I Told You so 319


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are trying to get rid of Trump so they can get rid of Barr and stop the investigation into their criminal activities? Remember that Barr stated specifically when he started investigating them that he is bringing back the death penalty?

I got this from State Department Watch by staff:

"Democrat Adam Schiff is linked to both US corporations named in the $7.4 BILLION corruption case."


"Schiff is connected to both BlackRock and Franklin Templeton Investments, two companies that were named in the $7.4B Burisma/US-Ukraine corruption claim that was announced"

That is why the lefties are running so scared and willing to risk losing being reelected because they can't be reelected in prison or the cemetery anyway. The only thing they have left for staying out of prison and possibly off of the gallows (Schiff committed treason) is to stage a coup, you know, remove Trump and Pence from office and replace them with Pelosi, who is next in line behind Pence to be president, so they can get rid of Barr to stop the investigations against them and they don't have much time left in which to do it.

Do you get the picture yet?

I do my homework. Me thinks Pencil Neck doesn't want his neck to suddenly get any longer.


Remember that I have told you about EU disintegrating following Brexit?

This video tells you that Hungary is also talking about leaving the EU and forming a New European Christian Democratic movement. He is talking about taking other nations from the EU to form this Christian movement.

The EU just died but they won't quit because they will regroup, reorganize, and keep trying to set up their global dictatorship, which is why they are so focused on taking over the US now.

Remember that I told you years ago that the EU would fail because it being the one world government of the Tribulation did not fit with Bible prophesy AND I was the first and only one saying that?

Watch this video to the middle and he tells you at the middle that "no one, not even he, himself, knew it would fail more than 4 years ago."

Well, except for me because I was telling you the EU would fail years before that, probably about 12 to 15 years ago. Hey, read the Bible because it tells you a lot more than people can.


Remember I told you that he has been hacked and I was watching to see what is going on?

It turns out that he was hacked by Saudi Arabia for a number of months during 2018 to steal data and there is now a big stink about it, you know, with Bezos and other top tech people stealing data from their clients.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

I guess Bezos thinks it is alright for his business to steal from others but not alright for others to steal from him. Yep, he is a typical lefty, you know, do as I say and not as I do.

BTW, Saudi Arabia can hack your cells phones but the FBI, CIA, and NSA can't? Really?

They just don't want you to know it.


Remember that I told you years ago that we are heading for some serious pandemics and it won't be just one pandemic but multiple pandemics or what I call a polydemic?

This Chinese Coronavirus is blowing up in their faces. The Chinese are trying to cover it up but the things they are doing to stop it are just getting too obvious, telling us that it is already out of control in China and getting worse quickly.

They say it was started by bats and snakes but you better watch for it to get into the rodent population, which is very likely because both bats and rodents are mammals and, if it can spread from bats to humans, you can bet it can also spread to rodents. If this thing gets into the rodent populations, it will go completely ballistic, which may very well be why the Chinese have lost control of it.

If this thing gets into the rodent populations, it will spread though the human population like fire through a gasoline soaked lumber yard on a very windy day.

Then a day later, I noticed that they are having trouble with this China virus spreading faster than they can stop it.

Note that bats and snakes should not cause it to spread too fast but, if it gets into either the rodent or bird populations, it could explode through China and around the world like the Black Death did 700 years ago. So, if the virus starts moving really fast and completely out of control, it probably got into the rodent and/or bird populations.

Keep an eye on this.

Mexican Standoff

Remember that I told you about the Mexican standoff Obama will face after he stages his coup and briefly seizes control of the US Government and that the standoff will be caused by these second amendment sanctuary zones?

I just saw this headline at Newsmax but the page is controlled and I can't afford the money to get into those sites:

"'2nd Amendment Sanctuaries' Emerge Nationwide"

Gee, what a coincidence. This is God preparing the US for Obama and company's coup by creating those safe zones for God's Mexican standoff. God will take care of it.

Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I have been telling you that many of the Commierats will only vote for one or two of their potential presidential candidates but not for any of the others?

This video is a Commierat explaining that in detail and saying that the Commierat Party has splint into at least 3 different political parties. He refers to the three main groups as "centrists, liberals, and leftists". He even admits that he will only vote for two of the potential candidates and not any of the others and that he pretty much figures his two are not going to make it so he says he probably won't even vote, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Hey, I have him beat, I won't vote for any of them.

Just like I told you, their glorious diversity thingy is tearing their party apart and we could see as many as two or three different Commierat candidates running for president with all but one of them running as independents or some other party.

Also all of the Commierats realize that none of the potential candidates can beat Trump in the election so it is very likely that most simply won't even vote even if their favored candidate is the presidential candidate for the Commierat Party. Note that if these people don't vote, the Republicans win both the House and Senate in a land slide and you can bet the Commierats know it.

Basically, all of their great sounding stupid ideas are failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

If all of you conservatives, including us independents, show up and vote for Trump and conservative Republicans, we, the people, win. Be there.

Do you see now why Obama and company are going to stage a violent coup?

It is all they have left. It's a coup or nothing, baby, they ain't going to quit because they lost.


Remember that I have been telling you that conservative protestors who are fed up with their government should drag a guillotine to their leader's palace to send a much stronger message to those leaders?

They drug a fake guillotine to the governor's palace in Puerto Rico and you can bet that governor isn't sleeping too well for a while because she is probably dreaming about her head rolling around in a basket.

This one move sent a massive message to the leaders that the people have had enough and you better bet those leaders will at least listen a little more because they don't want to tick the people off enough for those people to drag a real working guillotine to the palace that could easily and quickly be used.

If the corrupt leaders won't listen to you, speak louder and clearer. Just make sure they understand how angry you are.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are using fronts like terrorists to fund their evil deeds?

I got them from Arutz Sheva by Mordechai Sones:

"Eight reports released Monday by the NGO Monitor Research Institute point to the close relationship between eight European-funded organizations and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) organization.

The documents detail the latest government funding and present new data on the relationship between senior executives and employees in organizations and the Popular Front.

The organizations include Adamir, the International Association for Child-Palestinian Rights, the Health Committees (HWC), the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Union of Agricultural Labor Committees (UAWC), the Union of Health Committees (UHWC) and the Palestinian Women's Committees (UPWC).

They all have extensive ties to PFLP as part of a broad-based campaign to advance its agenda through civil rights frameworks. Two of the organizations even led the complaint against Israel in the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

According to reports, more than seventy past and present organization employees, founders, board members, and management have a connection to terror.

Among the funding governments are Belgium, Denmark, the EU, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and various UN frameworks."

This is just one example of how the upper class trash are using fronts to cover their tracks in funding their evil. In this cause, they use their ownership of their political whores to use government money to fund non profits to fund terrorist.

Another trick of theirs is to use front men like Georgie Boy Soros as a front to fund nonprofit organizations that fund the evil the lefties do.

This is one of many reasons why I will not give a penny to any nonprofit corporations. All of the major nonprofit corporations have been taken over by the lefties and are being used to fund things like terrorists (including Antifa) and groups of "migrants" moving to the US and EU to infiltrate our nations to vote for their political whores, who are losing support because of their mischief.

Another example is how they have set up the corporate "shell game" where they have a company they own set up another company that company owns, and then the second company sets up another company it owns to support corrupt politicians or other things like corrupt nonprofit corporations.

Another example is that the upper class trash fund universities with donations to hire corrupt lefty commie traitor college professors to brainwash the young people.

Another way the royals cover their evil tracks is to call the distant members of the European Royal Family "commoners", you know, like with Diana and Meghan, so you won't know who all of the royals are so you won't figure out what they are doing.

These many members of the upper class trash/royals have many ways to cover their tracks to protect their evil necks at your expense. This is how many of them got away with supporting Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, and others in the crimes those monsters all committed and then got away with it to continue their mischief with the EU and globalism.

The evil upper class trash do all of this deceit so that, when the people finally get angry enough to light the torches, load the guns, sharpen the pitchforks, throw a few hangman knots in some rope, grease the guillotines, and storm the castles, it won't be their castle the people are storming so the upper class trash can quietly fade into the background, regroup, reorganize and, as soon as things quiet down a little, you know, below the point of killing the members of the corrupt upper class trash, they start over again. They have been doing this deceitful crap ever since the people wiped out the French Royals in the Bastille revolution.

Hey, they are typical bullies.

Remember that I taught you that bullies are cowards and don't pick fights they might lose?

Oh, they love to bully people but they don't like it when you can fight back. That is why they have been trying to take your guns away so you can't shoot back when they start shooting you. They want to do all of the shooting. These criminals don't want any more Bastilles.

Do you get the picture yet or how much more painting do I have to do?


Remember that I told you that the lefties and other idiots standing against Trump for Iran would embolden Iran to continue and even escalate their attacks against Americans?

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by Samya Kullab and Qassim Abdul-Zahra:

"BAGHDAD (AP) - A top U.S. commander said on Monday mortars were used in an attack on the American embassy in Baghdad that injured one person and caused some material damage the previous night, not katyusha rockets as was initially reported by staffers and a statement from the military.

Gen. Frank McKenzie, a top U.S. commander for the Middle East, told reporters traveling with him that the mortar attack started a fire that was put out. He said no U.S. military members were injured, but that one U.S. national received a minor injury but has returned to work.

The two staff members of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media, said initially it had been rockets that slammed into a restaurant inside the American compound."

I will give you 3 guesses as to who did this but, if you have been paying attention and are intelligent, you probably won't need more than one guess. It is kind of obvious. Iran is betting on our traitors backing Trump down again so they think they can get away with it again, you know, like our other presidents have been letting them do for years.

Know that, when someone is finally murdered again, the blood of those people will be on the hands of everyone who stood against Trump for killing Soleimani.

End Times

Bible Prophecy says that, during the Tribulation, the world will have two major earthquakes that will be a sign that the planet is about to destroy itself?

The first one will move all of the islands out of their places but it doesn't say it will destroy the islands. People just assume it means they will so they think the second quake is just a repeated telling about the first quake, which also causes them to assume the events for the Tribulation are not in chronological order when the way those events are told tell us they are. In the second quake, it says that all of the islands will be destroyed.

I got this from AP by staff:

"WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck off of the South Pacific island nation of the Solomon Islands on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."

We are getting there slowly but surely but the rate of occurrences is increasing in frequency and intensity. This one was just a warning from God so keep an eye on it.


Remember that I told you that the Commierat Party is dead and that Nazis are socialists, socialists are lefties, so Nazis are left wing, not right wing?

This video by a liberal proves both of those things to be true.

He tells you that the Commierat Party is so split that liberals won't vote for leftists and leftists won't vote for liberals. They would rather not vote than vote for the other. Tim says that this is going to destroy the Commierat Party for at least the next decade. We can only hope.

BUT, he also states that the proper term for leftist is not liberal but leftist BECAUSE they are socialists and ALL socialists are leftists, you know, left wing. Now, this confirms what I have been telling you that Hitler, who was clearly a practicing socialist and a Nazi, was therefore a left wing member and could not have been right wing or conservative.

You have to understand that communists, who are at the furthest left edge of the political spectrum see socialists as being to their right and, therefore, see them as right wing even though they are still left of center.

You have to understand that being a communist is like sitting in the extreme left of the front row in a theater so that everything on the screen looks like it is leaning to the right because their view of the world is grossly screwed to the right. Therefore, in their simple mindedness, they think that even socialists are right wing, along with everyone else.

The commies have been forcing this distorted view of life on the rest of us so long that many people have begun to believe it even though it is clearly wrong.

Therefore, since Hitler and ALL Nazis were socialists and ALL socialists are left wing, ALL Nazis are also left wing and not right wing. Anyone who is telling you that Nazis are right wing, is telling you that they are out of touch with reality. To get around this reality and avoid being compared to Nazis, socialists tell you the blatant lie that Hitler was not a true or practicing socialist but was a capitalist, therefore, a right winger. You know, the usual lefty deceit thingy.

The ugly truth is that Hitler lost the war almost entirely because he was a practicing socialist. You have to understand that, when Hitler took office, he told his generals that he wanted to conquer Europe to pay them back for the economic devastation the rest of Europe forced on Germany during the 1920s, the generals informed Hitler that, if he started his war before 1945 and the generals could rebuild the German war machine, Hitler would lose the war but, if Hitler waited to start the war until 1945 so the generals could rebuild the German war machine, they could win the war.

The problem is that Hitler's big government spending almost bankrupted Germany so Hitler was forced to annex Austria so he had access to their tax revenues to pay for his socialist big government spending but that didn't solve Germany's financial problems because, if you give a true socialist more money, they will just spend more money, making the problem even worse, not better.

Therefore, Hitler had to make a deal with Poland to share annexing Czechoslovakia by marching his troops into Czechoslovakia with Germany taking a little more than half but those tax dollars didn't solve their financial problems caused by Hitler's big government spending because, when he got more money, he just spent more money.

Still being on the verge of bankruptcy and a devastating depression, Hitler was forced to invade Poland in 1939, 6 years before the German Army could finish ramping up for war, to get the taxes for Poland and the rest of Czechoslovakia, starting WWII.

So you see that Hitler was a PRACTICING socialist and was, therefore, a left winger and not a right winger like the Marxists like to tell you to distance themselves from Hitler and the Nazis.

Another coincidence of all big Marxists is that they are almost the only nations that used death camps as either "work camps" or "reeducations camps" in the last 100+ years, you know, Linen, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Also, all 4 of them also tried to conquer the world to set up their Marxist dictatorship and the Communist Chinese and Marxist Globalists are still trying to conquer the world. Gee, what a coincidence. I guess that all Marxists are Nazis because they all have so much in common.

Note that Tim also points out in this video that AOC is trying to help other commies/socialists take over the Commierat Party from the liberals causing liberals to flee the party, making the party much smaller and unable to win elections.


Remember that I have told you that there are at least 5 to 10 million and probably 20 million royals that you never hear about, after 2,500 years of inbreeding?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"Accepting the findings of a court-ordered DNA test, Belgium's former King Albert II conceded Monday that woman he's fought a legal battle with for years is his daughter."

One thing the heavily inbred Royals can't do is keep their pants up. They are everywhere and you don't hear about most of them because the inner core intentionally call most of them "commoners" to throw you off.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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