God's People?

Jewish Religious Leaders

Remember that I told you that there is a fad among Christians and poser Christians alike to look up to and follow the advice of Jewish religious leaders as being experts because they are the chosen people? Remember that I told you that you are not supposed to do that, especially since, after 3,600 years, the Jews still have not got it right with God?

Let me show you why with a really good example.

A Jewish Haredi man, Yishai Shlissel, recently stabbed some homosexuals in a homosexual parade just after being released from prison for doing the same thing in the same parade in March 2005. By pagan standards, this was a crime.

Leading religious Zionist Rabbi Chaim Druckman, dean of the Or Etzion Yeshiva and chairman of the center of Bnei Akiva yeshiva and ulpana religious high schools (notice all of his human credentials given to him by humans) said, "Yishai Shlissel is a lowly murderer and by his (religious) outward appearance he also adds an awful desecration of G-d's name." (Please note that because of their pagan superstitious fears, they are afraid to say or spell God and His names.)

Then he said, "Our rabbis teach us that everyone who has mercy for mankind is known to be of the seed of our forefather Avraham (Abraham), and everyone who does not have mercy for mankind is known not to be of Avraham's seed. The behavior of Yishai Shlissel is the complete opposite of Jewish behavior, and he must be treated severely likely every criminal."

What, no mercy for Yishai Shlissel but mercy for the homosexuals?

Please note that he said, "Our rabbis teach us...", you know, humans, and he does not refer to Torah or the Bible to see what God thinks or teaches because the Jews care more about what other humans, especially Jews, you know, the chosen people, think than about what God thinks. That tells you where their hearts are. In other words, Satan infiltrated the Jewish "church" with his people more than 2,000 years ago and they are still running that church with the teachings of man, man's customs and traditions, and church doctrine instead of God's people running it with the teachings of God.

Don't believe me?

Hey, I know, let's see what the Bible says about this and if this pious Jewish religious leader is telling the truth or just quoting Satan. Always take everything to the Bible to see if it is right. This is something you won't see taught in church unless the preacher wants to get fired.

Numbers 25:1-11

And Israel abode in Shittim, and the people began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moab. And they called the people unto Baalpeor (Baal worship); and the anger of the Lord (Yahweh,Jesus) was kindled against Israel. And the Lord Said unto Moses, Take all of the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord against the sun, that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel. And Moses said unto the judges of Israel, Slay you everyone his men that were joined unto Baalpeor (pagan worship). And, behold, one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of Israel who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the Son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand; And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman through her abdomen. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel. And those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand. And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying, Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy.

Gee, in the Bible (Torah), the man who killed the adulterer and his pagan lover was zealous for God's name sake and was a very good man saving many Jewish lives. That isn't what the all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid Jewish leader rabbi said.

Gee, who are we going to believe, God or Satan's infiltrated rabbi?

Do you see now why you should go to the Bible instead of the Jews. After more than 3,600 years, the Jews still don't have it right because their religious leaders still don't have it right, which is exactly why they have been going through hell for the last 2,000 years.

Now, do you want to go through hell for the next 2,000 years or do you want to get it right?

BTW, I explain this in my e-book, "Yahweh", which is probably why I don't sell too many of them. Most people prefer the lie that Jesus is not the Old Testament God, that He is not a just God who requires people to behave themselves, that Jesus does not hold us accountable for our actions, and we can sin as we please because Jesus has paid for our sins, soooo, let's party, baby.

The problem is that none of that is true. Let's rewrite the first part of this into today's events for us Christians:

And the Gentile Christians abode in the USA and they began to commit harlotry with the daughters of liberal pagans. The pagans taught the Christians pagan worship and the anger of Jesus was kindled against the Christians.

Yep, that sounds about right for what we are seeing.

And you think we are not being punished?

So, what comes next?

That is up to you Christians.

BTW, the Israeli Sanhedrin has placed Obama on trial to be held this coming September 4 along with the trial for Pope Francis.

I am keeping an eye on this but not putting too much hope that good will come of it because, if the Jews still have not gotten right with God, do you think God will listen to them and respect their trial?

If the Sanhedrin is run by liberal disciples of Satan, God won't recognize anything they do. Just like us, they have to get right with God before God will listen to them.

Now, if the Jews are not listening to God and God is not listening to the Jews, should you listen to the Jews?

No, but you should pray for them. What they are doing is between them and God and what you are doing is between you and God.

Women In Combat

I got this article over at Arutz Sheva and it is written by Gil Ronen. The title is "IDF Admits Problems With Women in Combat."

He starts out by saying, "After at least 15 years of hyping the idea of women in combat units, the IDF is admitting that women suffer injuries at a much higher rate than men during combat training - despite the fact that training requirements for women in combat are considerably less demanding than for men.

According to a report in the IDF's Bamahane magazine, a large scale study was conducted among female combat soldiers in the Karakal infantry unit, the Artillery Corps and the Field Intelligence Corps, between the years 2012-13. The study indicated that a full 46% of the female soldiers suffered injuries during their initial period of training, as opposed to 25% among the men. One third of the women in the study were injured more than once."

And remember that this is in spite of the fact that the women's requirements were much easier than the men's requirements.

And he went on to quote the IDF, "'The bone density of female combat soldiers is lower than that of men, and that is why they suffer more injuries," said the officer. "The fat percentage in women is 70% to 100% greater than men's and that is why they are slower than them, and consume more energy during activity. At the same time, their muscle density is 33% less than the men's and their ability to carry weights is lower.'" Then the article gave a bunch of supporting statistics.

What should this tell you?

That, in combat, where the women won't have it easier than the men, the women will fail almost completely causing huge holes in the front or combat formation, cost a lot of men their lives, and permit the enemy to roll up the Israeli lines with a really big slaughter.

Do I believe women should be trained for combat?

Yes, so they can protect themselves and their families and so they will have some idea of what the men go through.

Are there roles for women in the military?

Yes, but not in the infantry. Based on my studies in biology and exercise physiology, I knew years ago when the crazies started this nonsense that this would happen. It is a scientific fact the liberals, especially the feminists, refuse to deal with, that men and women are not built the same and most women can't do the same physical tasks most men can do.

But, hey, don't worry, they will make it work because they are so darn smart.

Admit they were wrong and stop screwing stuff up?

No way, they're too smart for that.

BTW, Iran is wasting no time spending the $150 billion Obama gave them. They just placed an order for 150 J-10 fighter planes from China. It's for humanitarian purposes.

Also, Woody Allen said that Netanyahu is foolish. Remember that Woody is the fool who screwed then married his foster daughter and the only reason he didn't go to prison is because he is a liberal god and is above the law.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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