God Moving

In watching God move in this world, I have learned to be vary cautious and patient. God will make it look like He is getting ready to finally fulfill end time prophesy only to slow down or seem to stop. What I have learned is that God is taking us in baby steps for a number of reasons. First, God is destroying our ability to time or judge when He will do certain things in prophesy so we will be patient and trust in Him and to test us. Second, God is working in everyone's lives and doing different things with different people at different times. Third, God will work on more obvious things to fulfill scriptures and then work for a while on less obvious things needed to fulfill scripture. Fourth, God will take a break to foil Satan's efforts to foil God's efforts. God has His reasons for all things He does including when He does them. Therefore, I tend to be cautious in anticipating things God is doing.

I have been watching some things for which the media tend not to cover very much but are very important. I told you years ago that I saw God moving to cause the Jews to return to Israel and that is increasing. With the increasing spread of anti-semitism throughout Europe and the US, I have been watching the increasing Jewish migration to Israel. Recently, there has been a wave of anti-semitism, especially in some European countries which has greatly accelerated the Jewish exodus back to Israel, especially in those countries. It won't be long now and there will be more Jews in Israel than in the rest of the world.

Much of this anti-semitism has been caused by Jews like the Rothschild family who have made unknown fortunes financing wars between gentile countries, often financing both sides of the conflict making huge amounts of blood money from wars. Such greedy, corrupt, and unscrupulous Jews have given all Jews a bad name and caused a lot of hatred by most people and that hatred is growing. It will only grow worse when socialism (by Karl Marx, another Jew) finally completely fails, people stop getting the government financial assistance they have become dependant on, and the people find out that most of our debt is owed to the Rothschild family. In other words, that the Rothschild family owns us partly because we were stupid enough to believe another Jew, Karl Marx. You have not seen anti-semitism like you will see when most people figure this out. It is the old saying that it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bushel.

I have also been noticing that Christians have been increasingly coming under persecution throughout much of the world. About a decade ago I noticed a migration of Christians from certain parts of the world, especially Muslim nations. When we invaded Iraq in 2003, there were more than 1.4 million Christians in Iraq. Today there are only about 200,000 Christians left in Iraq, some have been killed but most have fled to Christian friendly nations in Europe and the Americas. I recently read that the remaining Christians in Iraq are preparing to take a stand to fight against ISIS knowing they will almost certainly die.

We really need to pray for Christians and Jews around the world. There are organizations helping Christians get out of bad countries.

God is using persecution to move both Jews and Christians around the world. God is moving Jews to Israel and Christians to Europe and the Americas and He has done so quietly and quickly with those migrations accelerating. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I have also noticed something very interesting about what the Catholic Church is doing. Remember that I told you that the Catholic Church started out as a state organized pagan church used to assimilate other pagan religions into itself for better control of people? But, when they assimilated Christianity, Christianity reversed the tables and partially converted the Catholic Church from paganism to being less pagan and more Christian but not completely Christian or even mostly Christian. Following Christopher Columbus, the Catholic Church used the sword to spread Christianity around the world gaining control of billions of people but not even most people.

Then I noticed that the Catholic Church got involved in this New Age paganism which was trying to unite all religions under one roof by claiming it didn't matter which god you worshiped as long as you worshiped a god. This assimilation of religions was right down the Catholic Church's alley and I have seen pictures of the Pope with leaders of all the other religions except Islam working together to create one global religion for "world peace" or unified control of all people.

It seems the Catholic Church feels it has gone as far as it can go with Christianity and has returned to assimilating pagan religions. Via the New Age movement, the Catholic Church is in the process of gaining control of all other religions and is ready to dump Jesus to get the rest of the pagan religions thinking most of its members will also dump Jesus to remain with the church.

This move of the Catholic Church to convert to Islam is just the Catholic Church trying to assimilate Islam and the control of Islam into the Catholic Church.

Now just how well do you think that is going to work?

The different Muslim sects, especially the Sunni and Shiite sects, are busy butchering each other because they are so power mad they won't even share power or control of Islam with other Muslim sects and the geniuses in Rome think those same Muslims will share power, much less turn over power, to the Church of Rome, a bunch of infidels? Yeah, right.

Oh, you can bet the Muslims will make a deal with the Catholic Church that, if the Catholic Church gets at least half a billion or more of its members to convert to Islam, placing all those members under the control of all Muslim leaders, the Muslim leaders will at least agree to share power and control of Islam with the Catholic Church. But, will they keep the agreement?

What I expect is that the Catholic Church will get most of its members, including the New Age twits, to convert to the "religion of peace", Islam, and move the Vatican to Babylon to share power with the Muslim leaders. Then, one day, there will be a protest, you know, like in Benghazi, and a group of a few thousand Sunni or Shiite Muslims will purge the Vatican leaving all of those Catholic Church converts under the control of the remaining Muslim leaders.

Think not?

OK, let's look at the evidence. The Vatican is comprised of hundreds of Cardinals or leaders (none of which will give up power) who vote a leader into office as the Pope. I know, they have already said they will soon change the title to the office so it will no longer be Pope but that isn't what matters here.

Then we have the Muslim Caliphate which has a council of ten leaders who vote one of those ten leaders to be the Caliph or leader of the group of ten leaders.

Then we have Bible prophesies from both the Old and New Testaments which all say that the one world government and church will have ten leaders or horns. Guess who is going to win that fight? Now that was some easy math.

BTW, you want to know just how out of touch the Euro-American upper class trash is with reality?

That great genius, John Kerry, is in Iraq trying to get the Kurds to help prevent the Iraq government from imploding. Say what?

Anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention for the last 11 years in Iraq knows that the Kurds want the Iraq government to implode so the Kurds can set up Kurdistan, their own government. And the intellectually superior upper class trash natural elite white crackers think they can talk the Kurds into preventing what the Kurds want to happen? The Kurds have been waiting for more than half a century for this opportunity and they are going to turn it down? Just how stupid are the people running this planet?

The Muslim Caliphate is definitely going to be the one world government and religion.

BTW, I just figured out what all this hype about Hillary Clinton is really about. It turns out that her health is much worse than we had been told and she would probably have a hard time dealing with an actual election, much less being president for four years. The Commiecrats are having her out "campaigning" to get the people excited about her and then use her to get the discouraged Commiecrat faithful out to vote for damage control to prevent the Commiecrats from losing so many seats in both the House and Senate to the Commie publicans. Nobody wants Obummer campaigning for them but they need some one to get the stupid liberals to vote so the dead don't have to vote so many times. It really doesn't pay to disturb the dead that many times during an election.

I saw on the Internet that a study has shown that the Supreme Court is "March in lock step with the police state". Why am I not surprised that a bunch of criminals picked by another bunch of criminals are supporting the actions of the criminals who picked them?

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out?

You should already know it is important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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