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This is a portion of an article I found on Arutz Sheva about an underwater archaeological excavation.

Haifu U. Underwater Excavations Ranked One of World's Important

by Baruch Gordon

( Underwater archaeological excavations in the Turkish port town of Urla have been chosen by the Archaeological Institute of America as one of the ten most important nautical excavations in the world.

Findings at the Turkish site have included the oldest wooden anchor in the world, the remains of an ancient port that collapsed in an earthquake, and sunken remains of the town itself.

Please notice the comment about this underwater port having been sunken by an earthquake. In studying archaeology, you will find that 100% of the time, when they find an ancient port under water, they ASSUME that the port was sunken by either an earthquake or a tidal wave. This is because they have been trained to analyze their findings using only a micro or local analysis. They NEVER think that, maybe, just maybe, the sea level has been rising for thousands of years. This is one of those bad assumptions that archaeologists have been trained to make without question.

Because they never do a macro or global analysis of archaeology, they always try to explain such things as so many underwater ancient ports and former great agrarian communities now in extremely dry deserts as a result of local catastrophes and not because of a continuing and growing global catastrophe. A macro analysis quickly shows that there must have been a huge amount of port cities sunk by earth quakes and tidal waves over thousands of years when there have been almost none sunk by such things today. This defies common sense because, even after such terrible tsunami's as the one in Southeast Asia a few years ago, not one port city was left under water or sunk by the tsunami. All of the devastated communities remained above water following the tsunami. Duh, hello, this should be a no brainer.

If there is such a huge deficit of port cities being sunk by earthquakes, tidal waves, and even hurricanes over the last few hundred years, why would we have so many ancient port cities which were sunk by such disasters?

It should be obvious that most, if not all, of those ancient port cities were not sunk by a local disaster but have been put under water because the seas are rising and have been doing so for thousands of years. It should also be obvious that all those formerly great agrarian societies now being in desert waste lands is because the continents are draining. When you put the two together, then it is only common sense that our continents are draining and causing the seas to rise. Duh, hello!?!

It should also be obvious that this global warming being caused by continental draining could not possibly have been caused by man burning fossil fuels which kills the current liberal theory about global warming. That is why the liberals, especially Al Gore, don't want to even hear about my hypothesis on global warming. Their futile and stupid solutions for the imagined problem will not only not solve any problem but will actually cause economic problems which will decrease the money we will have available to solve the real problem.

Now comes the question about my global warming hypothesis when they now realize that the planet is currently getting colder. If you look back at the last 2 to over 3 thousand years when our continents have clearly been draining causing the seas to rise at least 30 to 50 feet and increasing the global temperature, you will see that there have been numerous cooling and warming cycles because of things like the sun going through cycles. It is these cooling and warming cycles in conjunction with it being such a very gradual process which have masked the long term global warming via continental drying.

For the short term, the planet goes through cooling and warming cycles like the cooling cycle we are now experiencing but, for the long term, the planet is gradually warming because the continents are gradually draining and drying up increasing the amount of land mass for which there is no vegetation to turn the sun's energy into water, sugar, and oxygen so that the sun light hits the earth causing the light to turn into heat. This has been very, very gradually increasing the planet temperature and the drying effect of our continents via evaporation.

This process has been accelerating on a non linear basis and I believe we have reached a point to where we are in the knee of the curve and will soon reach a point of causing a global disaster and the end of life on earth as explained in the book of Revelation. We don't have much time to begin to slow this process. I think it is possible that God has provided us with this current global cooling cycle to slow the warming process for us so we can have a little more time to pull our heads out of our butts and realize what is happening. But this cooling cycle is not replenishing the water on our continents because we continue to have water shortages and droughts globally. When we come out of this current cooling cycle, the continents will be a little drier and the next warming cycle will be significantly warmer than the last warming cycle. This type of global warming is rapidly sneaking up on us.

Add to this that the current manufactured and imagined global warming for political purposes is causing true scientists to not want to even consider another hypothesis about a different type of global warming. This means it will be even longer before we will realize the real problem or even that there is a real global warming problem and quite probably we won't realize it until it is too late, all because of liberal political activism bastardizing science to achieve their political goal of communist global domination. My question to the stupid commie's is, "After you have destroyed all life on earth, what will there be to dominate and how will you be able to dominate it when you are dead?"

Unfortunately, this current cooling cycle is just masking this long term global warming and we probably won't realize it until it is too late. I have reached a point to where I am about to give up on the fools running this planet being able to understand much less be able to do anything about something this complex. They convince me more every day that my fart's are smarter than they are.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, we need it really bad.

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