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Commander White

First, there was news that Commander White discharged his own personal weapon to protect the other military personnel from the terrorist attack that killed four Marines and one sailor. Next, we found out that Obama ordered White be court marshaled for illegally discharging a weapon on federal property. Then there was a really huge national backlash against Obama. Finally, charges were dropped with the everyone acting like there had been no decision to bring charges against White.

White should receive medals for fighting back to protect other military personnel during a terrorist attack because he was significantly out gunned. The man stood his ground and fought back against superior fire power to save the lives of others.


This last Sunday, August 2, 2015, two bombs went off outside of two Christian churches in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is only 50 miles north of the Mexican border. The bombs were place to injure or kill people going to or coming from the churches but their timing was off.

A day or two later, the Four Corners power plant in New Mexico was partly shut down because of some suspicious objects found by one building. I have been waiting to see if other terrorist actions have taken place anywhere in New Mexico.

My first thought was, "Is this liberal activists or Muslim terrorists waging war against Christians?"

Even after the power plant incident, it could be either because both are trying to destroy the US and are waging war against Christians. The FBI is investigating both.

Across the nation, increasing numbers of Christian churches are encouraging members to bring guns to church for protection. Carry or bury.


There have been eight major studies of identical twins in the US, Australia, and Scandinavia over the last two decades concerning homosexuality. This is critical because identical twins have identical DNA so that, if homosexuality is genetic and not choice and one twin is a homosexual, they will both be homosexuals. "Because they have identical DNA, it ought to be 100%," said Dr. Whitehead. This is a scientific fact.

Dr. Whitehead also stated, "If an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances the co-twin has it are only about 11% for men and 14% for women," and "No-one is born gay," and "The predominant things that create homosexuality in one identical twin and not in the other have to be post-birth factors."

Dr. Whitehead was impressed by how fluid and changeable sexual identity can be. He stated, "Neutral academic surveys show there is substantial change. About half of the homosexual/bisexual population (in a non-therapeutic environment) moves towards heterosexuality over a lifetime. About 3% of the present heterosexual population once firmly believed themselves to be homosexual or bisexual," and "Sexual orientation is not set in concrete," meaning it isn't genetic, it is choice.

Dr. Whitehead noted that it is even more remarkable that most changes occur without counseling or therapy. He stated, "These changes are not therapeutically induced, but happen 'naturally' in life, some very quickly," and "Most changes in sexual orientation are towards exclusive heterosexuality."

It was pointed out that the number of people who have changed towards exclusive heterosexuality are greater than current numbers of bisexuals and homosexuals combined. In other words, ex-homosexuals outnumber actual homosexuals. Basically, they changed their minds and chose differently.

All eight studies came to the same conclusion that homosexuals are not born that way or that homosexuality is NOT genetic but is choice. This is about the most conclusive evidence possible for whether homosexuality is genetic or choice and it proves homosexuality is choice. Everything else is a lie.

Another Jewish rabbi, you know, those infiltrated Satanic liberal experts on Torah, said that homosexuals are OK but the Israeli homosexual parade is not.

And you want to learn about the Bible from the Jews?

The Collapsing Commie West

They are now having food riots in increasing numbers of failed Marxist countries. All forms of Marxism are failing and imploding globally.

The illegal immigrants flooding Europe are devastating the EU countries, especially Britain and Germany. Both are increasingly taking steps to stop the illegal immigrants from coming to their countries. Immigration is devastating Germany so much that they are using the military to deal with it.

But the EU requires that all EU countries accept even more illegal immigrants than are now flooding their countries. This alone could drive both Britain and Germany out of the EU.

Why are the upper class trash trying to replace their own people with Muslim immigrants?

Because, in the Koran, it repeatedly states that Muslims are required to obey their leaders without question or they will burn in hell and Muslims have been raised this way. You question your leaders. It is all about control.

This will be interesting. The Muslims have issued a "call to arms" for Muslims to start committing lone wolf attacks in Germany. Can't you just see the handwriting on that wall?

Putin has countered the US/European sanctions with a food embargo against all foods from Europe and the US. This is costing Europe about 100 billion Euros per year and farmers in Europe are having to destroy crops they can't sell. Russia is replacing this food with food from the BRIC countries, you know, Russia's allies.

Once again, sanctions have failed to influence a country's actions and sanctions have now failed 100% of the time. Only bullets and bombs work.

Puerto Rico just defaulted on some of its bonds. The global socialist house of cards is now quickly collapsing.

Will China or Greece be next?

Mark Levin just told Congress that the US is no longer a Republic, you know, the Republic of the US is dead, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. He told them that the US is now an oligarchy or dictatorship, you know, like Congress didn't already know.

Again, ultra liberal commie traitor, Jebberwocky, takes the side of Obama on racial matters. Get a clue, Jebberwocky is Obama II. Beware the Jebberwocky.

Hilarious and Linen II (Sanders) are even in the polls showing the Commiecrats really are commies. Hilarious is now concerned about the FBI indicting her for her crimes. Hilarious' donors are also backing Jebberwocky showing that Jebberwocky is a male version of Hilarious, you know, like I told you, and that her donors think Hilarious is about to go to prison and will need Princes Chelsea as President to pardon her, you know, like I told you. Watch for Chelsea.

There is an increasing move within the Commiecrat Party to run...wait for it...Biden instead of Hilarious. Talk about being desperate. You know that the commies are really hurting when they need Joe Biden to run for President in 2016.

The RINO controlled Senate voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood so they can keep murdering unborn babies and selling the body parts for extra profit to increase their salaries, perks, and benefits. Ultra liberal RINO, Mitch McConnell said that PP should be funded. Maybe Mitch shouldn't be?

Wow, one of the top liberal intellectuals finally got it that these terrible acts cannot be an accident and must be...wait for it...a conspiracy! Gee, it took them long enough to figure that one out.

The US just told Turkey to "tone down" their war against our ally, the Kurds...and the Americans who are helping the Kurds fight ISIS. Not to stop killing our allies and Americans, just slow the killing down. It seems there was a wee bit of a backlash in the US.

Increasing numbers of Jews around the world are being killed. Some Jews are getting the message and going back to Israel, many are not so more Jews will have to be killed before those stupid Jews get it and return to Israel. Of course, the next to be killed will be the idiots Jews who didn't get it and go back to Israel. I guess that is one way to decrease the number of stupid people.

There is a huge number of wild fires in the US and Israel.

Do you think, maybe, it has to do with drought, extreme heat, and spontaneous combustion?

I don't.

You want proof? Why are there massive fires throughout Israel and not in neighboring countries where it is just as hot and dry?

Plus, almost all of these fires are arson related.

Hmmm, must be an awful lot of coincidental accidents because we know it couldn't be a conspiracy.

I keep seeing people say that Jesus was a liberal socialist, which is completely false and blasphemy. The simple proof for this being false is that 1) Jesus told His Apostles to do what the Pharisees told them to do, which is to obey the law and is very conservative and 2) there is no where in the Bible where Jesus said you are to steal from others and give it to the poor, which is socialism. Jesus said you are to give YOUR OWN money to the poor, which is philanthropy, and not someone else's money, which is socialism.

Listen, this Cecil the lion thing is just more smoke and mirrors to distract you from important issues.

Our government is completely broken. I can't find anyone at the upper level who isn't completely corrupt. They all have to be purged before anyone can even begin to clean up the mess, you know, like I told you God is doing now.

Lord, deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and deliver our enemies into our hands.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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