All the pieces are falling into place. The real reason that Russia invaded Georgia was to stop Israel from being able to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons processing. Israel had been granted permission to use two air bases in Southern Georgia from which to launch her attack to destroy Iran's nuclear production facilities, most of which are in Northern Iran. This would have cut Israel's flying time for the mission down to only 3.5 hours and she would have only had to cross the Caspian Sea to reach Iran and not other Muslim countries.

Russia has seized control of these bases, sacked them of Israeli equipment and supplies, and is refusing to leave them to prevent Israel from being able to attack Iran from those bases before Iran can develop nuclear weapons. Then Russia moved a carrier battle fleet down to a port in Syria to further hamper Israel's ability to attack either Iran or Syria before Iran and Syria can be ready to destroy America's best ally in the Middle East, Israel.

A month or so ago, the US quietly moved tons of yellow cake out of Iraq (notice that the Muslim Stream Media didn't report about it because they don't want you to know that Saddam really did have WMD's). This yellow cake was what Saddam had been using to create nuclear weapons with the assistance of Russia and, after the US conquered Iraq, the US had to keep this nuclear material secret (you know, not tell the blabber mouth press) to prevent the terrorists from trying to steal the yellow cake for the terrorists' use before the US could get the yellow cake safely out of Iraq.

Russia is trying to develop a Muslim country to the point where they can use nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and remove a key US ally from that area. We took out Iraq so Russia is helping Iran develop nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and Russia is doing everything she can to prevent Israel from defending herself.

Now there is talk about Israel using UAV's to attack Iran but I seriously doubt today's UAV's are advanced enough to carry out such an attack. It looks like Israel has been trying to find a way to attack Iran without using nukes but one more avenue for doing that was just closed by Russia. I have noticed that every time Russia, the Muslims, and the West make a move, they are simply forcing Israel to use nukes and act sooner. Israel is being painted in a corner by everyone else's stupidity and will be forced to use nuclear missiles very soon.

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