Ukraine 3

Here we go with that Deja vu all over again stuff. In the Eastern Ukraine cities of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv Russian protesters started taking government buildings. Sound familiar? You know, just like what happened in Georgia and Crimea. Gee, I wonder who put them up to that? It couldn't have been planned and coordinated, you know, the up rising happening in all three cities at the same time and right after Putin has finished tying up loose ends in Crimea, could it? Putin wouldn't have anything to do with orchestrating it, would he?

Yeah, right.

In Donetsk, the people took an administration building without any resistance from the police (hmmm, very interesting), raised the Russian flag over the government building and declared Donetsk a Russian city. Oops!

You can bet the pro-EU commies in Kiev just got that sinking feeling in their stomachs. Don't you find it interesting that Christian and former communist KGB agent, Putin, is fighting the Euro-American commies? Excuse me while I right my world, it kind of got turned up side down some how.

About 200 people stormed the Ukraine security service in Lhuansk and said they don't want to join the EU (I don't blame them), they don't want to join NATO, and they just want their children to live in peace.

In Kharkiv, the protesters demanded a referendum to join Russia (oops) while a pro-Ukrainian group held their own rally and police had to keep the two groups apart. Yep, it was definitely planned in advance.

Well, now that the Russians in Ukraine are crying out to Putin to save them from the EU (even the Europeans in the EU are wanting out of the EU, maybe Putin will save them next), what do you think Putin is going to do?

Yeah, we know what Putin is going to do, don't we? No guess work is required there, right?

I told you that Putin is predictable. He started out both Georgia and Crimea with protests by "citizens" requesting Putin help them, so Putin did, he invaded both countries and set the protestors free.

So, what should that tell you?

Putin is finished tying up loose ends in Crimea and is getting ready to go into Ukraine and Transnitria to set their Russians free, but Putin first had to have some Russian protesters begging Putin to set them free. Next!!!

Well, I guess Obama's sanctions just scared the crap out of Putin, didn't they? Putin is running like hell, just in the wrong direction. Did Putin get lost and end up in Kiev?

I was concerned that the military posturing by the US and EU wouldn't have an effect on Putin because Putin knows that it is up to our Chicken in Chief, Obama, to send troops in against Putin and not our military leaders plus Putin knows how badly our military has been ravaged by our liberal commie traitors, Snowden told Putin. It should be obvious that Putin is about to call our military bluff, because, with our current devastated military and our chicken in chief, that is all it was, a bluff.

Also, that thing about the police not resisting protesters taking a government building could be an important dot. It could be telling us that Putin won't face much, if any, resistance if he sends his troops directly into those Eastern Ukraine states to "free the Russians" there. Keep an eye on that because you know that Putin knows whether he will face any resistance and how much when he sends in troops, after all, he was Russian KGB, unlike Obama, who was just a doper punk.

Remember that Putin still has to free the Russians in Transnitria which should tell you that Putin still has to take Odessa and use it to take Transnitria. You can bet that game is still on.

But, will Putin still take Kiev and force Ukraine to surrender?

Remember the offer Putin made to give Poland, Romania, and Belarus parts of Ukraine? The very fact that Putin made that offer to buy off Poland, Romania, and Belarus should tell you that Putin plans to still take Kiev and Ukraine. You can bet that game is still on.

What is that you say? You hear the Russians in Estonia crying out for Putin to save them? And then the Russians are also talking about taking back Finland and Alaska along with who knows where else. Next!!!

And what is our chicken in chief, Obama, going to do? My first guess is play more golf...or go on another expensive vacation to recover from playing so much golf...or go to another lavish fund raiser, after he puts more terrifying sanctions against Putin, of course. I mean, Obama has to do some work.

BTW, after Putin takes Ukraine and Transnitria, you better watch China, very closely. Especially since China has just been ranked as, economically, the most powerful nation in the world. You can bet she will use that power to prevent the US and other countries from using their military to stop any military action by China, especially over smaller nations. Especially since the US just refused to reconfirm the US/Japan mutual defense treaty (meaning we won't intervene to stop China) and the genocidal slaughter in the Central African Republic is continuing without any Euro-American effort to stop it because the Euro-Americans know they can't stop it any more. Our Western militaries have been so devastated by socialism that there is no global cop and the bad guys know it. Rome II is falling in flames, which is why Putin knows he better build a stronger military fast. Plus the bad guys know they have to act while our chicken in chief is still president, you know, in the next 2.5 years. Keep an eye on that.

Hang on, here we go again!

Every day it becomes more and more important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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