Gods, gods, and more gods

Gods, gods, and more gods

The liberal pagans have taught us to worship so many false pagan gods it can get confusing. They teach you to worship their false pagan god, democracy, their false pagan god, common law, their false pagan god, being civilized, their false pagan god, education, their false pagan god, evolution, their false pagan god, Marxism, and others while teaching you to hate the one true God, Jesus, and His Law.

First, they taught you to worship common law so they could do away with Biblical Law because Biblical Law restricted their behavior and makes what they want and love doing illegal and restricts them from preying on you. Biblical Law oppresses them. So they persuaded you to let them convert our legal system from Biblical Law to common law so they could gradually re-write the law so what they wanted to do would be legal.

Now they have perverted the common law so badly that it protects the bad guys while making it easier for the bad guys to prey on you while the upper class trash gets to enslave and rob you with impunity.

I recently read an online article about a homosexual who preyed on and terrorized an entire Army platoon for more than a year before they were finally able to stop him followed by a very extensive discussion about it.

The soldiers were terrified to try and stop this criminal because of the way the common law has been so perverted, it would make them criminals for defending themselves and they know the liberal commie traitor pagan media would roast them alive and destroy their careers. When they took it to their officers, the officers were afraid to do anything because they knew the media would destroy their careers.

It turns out that, as soon as your glorious liberal commie traitor pagan political leaders, you know, those corrupt political whores you keep voting for, passed a common law making it legal for homosexuals to be in the military, increasing numbers of homosexuals have started attacking, groping, and raping heterosexuals, who are terrified to fight back and defend themselves with the officers terrified to protect them. As more homosexuals are realizing it is free party time and they can get away with attacking and even raping heterosexuals, they are going wild. Every heterosexual in the military is fair game now.

The number of homosexual attacks against heterosexuals has better than doubled and get it straight, all attacks against male soldiers are homosexual attacks. There were more than 1,700 homosexual attacks against heterosexual males last year.

Suicide rates in the military are increasing rapidly, the number of good soldiers leaving the military is increasing rapidly, the number of soldiers seeking psychological help is increasing rapidly, and the military is quickly falling apart and becoming dysfunctional because the liberals can re-write common law to make wrong legal and right illegal.

Missing God's Biblical Law yet?

They finally managed to put the predator away, but just for one year and, now that he is back out, he has already contacted the people who testified against him and let them know he is coming after them. Remember that this is a combat veteran infantry soldier who can and has killed. Their nightmare continues and they only got a one year reprieve from it.

Wow, that false pagan god, common law, is really working well, isn't it?

You do know this is the liberal pagan upper class trash working to chase all of the good guys out of the military so the liberals can take the military over and use it to oppress you, don't you?

The military stands between the liberal commie traitor upper class trash and their beloved liberal commie pagan dictatorship so they work to destroy the military and take it over from within, you know, like Satan destroys everything.

You do know that all of the liberal commie traitors, especially the leaders and activists, are the bad guys the liberals keep re-writing their common law to protect, right?

You do know that the pagans are working on common law and moving it towards eventually becoming Satan's one law, "do as you will", don't you?

The problem with Satan's "do as you will" law is the stupid pagans are only thinking about half that law, the part where they do as they will to others. They don't stop to consider that, if they can do as they will to others, then others can do as they will to them, which should scare them into wanting God's Law to protect them from those others but the pagans don't want to think about that because they love their sins so much.

What do the liberal pagan upper class trash will to do to you?

That should be obvious, enslave, rob, rape, oppress, torture, and murder you.

Gee, if you are not among the most powerful, that "do as you will" thingy doesn't sound so good. Even as a member of the upper class trash, it isn't good because it means that the other upper class trash can do as they please to you. You would have to be a simple minded idiot to want to live by that law and that law is the end game for common law.

Then there is the false pagan god, being civilized. We have been taught that we are too civilized to kill bad guys to protect good guys so we just let the bad guys prey on the good guys with minimum risk to the bad guys. Why, we are so civilized, so wonderful, so magnificent, and so fantastic that killing a bad guy to protect good guys is beneath us.

The DOJ is even working on passing a law that will make it illegal to kill a bad guy in self defense with the lame excuse that killing the bad guy will deny the bad guy his constitutional right to a fair trial.

As a quick side note, that law will be unconstitutional because you are guaranteed the right to self defense by the Constitution, yet, I have not heard anyone mention this.

If letting predators prey on good people is being civilized, then I don't want it. I will gladly be the Christian barbarian who kills the bad guys to protect the good guys so you can keep your false pagan god, being civilized.

Then there is the false pagan god, evolution, which people think Darwin dreamed up but was actually dreamed up and believed by at least the ancient Greeks more than 2,200 years ago, well before the birth of Jesus. The pagans just tell you Darwin dreamed it up so you won't realize the true scope of the atrocities that were committed because of their false pagan god, evolution.

People try to blame the Christians for many atrocities which were actually caused by the false pagan god, evolution. The real truth is that the people who did those things were either out right pagans, pagans pretending to be Christians or Christians who had been brainwashed to believe evolution and believed the pagan god, evolution, over the Bible. (If you Christians don't believe God, how can the pagans believe God?)

The European and other upper class trash see themselves as being superior, even today, because they believe the rest of you have not evolved to as high of a level as they have. Therefore, they are the NATURAL elites or evolved elites and, since you are inferior to them, they believe it is alright to enslave, oppress, rob, rape, and murder you. To them, you are just inferior animals they can do with as they please.

The upper class trash owned black slaves because they believed the blacks had not evolved into true humans and were just animals they could do with as they pleased and this evolutionary belief goes all the way back to ancient Greece. The Muslims still consider blacks to be apes and not humans.

Gee, you think the Muslims got that from the ancient Greeks more than 800 years earlier?

The American upper class trash killed, enslaved and put American Indians on reservations like animals because the upper class trash believed the American Indians had not evolved into true humans and were still "savages" or animals they could do with as they please.

The Australian upper class trash butchered millions of aborigines because the upper class trash believed the aborigines had not evolved into being humans and it was alright to kill them off like animals.

Hitler killed all of the Jews he could because he felt the Jews were still just animals who had not evolved into humans and he also planned to kill all non Aryans and repopulate the planet with only Aryans because he believed none of the other races had evolved to being humans and were just animals.

Mussolini believed Italians were the superior race and planned to murder all non Italians to repopulate the world with Italians because they believed that all other peoples had not evolved into true humans.

Even the Japanese believe they had evolved into the superior race so they planned to murder all non Japanese and repopulate the planet with Japanese. This is why the Japanese slaughtered Koreans, Chinese, and others everywhere the Japanese went, including Euro-American prisoners they took. Because of evolution, in their minds, they were just killing inferior animals.

Today's upper class trash plan to seize control of the planet and kill off all non white and non Euro-Americans because they believe the rest of the races have not evolved into humans and it is alright to just kill more than 7 billion people off.

You see the pattern here?

This obvious pattern is why the upper class trash has tried to keep the reasons for all of these crimes secret and blame Christianity. "No, no, it wasn't our beloved pagan god, evolution, which caused these horrible crimes, it was...uh...Christianity, yeah, that's the ticket, Christianity.

The truth is that, because the Bible teaches God created us, they must all be humans and are equals. True Christians believe that all other races are just our brothers and sisters and not inferiors. Only evolutionists believe any group of people are inferior and theirs to do with as they please.

As a matter of fact, science has proved there really is no such thing as race because the pigment or melanin in our skin is all the same color, brown. The amount of that pigment and vitamin A in your skin determines your perceived skin color. Blacks have so much melanin in their skin it absorbs so much light that it fools your brain into thinking they are black when they are really just very dark brown. White people have so little melanin in their skin they reflect so much light that it fools your brain into thinking they are white when they are just very light brown. Asians have more vitamin A in their skin causing their skin to have a yellow hue but we all have vitamin A in our skin, some just more than others.

The same is true for hair color. The only pigment in our hair is red and, except for people with pure white hair, the only color of hair is red. Brunets have so much red pigment in their hair that it absorbs so much light it fools your brain into thinking their hair is either black or brown. If you look at their hair to where the light is reflecting off of it at an angle, you can actually see a red hue. Blonds have so little red pigment in their hair that the reflecting light fools your brain into thinking their hair is blond. The truth is that, except for white haired people, who have no pigment in their hair at all, we are all red heads.

There are no races, we are all humans. Satan's evolution has taught us the lie that we are different races and, therefore, some are superior to others and the some can do with the others as they please or "do as you will".

I have shown you again and again and again on this site that the upper class trash "natural elites" are not superior to you and they prove it every day with their stupidity. They have just made up a bunch of lies like getting the right degrees from the right universities to convince you they are superior and should have control over you. It is all a big fat Satanic lie used to control you.

I have gotten sick and tired of these false pagan gods destroying our lives and nation because they protect the bad guys, you know, the liberals, and make the good guys vulnerable to attack by the liberals.

The ugly truth is that the pagans have used these and other liberal pagan false gods to seduce you Christians over to their dark side by causing you to believe in their gods and not believe the one true God.

You can have their false pagan gods, I want my God, my Bible, my Biblical Law, and our sanity back.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

I am very ready.


A woman recently reminded me of a growing problem in the church. This problem is that there are certain people who are denying that God is sending prophets in these end times like God said He would.

This is because, in the Book of Revelation, God said that you will not add to or take away from the Bible; the Book of Revelation is supposed to be the end of the Bible. Their assumption and argument is that, therefore there can't be any more prophets from God or "we would have to staple what those prophets say on the back of the Bible."

These people either don't have the wisdom of God (common sense) or are Satanic plants being used to keep you from listening to God's prophets with a really stupid and simple minded argument.

Let's do the math on this, you know that I like math.

First, in the very same book, Revelation, God said that He will cause people to have dreams and visions in the last days. Buuuuuut, these false teachers ignore that and stick to their argument based on the false idea that everything every prophet says is to be written in the Bible.

When Elijah rebelled and told God that he didn't want the job of prophet any more, God told Elijah that God had 700 more prophets like Elijah.

But, hold it, except for that statement, there is no other mention of those 700 prophets in the Bible.

According to those false teachers' assumptions, we are missing a huge portion of the Bible because those prophets should have been written about in the Bible or written at least a large portion of the Bible.

Plus you will find that most of what happened to every prophet or what they said is not written in the Bible. In my e-book, "Yahweh", it makes it very clear that most of the story about the Exodus is missing and not even in the Bible. God only told us about the first few years of the Exodus and the last few years with at least 20 to 30 years missing right out of the middle of one of the greatest events in history. The Bible even tells us that most of Jesus' life, ministry, teachings, and healings are not mentioned in the Bible because there would be too many to record. Very little of His life is actually told about Jesus, our messiah and the Son of God. We don't even know when He was born.

Does this mean that not everything that is taught by a prophet or every prophet of God is to be mentioned or recorded in the Bible?

That is right. The Bible makes it very clear that God has had thousands of prophets who were never mentioned in the Bible. Just because they were not mentioned in the Bible does not mean they were not God's prophets.

God chose a select few people to write or be in anyway part of the Bible but He has selected and sent thousands more out to teach His people the truth, often using the Bible.

So, what God told us was that He will send thousands more prophets in the end times and that we are not to add these prophets or their works to the Bible because God completed the Bible 2,000 years ago. Those prophets will still be sent to teach, guide, and correct God's people to get them back to God and to follow God...we just are not supposed to add their teachings to the Bible.

Now, was that difficult to understand?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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