About 4 am this morning I realized that some of you are thinking that I am encouraging you to kill children, when I tell you that you have to kill all of the upper class trash and their children, but I am not. It is time to connect some dots and do the math to open a few more eyes.

For example, let's take Georgie Boy Soros, who, the last I read is at least 84 years of age, probably more.

If he and his wife are in their 80s, then their children are in their 60s, full grown older adults and they are all to almost all involved in running their family's part of their upper class trash international crime ring. This means that George's grandchildren will all be in their 40s, middle aged adults, and will all to almost all be involved in running their international crime ring. His great grandchildren will be in their 20s, young adults, not children, and they will also be all to almost all involved in running their international crime ring.

You can kill all of the way down to all of George's great grandchildren and not kill one child because they are all adults in at least their 20s and they are all to almost all involved in the treasonous crimes being committed against the people of this planet.

Now, as George ages and slows down and also as the organization keeps getting more complex, George's children take over more and more of what George has been doing and know how the rest of it works so that, if George dies tonight, one of them will completely take over the organization by morning and continue operations without hesitation, which is why I tell you that you have to kill all of the upper class trash children, you know, a bunch of old people, to stop these crimes. As a matter of fact, to stop these crimes, you have to kill all of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren plus any great, great grandchildren who are already involved in helping run this criminal organization.

You see how big of a mess and how complex this mess is?

Now you have to remember that ALL of my estimates are very conservative and one reason why I write those "I Told You So" essays is to show you how conservative my estimates are so you will know that I do not exaggerate anything.

What I am about to tell you will sound wild but it is still very conservative and time will prove this to be true. Just stick around and I will be writing an "I Told You So" essay about this in the not too distant future and this will also show how very conservative my prior statements about the upper class trash have been.

Let's assume that George and his wife only had 4 kids because most of the upper class trash have more kids than that for what is about to become obvious reasons, you know, while talking you into not having more children.

If all of George's kids marry, then his family will have 8 new members.

If all of them have just 4 kids per family, then there will be 16 kids with 16 spouses for 32 new family members and 42 family members total.

If all of those kids have 4 kids and marry, the family will have 64 kids with 64 spouses for 128 new members and a total of 170 total family members.

If all of those kids have 4 kids each, then they will have 256 kids and 256 spouses or 512 new family members or a total of 682 family members in just a few generations, not thousands of years.

Now, if they have 10 kids, which many of them have been having for from hundreds to more than 2,500 years, George and his wife will have 10 kids plus 10 spouses for 22 family members. Their kids will have 100 kids with 100 spouses for 222 family members. Their kids will have 1,000 kids with 1,000 spouses for 2,222 family members in just a few generations, not thousands of years.

Now you have to keep in mind that, when they show you the "Royal Family Tree", they are only showing you a tiny bit of the true family tree, you know, ye ole tip of ye ole iceberg. The true Royal Family Tree is many, many times larger than they show you and they know who they all are and pay people to keep track of all of them.

I tried to show you a little of this when I showed you that all of the US presidents since Johnston, except for Reagan and Trump, are members of ye ole Royal family and I hope you noticed that all of them only listed their membership with the British Royal Family and it didn't include the ones who were members of other parts of the European Royal Family.

If you check, you will find that there were at least half a dozen prior presidents who were also members of the Royal Family, especially the British Royal Family, which is one of the reasons why the US took the side of the British and French in WWI, who had both been US enemies in the past, against the Germans, who had not been a US enemy in the past.

When I was being trained to be a stock broker in LA, I was taught that there were about 300 families (the upper class trash) who financially run the planet and they have all been inbreeding and growing for more than 2,500 years so those families are huge and they are all cousins or members of the one upper class trash family. I have met some of those family members and picked their brains.

If those families average only 1,000 members, which is extremely conservative and I proved that above, then there are more than 300,000 members of that international crime family spread around the world but it is certainly much worse than that so that there has to be AT LEAST 5 to 10 million of them, probably more than 20 million of them globally, with most of them involved in running their family criminal organization and they are infiltrated into EVERYTHING.

It is like our human house has become infested with a massive den of warrior ants working to destroy our house and us.

Now, you need to know that some of them quit their families because they couldn't stomach the corruption and just went off with their small family trust funds to make a living on their own. If any of them try to expose what I am teaching you or they try to fight back against the family, they lose their trust fund and end up dead like JFK, Bobby Kennedy and JFK Jr. did, which is why they were really killed.

But, let's be conservative and say there are just 10 million of them and they all have at least 10 aides or members of their entourage working directly for them to seize control of the planet and set up their Marxist dictatorship with each of those 10 aides having at least 5 assistants.

That would be a total of 100 million aides with 500 million assistants globally for a total of 610 million upper level members of their international crime family.

Now, keep in mind that this is just the upper class trash extended family and not their puppets and minions. In the US, 24% of more than 300 million people are lefties for about 75 million lefties in the US alone. There are many more lefties in the more lefty nations like in Europe, Canada, and other nations. Therefore, if you conservatively extrapolate this out to 24% of the global population of only 7 billion people (there are more than that), it comes out to 1.68 billion puppets and minions or more than 2 billion members of the left total, about one quarter of the global population.

And the upper class trash plan to murder all but a MAXIMUM of half a billion people? Suddenly, 500 million people doesn't sound like very many, does it? Now, what should this tell you?

If you put this together with the lefties saying they plan to "depopulate the planet" down to a MAXIMUM of 500 million people globally (and remember that is NOT their target number but the MAXIMUM number, which Ted Turner made obvious when he gave speeches on him being able to get that number down to 250 million people a few decades ago) they very obviously plan to 1) murder everyone who is not part of their evil Marxist dictatorship, you know, moderates and conservatives or more than 5 billion people, 2) they very obviously plan to also murder all of the stupid lefty commie traitor puppets and minions helping them seize control of the planet or about 1.68 billion people, and 3) they also plan to murder about half of their own families and their aides or about 250 million people.

"But," you say, "Won't they need slaves to keep them living the easy life in luxury?"

Uh, kind of sort of. There we have to look at modern technology and connect those dots to see who the real slaves will be. You are about to see that I have been extremely conservative in explaining this to you before because their intended slaves will be computers and robots and not humans. They are going to kill off all of the humans except for themselves. Remember that they worship Stalin as a role model and Stalin murdered EVERYONE, 100% of the people who helped him get into power and that is a very big dot and hint.

Look at the technology we have today compared to what we had just half a century ago. When I studied mechanical engineering in 1968, you had to use a drafting table, pencil, paper, drafting T-square, slide rule, and other hand tools to design anything and I still have those tools.

Today, they do it all on computers with touch screens and just assemble pieces or modules together for a "custom designed" house, car, boat, or plane. Any twit can do that so they won't even need engineers.

For example, remember that I told you I custom designed a $2 million Hallberg-Rassy sailboat?

When I was designing my boat, I noticed that they had about half a dozen different standard designs and they designed the boat with interchangeable modules. The bow or V-birth section is one module, the area between the V-birth and saloon is another module, the saloon is a third module, the kitchen/navigation station is a fourth module, the engine room is a pretty standard module you can add some things to, and the stern or master bedroom/bathroom is a fifth module with different interchangeable designs for all of those modules.

I also found that ALL of significant boat companies do the same thing. (I actually designed almost half a dozen different boats from different companies. You see how God used all of that to teach me certain things?)

Any inbred upper class trash twit can design a boat, car, plane, mansion or anything else that way. It is like building with Legos, any child can do it. It is just "plug and play", baby.

Now, look at a video of them making cars and other things in factories. You will see videos of nothing but robots building those cars in some of those factories and no humans. All the upper class trash have to do is use a touch screen to custom design a car, hit send, the design will go to those factory computers and those robots will build those cars.

Who needs blue collar workers for slaves?

How about those smart homes where you can either use a touch screen or even just speak to the computer like with "Alexa" and the computer does things around the house like turning on and off heating and air conditioning. They have computers like "Rumba" to clean their floors and the rest of the house plus you have to keep in mind that they can afford much better technology to run such things than you can so they have much better technology than you see and can afford.

The commercial airlines have autopilots that can take off and land aircraft so they will soon be able to do away with pilots, you know, the way they are trying to do away with car drivers now. They have robot servants to wait on people so they can do away with maids and stewardesses. They even have sex robots so the men no longer need women for sex and don't have to put up with modern female attitudes and their wives should be concerned about this. People, most upper class trash women are only good for sex because they don't do anything except screw because servants take care of everything women used to take care of. Think about that.

Between their AI computers and robots, they have the ability to replace all human slaves and not have to deal with other humans. They can grow their own food, transport that food, fix their own meals, clean and maintain their homes, and manufacture anything they want without having to share "their planet" with anyone else, not even their lefty suckers and fools or their own wives.

Then you have to study their religions, which they are just now finally feeling safe enough to bring out of their closets. They are all pagans and poser Christians. Most of the Euro-American upper class trash are members of the Occult/Islam and they believe that, if they seize control of the world and kill off all non members of their cults, their god, Satan/Allah/Baphomet/Lucifer/whatever will return and make them all immortal gods so they won't have to worry about dying or reproducing.

Who needs women for anything?

That is a huge motivation for these criminals to murder everybody else off.

Listen, people, if the upper class trash kill off all non Marxists/Muslims, you know, conservatives and moderates, why will they need Antifa to terrorize and bully dead conservatives and moderates?

They won't.

Why will they need the lefty commie traitor journalists to spew out propaganda to the dead conservatives and moderates?

They won't.

Why will they need law enforcement to control dead conservatives?

They won't.

Why will they need politicians and bureaucrats to control the people?

They won't.

Why will they need teachers and college professors to brainwash the masses, if the masses are dead from "depopulation"?

They won't. Note also that the upper class trash have conned the stupid lefty college professors into putting everything we know on computers so they won't need the academe to educate their children. All the upper class trash will have to do is give their kids a computer to learn anything so they definitely won't need college professors any more. The stupid lefty college professors are making universities obsolete themselves.

So, if they kill off all non Marxists/Muslims, who is Antifa going to bully, who will the lefty journalists lie to, who will law enforcement, bureaucrats, and politicians control, and who will teachers and college professors brainwash, robots?

The upper class trash won't need any of those useful tools, suckers, and fools.

Guess who will die next?

You put that all together with the math I have shown you with them planning to murder all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people and probably less than 250 million people, it should tell you that they also plan to murder off all of their Marxist minions just as soon as the upper class trash no longer needs them AND they also plan to murder off at least half of their upper class trash family and possibly all of their aides, who can be replaced by today's computers and robots. The computers and robots will be their slaves.

Think about it, if computers and robots, who can easily be controlled with programs, are their slaves, who will they ever have to worry about overthrowing them again?

No one, not even their own evil minions. It is their final solution to eternal power.

Remember that I told you stupid lefties that the upper class trash will kill you when they no longer need you? You get the picture yet?

They are not going to let you fools live anymore than anyone else. The upper class trash are going to kill all of you lefty fools off and you are helping them for free stuff, you know, free stuff you will pay for with your lives.

Don't believe me?

Do the math.

What will happen if the upper class trash succeed with their evil globalist plans?

They will wait until you lefty minions kill off all of the non Marxist/Muslim people in your area, then either throw a part for you to celebrate, when you get stoned/drunk, they will load you into a truck or bus and the next stop will be ye ole beloved Gulag death camp for a little shower with Zyklon B shampoo or they will tell you that your commie buddies need some help somewhere else, have you put your weapons under the bus "for safety", and unload your evil butts at ye ole Gulag death camp for ye ole shower with Zyklon B shampoo.

And then what will happen?

As soon as they have killed off the rest of you lefty commie traitors, they will turn on each other because greedy, power mad people can never have enough wealth and power, and they will wage war against each other until they wipe themselves out.

What should this tell you about Satan's plan?

Satan is trying to get humans to murder each other off to the point of extinction because, if there are no humans, then God can't fulfill His prophesies, which will mean He lied, which will make Him a sinner and He won't be just enough to rightfully judge Satan and his demons so Satan and his demons will not be dumped into the Lake of Fire for their sins forever, which is Satan's end game, you know, save his own butt at your expense.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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