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I am seeing that they are silencing doctors from speaking up against these stupid mandates by the left by pulling their license to practice medicine. I have already seen them pull the license for one doctor who spoke up against Fauci with others now backing down. Now the doctors are increasingly afraid to tell the truth. It is censorship via extortion.


I am seeing quite a few conservatives just giving up with the attitude that, "Aw, it's just an election, we will win next time", you know, like the future elections won't be rigged even worse or they think that, if the Commierats get control this time, the Commierats will change the laws so the Commierats can't rig future elections.

Listen, if the Commierats get control this time, there will never be another election that isn't so rigged that it would be impossible for the Commierats to lose. The elections will be so rigged that elections simply won't even matter. The Commierats won't even have to campaign to win so our republic will be dead and will become a communist dictatorship.

I am wondering what, when, and how the military will do anything to stop this communist coup.

I believe that a very important question at this time is, "Will our military leaders keep their oaths to protect this nation, people and constitution from external and internal threats or will they violate their oaths and permit the commies to seize and destroy our republic just like the commies have been saying they are going to do?"

I think the military will do what is necessary because, if they don't stop this coup, the left will throw the military and their families under the commie bus with most probably dying. When the military starts their fight, they will be fighting for their lives, the lives of their families, and they know it.

In this video it looks like things are finally about to break loose and soon. Suddenly, more states are making the right moves to do something about this obviously rigged election and I believe they waited until after December 14 so those states could not just do another rigged counting to get away with their criminal activities. If actions are taken now, those votes could easily just be thrown out, which will cause this election to go to the House, where Trump is expected to win. We will see.

Keep an eye on this and remember that God always gets final say.

Man plans, God laughs.

Bicycle Racing

Remember that I told you about some of my plans to start a business based on bicycle racing as soon as I am well and that God told me to do it?

I just saw a post today to where bicycle racing in the US is in trouble because they screwed Junior racing (ages 18 and under) more than 30 years ago and it is killing the sport. What they did, was the cycling magazines stopped covering Junior racing and providing their race and team sponsors with exposure so they could have more room in their magazines to cover more European pro racing to increase interest by the millions of cyclists in the US to increase subscriptions to increase what they could charge for advertising to increase their short term profits.

What happened is that, when the sponsorship for Junior programs dried up, those programs dried up and those kids went somewhere else to enjoy other sports and the idiot magazines didn't notice.

Those adults the magazines sold the kids out for to get more money from the adults having been getting older, some have left the sport for other sports, some have retired from racing, and others have died without enough kids coming into the sport to replace the adults leaving the sport so today, bicycle racing is declining with those magazines now making less money. Wow, that worked well. The national governing body is being run by a bunch of has-been bike racers who have no training in athletic administration and are trying to solve the problem in really stupid ways that can't work.

By the strangest coincidence, this opens the door in a huge way for my business in the near future. Gee, what a coincidence.

The NFL did something similar more than 40 years ago. Back in the 50s and 60s, pro football was a family sport where dad took his sons to the big football games and taught his kids to love football. Then the owners of those teams got greedy and stupid. They realized they could easily increase their short term profits by selling alcohol at the games, increasing prices for seats, and price gouging on low quality food. The alcohol ended up causing drunken brawls in the stands that caused dads to stop taking their sons to the games and the higher seating and food prices also discouraged those dads bringing their sons to those games to learn to love the sport.

What happened was that the dads started leaving their sons at home because of the drunken fighting in the stands and when the dads went to the games, the sons got into other sports so they didn't grow up to become pro football fans so by the 1980s and 1990s the number of fans went into decline so the greedy owners were not making as much money. Wow, that worked out well.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Their solution? Stop selling alcohol to return the sport to being a family sport?

No way. They are too greedy and stupid to do that, they just started using some of the money from selling alcohol to fund Minor League and Pop Warner football to get kids involved in football young so they would become football fans but the fools forgot an important problem which is still hurting pro football even before this recent problem of the players insulting the National Anthem. You see, it is only normal child behavior that, if you are a young man and pro football is taking your father away from you every weekend and leaving you at home alone with your friends, are you going to want to get involved in the sport that is taking your father away from you?

Of course not and I have even seen a lot of men who grew up hating football because of it. What the arrogant rich fools should do is stop selling alcohol to return pro football to being a family sport and decrease the price on tickets for kids and the price gouging on low quality food to "invest in the sport's future" by getting those kids at the games with their dads but those greedy rich owners are too stupid to figure that one out. Today's kids will be tomorrow's customers and will bring you the next generation of customers.

And you think these people are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you? Really?

Remember, people, your children are your future and, if you don't take care of the children, you have no future. If you sell out the kids to make more money today, you will lose money in the future. But, hey, I will take their kids to be my clients in bike racing and you should see how I custom designed my facilities and events to make them very family oriented. I prefer long term growth and development over short term maximization of profits and future failure because I learn from other people's mistakes.

I am seeing more and more signs that the things God told me or told me to do are going to happen soon and they just can't all be coincidences.


Remember that I told you that they are lying when they tell you that the French people wiped out the French branch of the European Royal Family during Bastille?

I just found out that his royal highness, Gavin Newsom, is a member of the French branch of the European Royal Family. He is supposed to have descended from a French king, King Robert II.

Don't believe me?

Do a search for "Gavin Newsom royal ancestry." It will prove to you 1) the French branch of the European Royal Family was not wiped out like they make it look and 2) Newsom baby is a member of the French branch of the European Royal Family.

Gee, I wonder why Newsom arrogantly thinks he is above everyone else, that everyone should obey every command he gives, that he is above the laws and mandates he forces on everyone else, and is generally a royal tyrant? Because he is a royal tyrant?

Then we have New Mexico governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. Lujan is her maiden name and is also the name of the family who descended from a member of the Spanish branch of the European Royal Family who helped settle Northern New Mexico 400 to 500 years ago. He was a Spanish Don or Lord, which is a Spanish royal title. This means she is a member of the Spanish branch of the European Royal Family, which is why she acts like a tyrannical fascist queen. She thinks she is better than all of her "subjects" and that they should all blindly obey her every command, which is why I call her New Mexico's Nazi Queen.

Gee, what a coincidence, all of these top lefties are a bunch of royal "commoners" who want their planet and slaves back.

Gee, you don't really think this is a global coup by the Euro-American Royals, do you? How much more evidence do you need? Do you get the picture yet?

The Euro-American Royals are the greatest threat to the US and every nation on this planet. They are everywhere and they infiltrated everything.

And speaking of Royals, here is a story about one of those members of the British Royal Family with a picture of three of the members of the British Royal Family hanging out together and remember that all three of them hate Trump and have been trying to get rid of Trump. Gee, I wonder why. I sure have seen a lot of pictures of those 3 hanging out together.

What about this Commierat civil war? Who is funding the different parties of that civil war?

Let's do the math, you know I like math.

I have already shown you that the Queen of England and her core family are using Soros as their front man, via Lord Malloch-Brown, to fund the upper levels of the Commierat Party, you know, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of those old school commie traitors.

It turns out that the Queen is also using Soros to fund AOC and the rest of the traitors trying to depose the old school traitors. What? Yeah, pay attention and you will see it is true that Soros is funding both of them with both sides waging war against each other.

It also turns out that the Queen is using Soros to fund Obama and his group of traitors, who are being waged war against by both sides and are waging war against both sides. What? Yeah, pay attention and you will see it is true.

Who is funding Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam?

Farrakhan is funding the Nation of Islam by his black Muslim gangs selling dope, slaves, especially children, and other contraband to the lefties, including the upper class trash royals. Hmmm, that is interesting. The Nation of Islam is a front for the royals in committing many of their crimes and, once the royals have their global Marxist monarchy, they won't need the Nation of Islam or cartels any more so they can kill them all off too. They will be able to openly commit the same crimes because they are above their own laws they force on you.

Guess who the Royal Family is betraying with the well funded and clearly staged Commierat civil war? Everyone?

And you say, "But, hold it, they are betraying their own people!"

And I say, "Study history."

Remember that I told you that about 3,000 years ago, all of the royals were family because they all intermarried between their families and the Bible even points this out when it says that King Solomon had 700 wives who were all princesses, you know, from all of those other royal families? Remember that I also told you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

Guess what, not even family can trust a traitor because the only thing traitors care about is themselves and their bank accounts and, if you don't believe me, study history.

When Nebuchadnezzar conquered all of the known civilized world, he conquered family, when Persia conquered that part of the world, they conquered family, when the Pharaohs conquered that area, they conquered family, when Assyria conquered that part of the world, they conquered family, when Alexander the Great conquered that part of the world, he conquered family, when the Romans conquered all of that world, they conquered family, if you study the feudal system, it was all about royal family murdering and conquering family, when Britain, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, and other European nations waged war against each other, it was a family spat, and I showed you that WWI was just a royal family spat.

Hey, these upper class trash royal butchers murder their own and you trust them? Really? Why?

Listen, remember when Princess Diana was killed in the car crash in that tunnel when the car hit the concrete wall because their car was being harassed or attacked by "a bunch of journalists" on motorcycles?

I am amazed at how many people just blindly believed that obvious lie because, "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true."

The driver of that car was one of the 50 to 100 best professional drivers in the world and he was trained to easily handle a situation like that. The man was trained to sacrifice his life to protect his passengers.

OK, you are a professional driver racing through that tunnel at 100+ miles per hour with a concrete wall of your left and some motorcyclists attacking you on your right. If you hit the concrete wall, it will kill you and the people you are protecting but, if you hit those motorcyclists, it will kill the motorcyclists and then you can quickly drive your passengers to safety.

What are you going to hit, the wall or the attacking motorcyclists? You're going to hit the motorcyclists, aren't you?

Something else went on in that tunnel to snuff Diana, you know, family, that we are not being told about.

These stupid royal commoners who are being the fronts for the Royal Family ignorantly think they are special and safe from the royal bus ride because dey is are be fambly. The fools need to study history instead of their revisionist history and then they won't trust their own murdering family.

The stupid little commie activist and thug traitors also need to study real history so they will stop trusting the royal family but, "Hey, der promises of free stuff sounds so goods it gots to be true and I seen it on TeeBee and was taught it by my corrupt and stupid lefty college professors so it gots to be true. Me tink for myself? Ain't no way dat is going to happen because, to question the upper class trash is blasphemy."

Yeah, they are all about as bright as a moonless night out in the country. The inner core of the Royal Family is playing all of them for suckers and will eventually toss all of their traitor butts under ye ole upper class trash commie royal bus. Hey, if you don't learn from history, you are definitely going to repeat it.

They make my brain hurt.

Now do you understand why God told me that there will be 4 attempts on my life, God is going to protect me, and I spent 2 to 3 years trying to get God to give that job to someone else, you know, like you?

Yeah, they are coming after my butt to silence me and Google and a few others have already started censoring this site because they now know I am here and they don't want you to know the truth. They classify this site as being "dangerous", you know, to them. That is only one of a number of reasons I didn't want this job and only accepted it after I realized I wasn't getting out of it so I decided to make the best of it.

People, almost all of God's Bible prophets and apostles were murdered for telling the truth. That isn't exactly the best job description I have ever seen. All I wanted to do was coach kids to teach them how to dream and how to achieve their dreams but the royals just won't leave other people alone.


I just realized that, at this time, on December 19, 2020, we are only 2.5 weeks from January 6, 2021 and a month from January 20, 2021. Things are going to have to happen soon.


They say they are going to give their magic vaccine to the essential workers first, starting with the doctors and nurses.

What if the vaccine takes out our doctors and nurses and then the left turns loose something really deadly like the black Plague? Is that why they are giving the vaccine to doctors and nurses first?

They are also talking about giving the vaccine to other people we depend on called "essential workers" for other important things. If those people die, we are all screwed. Hey, that is one way to quickly depopulate "their planet".

BTW, they said they are not even going to give it to sick, old people like me so is God using my illness to protect me?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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