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In studying history and the Bible, it is interesting to see how God moves in our world. I recognize God moving today in a number of ways to fulfill prophecies because I have studied His hand moving in this world.

There is a saying I have heard in the Church that the closer you get to the fulfillment of a prophecy, the clearer the picture gets and I have learned this is true. When God first gave me the prophecies I have shared with you and others, it wasn't clear what everything meant so that I was left wondering and speculating about what God didn't show me. I believe that God does that to test and build our faith in Him.

For example, God told me that Obama is going to nuke Chicago and seize control of a government. I first assumed that it would probably be while Obama was in office and he would be seizing control of the US Government by using the event to declare martial law. After Obama left office and remained very politically active, more so than any previous president, I assumed that he would nuke Chicago to get rid of Trump, Pence, and Pelosi so he could seize control of the US Government, though I didn't know the mechanics of how he would justify him seizing control of the US Government when he is no longer president without the military and people refusing to accept him as their emergency leader but I thought that might be explained by us having the safe zones God told me about that resisted his leadership.

Today, I see Obama very politically active in a very divided, racist, and violent Commierat Party that hates Israel, with Obama having already criticized the party and being criticized by the party, and that party is refusing to concede political victory to Trump and the people so they are already setting up their fifth column government that is being built using deep state operatives in the US Government leaving the US Government to help build this Commierat fifth column government to finish staging their coup of the US Government with me wondering, "When is Obama going to seize control of the Commierat Party?"

I see God using this division and treason to separate the traitors from among the people the way the Democrat Party did just before the US Civil War in the 1860s (deja vu, baby), you know, God having drawn His line and making us all choose sides the way God told me He is doing, and using the Commierat blue zones to separate out the people on both sides for this accelerating civil war being caused and forced on us by the upper class trash Euro-American royals so they can use the US might to finish setting up their global dictatorship so they can murder more than 7 billion people globally in a massive racist global genocide.

I see God getting ready to use a member of the Euro-American royal crime family to punish the family for their crimes, eliminate most of the top leaders of that crime family, and use what is left of that crime family to fulfill Bible prophecies about Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the destruction of Damascus, which God will use to destroy most of the rest of that crime family and their puppets and thugs with us having to fight what is left to regain control of our nation and freedoms.

Remember that I told you that Obama is a member of that royal crime family via his mother and I am watching to see if he is going to invite everyone in that family to the formal ball in Chicago who is between him and the British Royal Crown so he can seize control of the Royal Crown and the power that comes with it?

Decades ago I read that the Euro-American Royal Family controlled more than 500 trillion dollars in wealth and today it is probably more. That kind of money will buy a lot of power but there is something else I am watching here.

Then there are some very interesting dots to connect.

Remember that I told you that, when Billy Boy Clinton was still president and I saw that he was the most obviously corrupt president in history, openly committing his crimes, I kept stating to God, that, if Billy Boy is the Antichrist, Billy Boy would continue to get away with his crimes, and he has gotten away with all of his crimes since then?

I have also realize that, if Billy Boy survives Chicago and the destruction of Damascus that Billy Boy will certainly be the Antichrist of the Bible and Mahdi of Islam.

Then I watched Billy Boy spend almost all of his time since he left office living in the Muslim Middle East, you know, where sex slave harems and having sex with children is legal, living a life of luxury with his preferred Muslim pals instead of living in the West with his royal family. He has only returned to the West to help his family seize control of the US and set up their global dictatorship.

Then I found out that Billy Boy is a member of the British Royal Family as a "commoner" and, if Obama kills everyone between Obama and the Royal Crown, then the destruction of Damascus will almost certainly kill everyone between Billy Boy and the Royal Crown, including Obama, which will give Billy Boy control of the Royal Crown and hundreds of trillions of dollars to build Modern Babylon in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, you know, in the Middle East where Billy Boy has shown he prefers to live, with the Royal Family already owning quite a bit of land near Babylon, with this being the end times just before the Tribulation is about to begin and they just finished dredging the Euphrates River all of the way up to Babylon so it can handle massive cargo and fuel ships.

This with Dubai, where Billy Boy preferred to live because it was considered the most spectacular city in the world starting to fall apart because the geniuses who designed it didn't do such a good job, you know, with things like the great looking places or islands they built off shore becoming polluted water because they didn't know crap about oceanography. You just know that stagnant water is starting to smell really nice and very few rich people are willing to buy those islands so me thinks Billy Boy isn't going to want to return there and will prefer to live in a new and more exotic place at Babylon he can build with his hundreds of trillions of royal family dollars that will cause him to be recognized at the Mahdi and give him control and power over 1.5 billion Muslims.

Nope, no motivation there. (/sarc)

Gee, what a bunch of coincidences, especially with the timing for the end times. You might want to keep an eye on this.

Gee, you don't think Billy Boy is the Antichrist, is going to end up gaining control of the Royal Crown and hundreds of trillions of dollars, build Modern Babylon as the political, financial, and religious capital of the world in fulfillment of prophecy, and help build the Caliphate to conquer and rule the world, do you? It kind of looks that way, doesn't it?

Me thinks me sees God's hand moving in this just a wee bit.

But then I have been wondering where God is going with God permitting the Royal Family to destroy the US and West. I realize that part of that reason is to punish us for turning from Him to Satan and his pagans but there is more to it than that.

If you read the Bible, you see that God used persecution of the Hebrews to get the Hebrews to leave Egypt for the Promised Land and I point this out in my e-book, "Yahweh".

Think about it, how many of the Hebrews would have wanted to not leave Egypt for the Promised Land if they all had great paying jobs and businesses with really nice homes and the Egyptians treating them nice? Why would any of them have wanted to leave and, the few who did, would have turned back the first time it got a little rough, right?

That is just human nature so God used Satan's persecution of the Hebrews to cause the Hebrews to want to leave Egypt in a massive migration.

God used Satan's persecution of Hebrew Christians in Israel following the death of Jesus to cause those Christians to flee Israel in a Christian migration and spread Christianity to the Gentiles, who spread Christianity around the world.

God used Satan's persecution of Christians in Europe to cause Christians to flee Europe in a Christian migration to form the colonies and then used those Christian colonies to form the greatest Christian nation in history, the United States of America.

You see a pattern here?

And now, by the strangest of coincidences, we see Satan's people persecuting Christians around the world again, destroying Christian homes, jobs, businesses, and churches in almost all nations at the same time God told me that, after this war, He is going to make it possible for Christians to colonize 9 planets in this galaxy and the next big galaxy in another great Christian migration to build an intergalactic Christian theocracy just before the Tribulation begins.

I mean, think about it, how many Christians will want to travel to unknown planets to colonize those planets with a Christian Biblical Theocracy if they all have nice jobs, nice homes, nice churches, and nice businesses in the greatest republic in history with their pagan neighbors treating them nice? None?


But, how many Christians will want to stage another great Christian migration to other planets to build an intergalactic Christian Theocracy if their businesses and jobs have been destroyed by these lockdowns, their churches have been burned down by the pagan Antifa thugs, their homes have been destroyed by this accelerating war, the US Military kills the upper class trash who have stolen at least tens of trillions of dollars from the people in various ways and gives at least some of that money to those Christians in damages so they can rebuild their businesses and homes?

They won't have anything to keep them here, will have pockets full of money, will have 9 virgin planets to colonize away from the God hating pagans and the smoldering rubble the pagans created, there will businesses and jobs there started by me and others like me that I told you God is setting up to create those businesses and jobs, many of their friends, family members, fellow church members, and customers will be going there for the jobs and to restart their businesses, build new homes and cities with no land taxes, and they get to start all over to build a new world for them and their families.

Why would they not go to those unknown planets? Do you see how God uses what Satan does for the good?

Me thinks me sees God's hand moving in this world just like God has done a number of times before.

Are you ready for the greatest massive Christian migration in history?

I figure that there will have to be at least 300 million Christians colonizing those planets to support an intergalactic space force to protect them and maybe as many as one billion. One billion Christians spread out over 9 planets will only be an average of a little over 100 million people on each planet on planets the size of Earth. I think there will be plenty of room for everyone. Also, the US Military will be really great in helping colonize those planets because of their engineers and CBs, who can build things like nuclear power plants, power lines, ports, roads, space and air ports, water and waste programs, and other infrastructure to get us quickly started. We also have invented incredible machines with which to quickly build factories and farms without slave labor.

Yep, the picture is getting clearer as we get closer.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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