God's Promise

When I was a little boy, I used to hear Christians, especially women, talking about how they couldn't wait until they get to Paradise (they wrongly called it Heaven, but we won't be in Heaven, we will be in Paradise with God hear on earth and the scriptures make that clear) so they can see the Pearly Gates and streets of gold described in the Bible along with the many other wonders God has promised. When I would ask my grandmother and great grandmother on my mother's side about the streets of gold and the Pearly Gates, they would say that being in Heaver or Paradise isn't about streets of gold or Pearly Gates, it is about spending time or eternity with God.

I thought about that and, when I was in second grade or about eight years of age, I started praying to God that I didn't want to have streets of gold and Pearly Gates. I prayed that all I wanted was to have a nice little cabin in the woods near a small stream and lake where I could grow my own food and, when Jesus had the spare time from taking care of everyone else, He could drop by and we could spend some time talking and I would accept whatever time God would give me to spend with Him. I prayed that prayer until I was about 50 to 55 years of age when God let me know He is going to reward me with much more than I had prayed for because my prayers, thoughts, and desires were to first and foremost, spend time with God and not about physical treasures in Heaven. God created us to be His eternal companions.

God said that it has never entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for us in Paradise. In other words, the human mind is so limited that it cannot even begin to imagine what God has prepared for us in Paradise. Being human, just like you, it is not possible for me to imagine or comprehend what God has prepared for us in Paradise but God has given me a teeny, tiny glimpse into what it will be like and I am to share that with you.

Before you continue reading this, you will need to read or probably review my essay from last month titled, "Exercise Physiology" because that essay was meant to be a precursor to this essay.

First, we know that, when we get to Heaven or Paradise, we will get completely new physical bodies which will be perfect. Those bodies won't age or atrophy down in fitness the way our current bodies age and atrophy. Those new bodies will be immortal, immune to all organisms, and self healing so that those bodies will automatically repair any and all damage and quickly defeat any invading organisms so we won't get sick.

In the essay, "Exercise Physiology", I showed you how a very marathon fit human body has an extremely high level of "feel good sensation" and pain threshold to the point that any kind of physical exercise or work feels better than having sex and you feel on top of the world all of the time. Know this, the most fit, healthiest, strongest, and best feeling human body on earth will be the least fit, most unhealthy, weakest, and worst feeling body in Paradise.

I know from experience that it is not possible for anyone who has not been at a national to international fitness level in marathon sports to fully comprehend or understand when I try to explain just how incredible such a body feels and works. I have never found anyone who has not been at that fitness level who could fully understand what I was talking about. They thought they could be only a few questions would quickly reveal they were clue less about what I had tried to explain. Know this, God has shown me that I cannot understand or comprehend how great that new body will feel and function.

Knowing what I do know, I can promise you one thing, everyone in Paradise will become an outdoor enthusiast because it will feel so unbelievably incredible to do any physical work or exercise. I know that going for a short hike in Paradise will feel much, much, much better than the best sex on earth with our current bodies. You will all go hiking, running, swimming, bicycling, and kayaking because it will feel much, much better than the best sex you could possibly have on earth with your current bodies. Forget about tractors, you will want to plow your fields by chasing a horse with a steel plow to put seed in the earth because it will feel so fantastic. You will love to dig with pick and shovel, cut trees, build houses, and anything else physical because it will feel so fantastic you won't be able to believe it. You won't want to use technology to make things easier because physical labor will feel really great, it will be like a perpetual super orgasm. And this will last FOREVER!

Then we have the matter about physical blessings, you know, those streets of gold and Pearly Gates. The richest people on this planet have far greater wealth, luxury, and quality of life than anyone else in history. The oil rich Muslims have built magnificent palaces the size of small cities and have built cities which are absolutely amazing, the greatest and most magnificent in the history of the world.

But remember what God told us, it is not POSSIBLE for man to even imagine what God has prepared for us in Paradise?

If you take the greatest and most magnificent structures built by man on earth, in Paradise, those structures would be shanty town where the poorest people live. Remember, you can't even IMAGINE what God has prepared for you in Paradise and those magnificent buildings have been imagined and built by man, therefore, they will be nothing but run down shacks before God.

Knowing that our earthly bodies age, get sick, get injured, and die within less than 125 years and that everything we build will eventually break down and fall apart within at most a few thousand years and that our new bodies will be perfect and immortal and everything God blesses us with in Paradise will last forever, it begs to ask, just how stupid are these corrupt rich people who have sold their souls to Satan for very temporary pagan physical pleasures and given up eternal blessings from God?

They arrogantly love to think of themselves as being intellectually superior to the rest of us because they steal from us but the truth is that Satan has played them all for fools and suckers selling them all short for very temporary pagan pleasures when, if they were just 10% as brilliant as they like to think they are, they would have gone for the better deal behind God's immortal and eternal curtain. When you see Hell bound corrupt rich people (not all rich people, just the evil rich people), do not envy them because, if you have accepted God's better deal, you will have much better than them FOREVER and their much more limited luxuries will only last a very brief time here on earth before they spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire. Pity the fools because of what their greed and stupidity have cost them.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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