God's Laws

This is an essay I have been wanting to write for quite some time but God has made me keep it on hold until this morning. This essay will prove to you that God did not mean for us to stop living by His Laws just because God (Jesus) paid for our crimes against His Laws. By the time I am finished with this essay, you will know a little about why we should still live by God's Laws. This essay will get a little lengthy but I will keep it as short and easy to read and understand as possible.

The reason we are being punished as a nation is because we insist on following the pagan example and violating God's Laws. We humans want to live the pagan way, not God's way. Therefore, we must be held accountable and pay for our crimes on earth. Jesus only paid for the punishment we will have to endure in eternity for our crimes. Jesus did not pay the punishment we will have to endure while still hear on earth and I am going to prove that to you.

First, God repeatedly teaches us not to be tolerant of other peoples' crimes or sins against God's Laws and says that, if we are tolerant, we will be partly accountable for their crimes and have to pay a price for being tolerant of those crimes. Tolerance is a crime.

We see that happening right now in the US. For example, we have been tolerant of homosexuality up to the point that we are even being tolerant of homosexuals getting married. Just as soon as we began to permit or be tolerant of homosexuals getting married, the homosexual community began using them being allowed to get married to begin waging war against, persecuting, and prosecuting Christians. This happened within weeks of homosexual marriage being made legal.

The homosexuals are persecuting Christians by suing Christian businesses for not doing things for homosexuals which are against the Christian owners' morals and values. This first started with a homosexual couple suing a Christian owned bakery for not wanting to make a wedding cake for the homosexual wedding, you know, like there were no other bakeries which would have made the cake. Gee, persecuting the Christians because of their beliefs isn't very tolerant is it?

With the increasing frequency of homosexuals picking out and persecuting Christian businesses and doing so quickly after getting the right to get married, you know this was all planned out years ago. The pagans are using homosexual marriage to drive the Christians out of business and into poverty, it is open economic and social warfare against Christians. Gee, maybe we shouldn't have been tolerant of these pagans' sins, you know, like God told us to not be tolerant?

To keep this as short as possible, I am going to focus on the Law that says we shall not commit adultery because it is the Law which most people want to violate and do violate, we humans just love screwing everyone we can. It is the most significant law why liberals and libertarians want social liberalism, you know, so they can have their "free sex".

But we must first establish the Biblical definition of adultery because it is the definition by which we are supposed to obey God's Law. Any other definition doesn't matter because God won't be judging us by any other definition. Basically, adultery is having either physical or mental sex with some one other than your heterosexual spouse. This includes but is not limited to heterosexual sex outside of marriage unless you get married after having the sex, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia or child rape, bestiality, pornography, and sexual fantasies of having sex with some one other than your heterosexual spouse. Jesus said that to look on a woman to lust after her is to have committed adultery with her in your heart, therefore, porn and sexual fantasies are adultery. I didn't write the Law, I am just explaining it.

Again, to keep this short, I am going to only look at the physical price we pay for adultery and then only a few very detailed specifics.

Because of our acceptance of pagan "free sex" we now have the greatest pandemic in the history of the world and it is the global spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Untold numbers of people are dying from these diseases every year, at least in the millions, and they are intentionally not telling you the truth about these very horrible and deadly diseases because they want you to keep having your "free sex" so they can kill you off, you know, the Agenda 21 thing.

Again, to keep this short, we are only going to look at one such disease so I can show you how they are lying to you. The disease I have chosen for illustration is Human Papillomavirus or HPV and you will soon see why. You have all been told and should know that HPV causes cervical cancer in women and they are telling you that have a vaccination which will keep women from getting that cancer, which may or may not be true. But they are also telling you that HPV has no adverse effects on men. Really?

Well, I researched this and found out it isn't true and they don't want you to know the truth because it is ugly, very ugly what HPV does to men. They don't even tell most doctors about this and, if you don't believe me, all you have to do is research it and you will find out that everything I am telling you is very true and remember that I am keeping this short and simple, it does much more.

In men, HPV causes an enlarge prostate and an enlarge prostate causes a restricted urine flow which causes the bladder to fill up and causes urine to back flush the kidneys into the blood which will eventually lead to kidney failure and death but is the least of your problems because, long before you die from kidney failure, you will endure an indescribable living hell that will take years and even decades to kill you.

First, back flushing the kidneys with urine causes all kinds of problems because urine is toxic to cell tissue and will cause significant cell damage but even that isn't the most important problem because back flushing the kidneys also causes hypervolemic hyponatremia and this is your worst nightmare because it devastates your body and mind. This is two ailments in one and we will first deal with the hypervolemia and then with the hyponatremia.

There are two types of hypervolemia and HPV eventually causes both but we will deal with the one it causes immediately. Basically, hypervolemia means to have a high volume of something. The best known and most common hypervolemia is when you have a high volume of red blood cells in your blood which increases the viscosity or thickness of your blood and increases the resistance or work load on your heart and can lead to cardiac arrest. We will get back to that one later. We are going to start with the type of hypervolemia in which you have a high water blood level because it really screws up your body and stay with me because this gets a little tricky but is very nasty.

If I lose you, just start back where you were before you got lost and read it again until you get it. You really need to know this and remember, I am keeping this as simple as possible and there won't be a test at the end of the essay. The test is in how we live our lives.

Remember that water moves in and out of cells based on passive diffusion which means it moves through the cell walls based on relative water levels on both sides of the cell walls. This means that, if you have high water blood level, it will force more water into your cells which will cause the cell walls to extend or the cells become inflamed and prevent the cells walls from maintaining enough pressure on the other molecules in the cell to keep those molecules close enough together for the cell molecules to carry out the chemical reactions required for cell activity which causes cell life functions. This is referred to as the molecules in the cells floating away from each other. (You may have to read that through a few times, sorry.)

As a side note, yes, you can drink enough water to incur hypervolemia and cause your cells to die killing you. You can literally drown yourself internally by drinking too much water.

You should all know that, when cells become inflamed, doctors always put you on anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin to decrease the cell inflammation. This is because, when cells become inflamed their cells walls don't keep the molecules inside the cells close enough together for those molecules to cause the cell functions required for working and recovery. In the lower levels of cell inflammation, the cells slow down and don't work as well so they can't recover from injury or work and can't do as much work before they fatigue. At the upper levels of inflammation, the cells quit working all together and die.

Therefore, if you have high water blood level, excess water will be force diffused into ALL your cells causing all of your cells to become inflamed. This will cause your cells to slow down, fall behind in recovery work, and begin fatiguing much sooner. Your cells will decrease the amount of work they can do and will begin to malfunction.

This causes all kinds of problems because all of the cells in your body will be functioning wrong and you enter into what they call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CSF. With CSF, you will feel very tired all of the time and get to where you can do less and less work before you get fatigued to where you cannot do any work, you become incapacitated.

This means your body and your brain slow down in function, you lose short term memory and, with enough fatigue, can become temporarily completely mentally incapacitated to where you can't do any mental work or remember anything, your immune system becomes weak so you get sick more often, get sicker when you are sick, and stay sick longer, and physical activities become a challenge and it will get to where you can't do anything, including any house work or fixing a frozen dinner can be a chore. Basically, life inhales vigorously because you got laid with the wrong person. So much for free sex, but we aren't through yet because it gets worse, much worse because HPV can take a quarter of a century or more to kill a strong man. That is a long time to die a miserable death. And they tell you that HPV is harmless to men?

The high water blood level thing also causes the hyponatremia thing or low salt blood level. You see, as the blood water level increases, the relative salt blood level decreases and this puts you into a serious salt deficiency and can kill you but you will probably live long enough to wish you hadn't survived. Remember that passive diffusion is based on relative amounts. If the amount of something in a fluid (liquid or gas) or a fluid itself is higher on one side or location that on another side or location, the something will passively diffuse from the higher mount to the other side or location with the lower amount just based on relative pressures or amounts of that something. (I am sorry, you may have to read that one through once or twice. I am trying to keep this short and simple.)

Again, to keep this short and simple, I am only going to focus on the salt, sodium, or table salt and not the other salts. Believe me, this can get incredibly complex and long. You are just getting the nutshell version.

In our brain and nerve cells there is a little thing called the "sodium pump" which is required for our nerve and brain cells to function. If the salt or sodium (table salt) in this sodium pump gets low, the brain cells decrease in function, causing all kinds of problems, and, if the salt gets too low, the cells stop functioning, you go into a coma, and better than 90% of the people who go into that coma die. You have a less than 10% potential for surviving a low sodium induced coma. (I have become convinced that the low salt diet thing has been invented to kill more of us off, it is the Agenda 21 thing.)

The amount of salt in your brain cell sodium pumps is controlled by your salt blood level. If your sodium blood level is between 35 and 45 milligrams per milli unit of blood, your sodium level in your brain cell sodium pumps will be normal and your brain cells will function normally. If the sodium level in your blood drops below 35 milligrams per milli unit of blood, the sodium in your brain cell sodium pumps begins to diffuse out into the blood to get the sodium blood level back up to normal. This causes your brain cells to slow down in function and malfunction. If your sodium blood level drops down below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you go into the low sodium induced coma and will probably die.

Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash are using their media to scare you into low salt diets? It wouldn't be because they want you to go into low sodium comas and die, would it? Get the picture yet?

I don't eat or drink anything which is low salt, low sugar, low fat, or diet based on my knowledge of biology and the function of the human body.

But we have not finished with the hyponatremia yet, it gets worse. Your brain cells decreasing in function will cause all sorts of problems. You will develop nerve problems such as nerves not properly maintaining muscle tonus, you not being able to smell or taste certain things, numbness in certain areas, loss of memory (especially short term) and the ability to think, it effects your entire endocrine system which controls everything in your body and, basically, just screws up everything beyond your wildest imagination.

It can cause sleep apnea and sleep apnea has been increasing rapidly since people have started on low sodium diets. Get the picture yet?

You see, the nerve cells control the muscle tonus and tension to keep them taught enough for normal body function. If you have decreased sodium pump levels, the nerves going to your throat will not maintain proper muscle tonus in your throat muscles and, when you lie down and go to sleep at night, this will permit the muscles in your tongue and throat to relax too much causing those muscles to sag against the back of your throat cutting off the air flow in and out of your lungs, suffocating you in your sleep.

That is called sleep apnea and causes a very vicious and deadly biological cycle to develop which will eventually kill you. The sleep apnea causes hypoxia or low oxygen blood level which adversely effects your nerve and brain cells making the sleep apnea worse which makes the hypoxia worse which makes the sleep apnea worse.....until you die. Better than 90% of the people who die from sleep apnea die from cardiac arrest caused partly by the low oxygen blood level or hypoxia. The rest die from other organ failure such as the hypothalamus in the brain stopping controlling body life support systems, like heart and lung functions.

Sleep apnea also causes plenty of other problems before you die, any number of which can kill you. First, your body does better than 90% of its recovery and rebuilding work while you are sleep and burns fat and oxygen to do most of that work. If you are not getting enough oxygen because of the hypoxia or low oxygen blood level, caused by the sleep apnea, to burn the fat and do work, then you will incur or worsen your chronic fatigue syndrome. Add to that that, if you can't burn the fat while sleeping because your body isn't getting enough oxygen to burn the fat, your body will store the fat causing you to gain weight, you are going to get fat and, because of your chronic fatigue syndrome, you won't be able to burn the fat off with exercise. That is one reason why we are having increasing obesity in this country. They tell you that it is the obesity which causes the sleep apnea but it is the sleep apnea which causes the obesity.

The sleep apnea also eventually causes the other type of hypervolemia, you know, with the high red blood cell blood level. What happens is that the hypoxia or low oxygen blood level simulates the increased production of red blood cells increasing the number of red blood cells in your blood in order to get more oxygen to your cell tissues when you are sleeping. As your sleep apnea gets worse while sleeping, the number of red blood cells in your blood will continue to increase to try and provide enough oxygen to your cells which will increase the viscosity or thickness of your blood increasing the work load on a heart which is not getting enough oxygen. Increasing the work load on your heart while decreasing the oxygen getting to your heart because your sleep apnea is getting worse will eventually lead to cardiac arrest which is why better than 90% of people who die from sleep apnea die from cardiac arrest.

There is much more but, by now, you should have realized that there is no such thing as free sex and the upper class trash are promoting the lie of free sex to get us to kill ourselves off with sexually transmitted diseases. And remember that this is only one "harmless" (it doesn't cause harm to males) sexually transmitted disease and for only the males. You could write an entire encyclopedia on how all of the different forms of sexually transmitted diseases are killing millions of people off every year without the people knowing about it because we are being lied to and, with this indescribably huge global pandemic of sexually transmitted diseases, it is going to get much worse. Thanks to our lying liberals, including libertarians (all social liberals), we humans are in what biologists call a global biological die off and only God can stop it before we wipe ourselves out, you know, the Agenda 21 thing.

Now do you understand why God said we shall not commit adultery? God wrote that law to protect us from ourselves. That law is not meant to be oppressive but protective. And guess what, the liberal Christians are wrong, we should still live by God's Laws for very good reasons and we are now learning those reasons the hard way. If we don't live by God's Laws, we will pay with our finances, health, and lives. All of God's Laws are meant to protect us from ourselves and each other and we only see them as being oppressive because of our evil selfish desires and remember that this essay is only written about one of those laws.

acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of your crimes against God's Laws, and accept the amnesty or salvation Jesus provides because He paid for our crimes on the cross and then continue to live by God's Laws or we will all pay the price.

It is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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