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In doing my research, I have learned that a lot, and I mean an awful lot, of the weapons technology I was trained in and used during Vietnam has finally been declassified and is now public knowledge on the Internet. I just realized that this means I can discuss all that stuff which has been declassified. For decades, I couldn't talk about almost anything I did in the service because it was classified until now. But, you have to understand that, there is still quite a bit I cannot tell you about because it is still classified. We are going to use what has been declassified to do some really fun dot connecting. I am going to get to turn on some light bulbs. :-)

So, what I want to do is have a ton of fun sharing information with you and connecting dots which show just how ignorant, stupid, and foolish all the liberal experts have been and still are, including but not limited to liberal journalists, college professors (from whom most ignorant liberal crap originates), liberal activists, and liberals in Hollywood. You are going to find out just how full of crap these idiots are. There are several reasons for me doing this which include payback and teaching you to not believe a thing liberals tell you. I have spent more than 40 years laughing at the stupidity of liberals' lies but not being able to share with you just how stupid they were and still are because the truth was classified. Beginning today, I get to start sharing some of the truth with you which will show you just how ignorant and stupid liberals really are. So, just sit back and enjoy, well, except for you ignorant and stupid liberals. I am going to start sharing information or intelligence for which almost all of today's liberal experts are still completely clue less about.

Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Electronics warfare is all about information management. It involves gathering, sending, processing, and using information and, in ECM, denying the enemy information. Therefore, electronics warfare is military intelligence in every aspect from local to global.

First, just for fun, I want to take you back to the first weapon system to use electricity, though it didn't use electronics because electronics had not yet been developed. The first electrical weapon system was the telegraph which was first used to transmit military information during the US Civil War. They had not yet developed wireless transmition so the telegraph signals (using Morris Code) were transmitted along telegraph lines. The first counter measures which were used against this system were to simply cut the transmition lines and send false information on the telegraph to create confusion.

Electronics counter measures is a really fun science which I had the opportunity to be involved in during the Vietnam war because it involves every weapon system which uses electronics. You need to know that every electronics system which is used for war is an electronics weapon system. For every weapon system which uses electronics there is or will soon be a counter measure to that system. Therefore, in ECM, you have to be trained in at least the basics for all electronics weapon systems which will be used on both sides of the battle field, both yours and theirs. You have to know how your ECM systems work in conjunction with your weapon systems and your enemies' weapon systems. We had to study both the micro picture everyone else had to study for their individual weapon systems and we had to study the macro picture for all weapon systems combined, which nobody else had to study. We were trained in conventional, biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare and in espionage because our systems had to function in and were used for all of those military conditions. You learn a lot in ECM which makes it a very interesting field.

When did ECM first begin?

According to my military instructors, it first began BEFORE WWII. A few years before WWII began, some top US generals and admirals got together for a demonstration for the very first radar system. They instantly realized the military significance of radar and said, "We'll take it" but then, very insightfully stated that, if we have this now, it will only be a matter of time until others will have it so they told the engineers to begin working on the counter measures for radar so the US would be able to defeat enemy radar when the enemy got it. At that moment, ECM was born.

I'll bet your liberal experts had you believing that ECM was first developed during Vietnam. Here is some more fun stuff they didn't know and I know you didn't hear about on any of the liberal media.

In my first ECM class they had a very interesting "black box" sitting on a shelf at the front of the class room. We even got to look at it and play with it, though it wasn't plugged in. It was a manually operated transceiver. You have to understand that there are 3 basic types of ECM equipment. You have receivers for receiving and analyzing signals, transmitters for transmitting "jamming" signals, and transceivers which receive and analyze signals and transmit jamming signals.

This particular transceiver had been removed from a B-17 which had flown in combat during WWII. That is right, they were using ECM on those B-17s and I know that none of the media or documentaries you saw about the B-17 or WWII told you that. Now, who was the very first electronics warfare officer or EWO?

Answer: the radio operators on B-17s. I bet none of the liberal experts knew that one. The B-17 radio operator was also responsible for listening to the enemy radio communications and jamming those communications with that little transceiver black box to prevent the information about the altitude, direction, and speed of the B-17 formations getting to the enemy fighter pilots and enemy anti aircraft artillery (AAA or triple A). Also, the very first chaff used in war was used in WWII by B-17s.

For those of you who don't know, chaff is aluminum foil cut to specific lengths based on signal frequency. The lower the frequency, the longer the chaff had to be because the wave lengths for the signals were longer. During WWII the B-17s used "rope" chaff to help jam the radio communications of the enemy and it was also the B-17 radio operators who dispensed the chaff. I know you didn't learn that from any of the media and their documentaries. :-)

One thing which really burns my butt is all of these journalists like Dan Rather who purport themselves as military experts because they were in a war zone and published some reports about the war. To promote their journalistic careers, journalists use having had anything to do with reporting a story from any war zone as making them experts on military matters. That is fraud and I am now going to prove that it is fraud.

Just before the beginning of hostilities in Desert Storm, I laughed my butt off for weeks at the "military experts", AKA journalists, who were almost daily being briefed on "new weapon systems" claiming that these briefings made them even better military experts. There was a veritable parade of these revelations on an almost daily basis with the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, military expert journalists regularly saying, "If we had this weapon system in Vietnam, we wouldn't have lost the war".

You ask, "Why were you laughing your butt off?".

Because there was only ONE new weapon system these military experts were being briefed on for which we either didn't use it or I wasn't trained in the use of that weapon system during Vietnam, almost two decades earlier. And all of these brilliant military experts, including Dan Rather and the rest of the Vietnam era journalists, still didn't know about these systems until 1988? What a joke.

Would you like to guess which new weapon system we didn't use in Vietnam or I wasn't trained in?

It was the special operations dune buggies used in those vast, open deserts in Desert Storm. The reason we didn't use the system in Vietnam was because it would have been just a wee bit difficult to drive a dune buggy through those extremely thick Vietnamese jungles. Go figure.

"But," you ask, "What about smart weapons, anti missile systems, and stealth technology which was made known to the journalists by the traitor Jimmuh Carhturh."

Well, I recently found out that I can now tell you about those systems because they have been declassified. So now I get to have really good fun at the expense of the military expert journalists who have betrayed our soldiers for decades. It is payback time. :-)

Let's start with the smart weapons, which, according to these twit liberal military expert journalists were first used in Desert Storm in 1988 and I know you are still hearing that from liberal journalists because I am. I was trained in smart munitions or laser guided munitions technology in 1972, 16 years before the military expert journalists ever heard about it and are still telling you that it was first used in Desert Storm. In 1974, I put my hand on a laser guidance pod hanging under the wing of an F4E fighter plane on Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand and talked to the technician who had just shown up to work on the pod.

When was the first time smart munitions were used in combat?

I don't know the exact date for that information but I did know a fighter pilot who told me he first used a laser guided missile to take out a bridge in North Vietnam in either 1965 or 1966, more than two decades before the twit liberal military expert journalists ever heard of the weapon system. Oh yeah, they are real experts, aren't they? And they still believe that the first time smart munitions were used in combat was Desert Storm? What a joke.

Having fun yet? It gets better. :-)

Let's take a look at the anti missile system where you shoot a missile down with a missile. I am going to show you just how incredibly mind boggling stupid liberals really are.

Prior to the revelation of the Minute Man System just prior to Desert Storm hostilities, all of the great, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid liberal experts spent decades tell us that it was a was of time and money to spend military research money developing a missile system to shoot down a missile. These experts mocked the idea of such a system by saying it was like hitting a bullet with a bullet. Even after the revelation of the Minute Man Missile System, the liberals continued to mock the idea but not quite as boldly. After they first saw a Minute Man missile shoot down another missile, they were amazed and quickly shut up hoping you would not remember their ignorance and stupidity and quickly forget, especially the liberal college professors. I am going to show you just how incredibly brain dead and stupid they really are because evidence we could achieve such a goal has been around for decades before Desert Storm, most of it public knowledge but they were too stupid to figure it out. You are really going to love this.

First, you have to understand exactly what shooting down a missile with a missile really involves. What you are trying to do is shoot down one flying object with another flying object. Don't forget that.

When was the first time one flying object was shot down by another flying object in combat?

Answer: WWI when the first air craft shot down another air craft in combat. But, if you really want to be particular, the first time a human shot down a flying object with another flying object was when the first man shot down a bird with either a rock from a sling or an arrow from a bow, which was thousands of years ago. But we will give these idiots the benefit of the doubt and only talk about one airplane shooting down another airplane with bullets.

Shortly after this first achievement, soldiers on the ground began shooting down flying objects called airplanes with bullets showing it could be done from both on the ground and in the air. Then, in WWII they continued to shoot down flying objects called airplanes with other flying objects including bullets from planes, artillery shells and bullets from the ground. By the end of the war, they were trying to shoot airplanes down with missiles fired from other airplanes.

In Vietnam, they had become quite proficient at shooting down airplanes with missiles fired from both the air and the ground along with machine gun and artillery fire. We were shooting down flying objects with all kinds of flying objects WHILE our intellectually superior liberals were busy telling us that it was impossible to shoot down flying objects with flying objects. Is that ultimate stupidity or what?

"But," you say, "they were talking about hitting a much faster flying object called a missile."

And that is exactly my point. The only difference between shooting down a plane with a missile and shooting down a missile with a missile is that the missile is traveling faster. What do you do when you are trying to shoot down a faster moving object? Ask any hunter and they will tell you, you lead it more. That is it, it is just that simple, yet the geniuses couldn't figure it out.

When you are trying to shoot down something which is traveling at 3,000 miles an hour (a missile) instead of 1,000 miles per hour (an airplane), you just lead it by three times as much, that is all. Basically, all they had to do was readjust and fine tune their missile system so it would shoot down the faster moving missile instead of the slower moving plane. The same basic system and technology we had developed for shooting down planes works just as well for shooting down a missile. Don't believe me? Ask a Minute Man technician.

So you can see that all the evidence and information to prove we could eventually shoot down missiles with missiles was public knowledge by at least the 1960s and only required common sense, but the idiot liberals didn't get it until 1988 when they finally saw a missile shoot down a missile? Which should tell you what about liberals? They are ignorant, stupid, and foolish (lacking common sense).

Now, just in case you have not yet figured out just how mind boggling stupid liberals are, let's take a look at the history of stealth technology. According to the liberals today, the first stealth plane was the F-117 made public knowledge by that traitor, Jimmuh Carhtuh, to win re-election as president. Wrong!

When did they begin working on developing stealth technology?

Remember when those US generals and admirals had the forethought to order the development of ECM just after deciding to go with radar just before WWII? That is when they first began working on stealth technology because stealth tecnology is a form of ECM designed to counter enemy radar. I was trained in stealth technology in 1972, at least six years before most of you heard the word stealth. Basically, stealth technology is just using technology to decrease the radar reflection from an object back to the radar system from which the radar signal originated.

I am sure that some materials were used in earlier planes to decrease the radar reflection of those planes but the first plane the military taught me about which used quite a bit of materials specifically to reduce radar reflection was the U-2 spy plane which was in service in 1952. That is 16 years before your brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, liberal journalist military experts ever heard the word stealth. The first plane I was trained to know used shape as stealth technology was the SR-71 Black Bird spy plane. Most of your idiot liberal journalists think that shape was exclusively for speed but quite a bit of the shape was for stealth. The SR-71 was the first plane to use both radical shape and materials for stealth so it was your first true stealth plane, not the F-117.

The actual size or "picture" that is "painted" on a radar scope by a military aircraft, especially something like the SR-71, is classified but I can tell you that the most common way the enemy radar technicians could tell that they were tracking that very large and fast SR-71 spy plane is that birds of prey like eagles and hawks don't normally travel that fast. That was a pretty common clue. Just imagine trying to track something that small and moving that fast on a radar scope. Just seeing it before it crossed your scope was 90% the job.

So you see, stealth technology was being used by the US military decades before these all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid liberal experts ever knew about it. The truth is that, militarily, the vast majority of them are clue less. They don't know squat.

You ask, "If we had all of that technology during Vietnam, why did we lose the Vietnam War?

The two most important reasons we lost the Vietnam War are 1) those two twits, President Johnson and McNamara, never tried to win the Vietnam War and 2) the acts of treason by our liberals, especially the journalists.

Johnson and McNamara used a really stupid strategy for Vietnam. They wanted to escalate the war so they and their rich buddies could make a lot of money while also trying to drive the North Vietnamese to the negotiating table to achieve a truce like that idiot Truman got with North Korea. They never tried to win the Vietnam War.

Most people don't know it but President Johnson increased his wealth by more than 10 times because of the Vietnam War. Johnson made a huge amount of money selling military vehicles such as trucks and jeeps to the US military during Vietnam, an extreme conflict of interest, to say the least. I was informed by Marines that they knew where there was a small metal tag on every truck or jeep used by the military during Vietnam which said, "Johnson Transportation Corp." I also found out that Ted Kennedy made a lot of money from selling the military emergency room medical supplies, which meant he made money every time a soldier was treated for a wound, whether they lived or not. I like to think of it as blood money. I often wondered who made the money from selling the military all of those body bags and caskets, almost 58,000 of them.

If you read General Swartzkoffs (sp) book, you find out that we had the Vietnam War within 3 to 6 months of being won at least 6 times during the war. Then what happened? For the first 5 times, the North Vietnamese started wanting to talk peace but insisted that we stop fighting while negotiating peace. All 5 times, our liberal commie traitor media pressured Johnson and McNamara to stop fighting to negotiate a peace treaty and the big dummies fell for it 5 times in a row. My farts are smarter than that.

What would happen is that the US would stop destroying the North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong while sending a negotiating team to Paris to negotiate with the delegation from North Vietnam. The North Vietnamese used this time of peace to rearm, recruit and train new troops, and relocate forces and weapons. When the North Vietnamese and Vietcong finished rearming and relocating their troops, their negotiators in Paris would get offended by something really stupid, they would walk out of the negotiations, and, about two to three days later, the North Vietnamese and Vietcong would start a new offensive against the South Vietnamese and US and we would be starting the same war all over again. Johnson and McNamara let the North Vietnamese do this to them FIVE TIMES IN A ROW!!! Just how stupid is that?

The sixth time, when we were bombing Hanoi in December 1972, that idiot, President Nixon, succeeded in negotiating a treaty, which was signed in February 1973, pulled the US troops out trusting North Vietnam would keep the treaty in spite of the fact that the entire Vietnam War was a violation of another earlier treaty, and North Vietnam invaded and conquered South Vietnam. Get the picture. It was the idiots running the country who lost the war and not the soldiers or weapons. You know, like with Iraq and Afghanistan.

A very significant contributor to the loss of the Vietnam War was the liberal commie traitor media and other liberal commie traitors, such as liberal college professors, who put out a lot of lies and propaganda to turn the public against the war causing the US to not fight right (to win it) and withdraw from the war without winning the war, you know, like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For example, after the US soundly defeated the North Vietnamese Army in the Tet Offensive, journalist John Chandler told the public that the US had been soundly defeated in the Tet Offensive and the other journalists followed suit. After the war, General Giap, of North Vietnam, publically said that his army had been so devastated in the Tet Offensive that, if it had not been for the US lying liberal media, he would have surrendered to the US Army following the Tet Offensive. The blood of every person, US soldiers, civilians, and others, who died after the Tet Offensive is on the hands of those journalists who betrayed the US troops, our country, and our people.

Another example is Jane Fonda, more affectionately known as Hanoi Jane for her blatant acts of treason, for which she was never prosecuted because she is a spoiled rich kid who is above the law. During the war, Hanoi Jane traveled to Hanoi in North Vietnam on a PR campaign supporting the communists in defeating the US troops. She did a lot of photo ops, public appearances, and publically humiliated the US POWs at the "Hanoi Hilton" prisoner of war camp in Hanoi. She returned with a number of photos which were taken in North Vietnam to use to turn the American people against the war even more and, of course, those photos were published by the lying liberal commie traitor media.

In one picture, which she claimed was the US bombing a water dike to flood a village, if you look to the left of the bomb explosion, you can see a tall white thing about the size of a telephone pole and about 10 feet off the ground behind the explosion which is a SAM 3 missile being launched at the aircraft which dropped the bomb. The aircraft which dropped the bomb was bombing a SAM 3 missile sight and the SAM 3 launched that missile just before the bomb exploded. It was a blatant lie.

In a second picture brought back by Hanoi Jane, the picture was taken through a hole in the roof of the home of a family which had been killed by shrapnel which had fallen through their roof. On the floor, you could see the family including the father, the mother, and at least one child lying dead with two large white objects lying next to the dead family and their bed. Hanoi Jane said the family had been killed by the two large, white objects and that the two large white objects were the shrapnel from a 500 pound bomb dropped by a B-52.

A little problem with that lie is that the US didn't have any bombs which were painted white and the shrapnel was way too large to be from a 500 pound bomb. All US bombs were a very dark grey. The only ordinance the US had which was painted white were missiles from aircraft which would have been too small to leave such large pieces of shrapnel. The US military intelligence blew the picture up and found the markings for a Russian made SAM 3 missile which would have been large enough to leave such huge pieces of white shrapnel.

What most people don't know is that, when the US first started bombing Hanoi, the North Vietnamese positioned their SAMs and triple A weapons within the city and fired out of the city so that almost all of the shrapnel from their defensive weapons systems fell harmlessly in open fields. After a while, the commies repositioned their defensive weapons outside of the city so they would fire over the city and the shrapnel would fall on their own people killing those people so the commies could take pictures of their dead people and claim the US killed the people with their bombing of the industrial areas in Hanoi. Of course, the lying liberal commie traitor US media published those pictures to turn more US citizens against the war.

I am sure that most of you remember what was going on in the Green Zone in Iraq with the liberal journalists. Just in case you don't, I will remind you. They would hang out at the hotels and bars, buy a story from some locals to report on for that day, and actually spend an hour or two putting their false stories or propaganda together to publish. Most of them never left the Green Zone and actually saw the war. Of those who did get imbedded, they usually only did it once with a unit that was very unlikely to see any fighting so they could claim they were imbedded and promote their careers. Very, very few actually saw any combat on any regular basis. The vast majority of them are phonies and should be prosecuted for fraud.

But this is nothing new. The same basic thing was going on in Vietnam. Everyone in the military knew exactly how most of the journalists were "working" the Vietnam War. Most of the journalists would hang out at the Saigon hotels and bars, drinking, and running the whores. When the military got an LZ or landing zone secured to where it was safe (the cowardly journalists didn't have to worry about getting their butts blown off), they would send an officer to the hotels and bars the military knew the journalists hung out at, and inform the journalists about the opportunity for a story. The vast majority of the journalists were not out with the soldiers doing journalistic research the way they made it look like they were doing.

The journalists would grab their equipment and beat it to the briefing room where they were given the basic information about the on-going battle, then they would take their cameras and write their stories while flying in the choppers on the way to the combat sight based on the information provided in the briefing room, take a few pictures of the soldiers heading into battle or the wounded being evacuated at the LZ, and beat it back to the hotels to send their stories back to their publishers. Very, very few of them even left the LZs much less actually saw anything close to combat and because of this they are military experts?

A really good example is that great military expert, Dan Rather. I don't ever remember him reporting one story when the wind wasn't blowing like crazy. The trouble is that wasn't the wind blowing, it was rotor wash from the helicopters in the LZ. Every one in the military knew what Dan did when he reported his stories because word gets around in the military.

What Dan and most others would do is that they would write their story on the way to the combat zone while flying in those choppers, get off the helicopter, find a place on the outer edge of the LZ where the troops were leaving the LZ for the battle, wounded were being brought into the LZ for evacuation and both could be used as a back drop and you could hear distant weapons discharges in the back ground to make it look like he was in the battle. They would quickly record the story in the rotor wash at the side of the LZ which was written on the chopper on the way to the battle, get back on the chopper, and quickly return to their hotel where they transmitted the story back to the United States. And that made them combat veterans who know all about the military? Obviously not.

How did we know these things? The troops knew which bars the journalists hung out in, would visit those bars and watch the journalists drink, raise hell, and run the whores. Then the troops would go back to base and tell the other troops about it and some of those troops would visit those same bars to see for themselves. These things got around the military partly because troops are often transferred to or visit (temporary duty - TDY) other bases on a regular basis.

There were some good journalists who actually did some real reporting about the war but, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of them do very little actual combat reporting. It turns out that most Vietnam War journalists from the US knew more about the hotels, bars, and whores than they did about the war. For most of them, it was a really great gig where they got special "combat" pay (the whores were really dangerous), got free expenses, spent most of their time drinking, partying, and whoring around, and had to spend very little time actually working. It was almost like a paid vacation. Then later they made a lot of money publishing books about the Vietnam War written by an "expert" who was there.

One very interesting story about Vietnam was when a Viet Cong set off a bomb in one of the bars where a lot of US journalists hung out, partied, and ran the whores killing and injuring a large number of US journalists. I bet they don't tell you about that one, do they? :-)

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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