially the EU, or the Church of Rome. Those essays are all still there on this blog and dated as to when they were posted.

A year ago, I had to move my site to a different location because the ISP where I had it posted went out of business but, other than that, nothing has changed, except that I am using a different computer and have gotten older.

I first started this blog because I couldn't find anywhere on the Internet where they were telling you the things I felt you needed to know about and I felt God wanted me to tell you about those things God had shared with me. I have only written when I have been inspired to write telling you what God wants me to tell you about. In 2001, I only wrote one essay during the entire year and I am now writing 20 or more essays a month almost every month. A few days ago I posted my 24th essay for this month breaking my old record of 23 essays in one month. This essay will make 27 essays in the month of February 2014, almost an essay per day but I don't expect that record to last long. Just like I told you, as this mess gets worse, my writing will increase in frequency, it is, and it will continue to.

Here we are 14 years later with those things I told you would happen taking place and my feelings are mixed and difficult to explain. It is like I have spent 14 years painting a very complex mural to warn you of things happening and coming and those things in my mural are now the news with things happening very quickly and still accelerating. But God has given me more than one mural to paint and I have been adding to all of those murals. There is the first mural which is coming to past while you read this, with all of the different evil people trying to conquer the world and murder almost all of us, then the mural about what will happen after this first mural has taken place with us building new nations, then there is the Tribulation mural which will follow the second mural, the millennial mural which will follow the Tribulation and, finally, the judgment and post judgment mural. That is a total of five murals I have been writing about the future, some of which are now the present.

I know that these bad things must happen because we didn't obey God's Laws and we believed the liberal lies so we must be taught the truth and be punished for our crimes. We will be held accountable for our actions with those guilty of the worst crimes being most accountable.

I do hope we will hurry through this period of trial and tribulation with minimum damage to the good people of this planet so we can get into what looks like will be about a decade of good and exciting times before the Tribulation itself begins. After these last 14 years and what we are now going through, I so look forward to the soon coming good years but I know that we must first get through these remaining bad years. There is much I have taught you which God told me to teach you, much more God has taught me but wants me to wait a while before I share that with you, and more God will teach me in the future about all of these murals. I have now written 98 "I Told You So" essays in which I tell you that God tole me those things, I obeyed God and told you so, and those things have come true with me often following that information with what you should expect next. Those "I Told You So" essays average more than two predictions per essay representing more than 200 predictions God gave in the last 14 years which have come true. The accuracy of the predictions I have made is much better than 90% accurate which is much better than the best accuracy of the best experts I have been able to find which is that they are wrong better than 90% of the time.

Knowing there is more God wants me to eventually share with you, I will be around at least a little while longer, painting those murals to provide you with more information. Providing you with that information is the important thing about this blog.

It is because of these things I saw in the past which are happening now and things which I have seen that are still to come for which I continually implore you to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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