One of my three site readers (I am moving up in the world) sent me a link to an article which reminded me that it says in Isaiah that Babylon will be divided into three parts. To the best of my knowledge, Babylon has never been divided into three parts and one retired US general just stated that Iraq is a lost cause and cannot be saved so we must just get used to the idea of there being three parts to Iraq, Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and Shiitestan. That is definitely something to keep in mind, especially with them working to rebuild the City of Babylon, using your tax dollars, of course.

There was something else bothering me about this ISIS offensive. ISIS put actions in Syria on hold to wage this blitzkrieg into Iran, kicked butt all the way down to Baghdad, and then they suddenly slowed down and started waging war in Syria again. Strategically and psychologically, this raised a lot of questions. Why did they just suddenly give up all that momentum and psychological warfare advantage without at least trying to overwhelm Baghdad? Why suddenly back to business after such great strides in the Anbar province?

So I did a little research and you would be amazed at what I found and NONE of the media or military experts have even mentioned. 1) ISIS is being funded tens of millions of dollars, weapons, and munitions by the Sunni Arab countries in the Arabian Peninsula. 2) Those sponsoring countries have been forced to use Turkey and Jordan as a means of supply for ISIS. Both of those countries are questionable because Jordan has not been too cooperative with the Sunni Arab states' mischief and Turkey has been making treaties and deals with Iran, the sponsor for both Iraq and Syria, which the Sunni states are using ISIS to wage war against. 3) ISIS just committed an act of war against Turkey by capturing and holding hostage the diplomats from the Turkey embassy in Mosul. Why? 4) ISIS conquering the Anbar Province just opened a very large border area with Saudi Arabia so the Sunni Arab sponsors can now directly supply ISIS from Saudi Arabia and then immediately returned to business as usual in Syria. That turned on a few light bulbs, didn't it? 5) ISIS conquering the entire western half of Iraq cut off Iran being able to move supplies directly to Syria by land through Iraq so that Iran must now supply Syria by air and sea. More light bulbs?

This was a very powerful strategic move. It cuts Jordan and Turkey out of the equation by making it possible to supply ISIS directly from Saudi Arabia and puts a hardship against Iran supplying Syria, you know, divide and conquer. And nobody noticed it? All I had to do was look at a map and God said, "Hey, stupid, what is that?" I got the picture. Maybe our geniuses should listen to God more?

For all practical purposes, the new ISIS conquests just became an extension of Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia and her proxy army now control a very huge piece of strategic land adjacent to Saudi Arabia from which the Sunnis can invade Syria, Jordan, Iraq, the Kurds, Iran, and Israel, no one is equating Saudi Arabia's military strength as the combined strengths of Saudi Arabia's standing Army and its proxy armies, and no one will attack Saudi Arabia because it isn't Saudi Arabia's standing army doing the conquering, it is a "terrorist army". The Sunni Arabs are literally getting away with murder.

What do you want to bet that ISIS will soon be exporting oil out of the new Saudi Arabian suburb via Saudi Arabia? You know, oil comes out and money, weapons, troops, and supplies go in. And nobody noticed it? I should work for Langley, you know, like Elijah and Elisha worked for Israel providing strategic information about the Assyrian Army.

Don't be surprised to see ISIS develop a significant highway from the Saudi border to Mosul, you know, like the Ho Chee Min Trail in Vietnam.

You definitely need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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