God is Ready

I recently read a news story to a friend telling that Obama is getting ready to do the things I have been telling you Obama will do and will do those things in the near future. The story hit this person hard and hit them at home because it made this treachery real and no longer speculation. These evil deeds Obama is doing are no longer a conspiracy but an act in progress. My friend's first comment was, "I hope it doesn't happen soon because I am not ready for it."

My response was, "No, you are not ready for it but God is ready for it." What counts for every crisis in your life is not whether you are ready for it but that God is ready for every crisis to help you through those crises.

One thing you learn in dealing with God is that, when He gives you something very tough to deal with, He will give that something to you when you are not ready for it. This forces you to turn to God putting your faith in God and depending on God. This will cause you to build your faith in God.

If God only gave you things you are ready for, you would never have to depend on God to help you get through those things and you would never develop your faith and dependence on God, you would only believe in your own limited ability to deal with things. That is basic human nature. Therefore, God always gives us things we are not ready for so we will, first and foremost, turn to God in prayer for guidance and help in dealing with the crisis. As a matter of fact, I have learned that God often puts His people in a position to where they cannot be prepared for a crisis so His people MUST turn to God for help and leadership to better build God's people's faith in God. If you are ready for a crisis, it probably isn't going to happen or at least not the way you prepared for it to happen. Bet on it.

Remember that I taught you that the way it works with God is that you do your best and God does the rest. You are to be aware of what is going on, prepare as best as you can under the conditions in which you are living so you can do your best, and then you depend on God to take care of the rest. God puts us through tests, trials, and tribulations to build our faith in God and keep us close to God. When we stray, we pay.

The two primary reasons for this quickly approaching crisis is to 1) draw the liberal pagan infiltrators out of our churches, government, and other organizations they have established control of in order to gain control of our nation and us to destroy our nation and set up their dictatorship and exposing their true evil intentions and 2) to drive us back to God because, as a nation, we had drifted away from God. As a nation, we strayed so now we pay as a nation.

Since you are certainly not ready, you can rest assured that God is ready. :-)

Time is getting very short for the coming crisis so it is very important to turn back to God and to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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