Police State

I have been watching this "Beautify America" program and God has caused me to realize there is an evil ulterior motive hiding behind another great sounding liberal upper class program. I already showed you how they are using other programs they claim are meant to help you to actually enslave you in poverty as their voter slaves like Welfare and extended unemployment while telling you that it is for your good and they are caring for you.

In order to force their "beautification" program on the rest of the people, they have set up a law enforcement agency called code enforcement. Now, ask yourself, whom did they set up this law enforcement agency to bully, terrorize, and muscle around? The upper class? Of course not. The upper class can all afford gardeners to do the work for them that they are forcing you to do. Obviously the only possibility is that they are using this Beautify America program to establish police state conditions so they can wage class warfare against the middle and lower classes while claiming it is for the good of the community and they are caring for you. The people they are hurting the most are the people who are already hurting the most, the poor, especially the sick and the handicapped who can't work in their own yards and can't afford to pay anyone else to do the work for them. They are completely at the mercy of these Nazi's under this program.

Just think about it, most of these upper class elite Nazi's spend most of their day at the golf course, racquetball club, sailing boats, beauty parlor, or in fancy restaurants while you work your butts off for them. They go home at night tired from playing all day and their yard work is done by some of you. You go home tired from working hard for them and they are making you go out into your yards and work to bring your yards up to their standards to "beautify your community". If you don't or can't do it, they send their Gestapo around to bully you, write you up, fine you, do the work for you, bill you for the work, and, if you are poor enough you can't pay the fines and work fees, they seize control of your property and sell it for those fines and fees making you homeless. And this fascist behavior is all done in the glorious name of beautifying your community. These fascist commie's will probably spend eternity selling each other space heaters in Hell.

They are quietly daring anyone to appose this fascist program because they will attack you for not wanting to improve your community. You are not being a good little commie citizen. Mean while they are continuing to make the codes more and more strict so they can bully you for more things effecting everyone more, including the middle class.

They are also hiding behind the fact that, for the poor, especially the sick and handicapped, they are organizing volunteer groups to do the work for the poor at this time, knowing full well, that the people will eventually get tired of volunteering to care for other people's yards for free, especially when those people will be forced to increase the work in their own yards because of the increasing severity of the codes. When no one will continue to volunteer to help the poor because they are too busy and tired from working in their own yards, then the Nazi's will know that you have stopped caring about the poor, they will say that, since these people can't care for their property (by the Nazi standards) then maybe these people shouldn't have property. They will use this as justification to seize poor people's property, sell it on auction to themselves for really great prices (for the Nazi's) making these poor people homeless. Yep, that will really improve the community.

If you have been around for more than a year or two and have had you head outside of your butt, you should know by now that the upper class Nazi's will continue to increase the severity of the codes until even the upper middle class can't maintain their property by the standards of the upper class Nazi's. Having set the precedence of it being right to seize "irresponsible citizens'" property, they will be justified in seizing your property and selling it to themselves on auction at really great prices....for them.

When they own your property, the only place you will have to live will be to rent housing from them at the very high prices they will set taking the rest of your wealth from you until you simply can't afford to even pay them for rent and are facing becoming homeless. Now that you are on the verge of being homeless, they will do one more "kind act." They will simply say, "I really hate to put you out (they will actually be enjoying it very much) but you can't pay to live in my housing because you don't have any money left and it is only right that you pay me something. Oh, I know how you can pay to stay in my housing; if you will sell yourself to me in servitude or slavery, I will let you stay in my housing and you won't have to be homeless." Then the monsters will get their little slaves back because many of you would rather be slaves than homeless and being brutalized by their homeless Gestapo squads persecuting and jailing people for vagrancy. Did I tell you that the last slave masters in this country set up the vagrancy laws so they could justify arresting anyone who didn't have a job or home and then selling those people into slavery to pay for their keep while in jail? The upper class commie's, socialists, Nazi's, and libertarians (all same birds; different names) are so innovative, aren't they? This is just another liberal/natural elite program gone wrong. At least they are consistent.

I have listened to the upper class Nazi's justify their current behavior because they have convinced themselves that the poor are poor because they are lazy, even the sick and handicapped ones. They believe that, if the poor would just get off their lazy butts and work, they would stop being poor. Guess what? They also believe that you middle class are not rich like them because you are also lazy. Guess who will be next after they get rid of the poor. Think about it.

The solution to the problem is to wake up, start recall elections against the Nazi's supporting these beautify the community programs, and start boycott lists for businesses for whom the owners are involved in supporting or participating in these programs. They you will have to do away with the beautification programs to prevent the Nazi's from starting all over again later. If you don't fight back, you automatically lose the fight.

If that doesn't work, I guess you can always load the guns, light the torches, drag out the guillotines, warm up the designer tar and feathers, and do another Bastille.

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