Good, Bad, & God

God has let me know to share some important things with you. He has shown me some incredibly good things He will do through some of us but first we must endure some incredibly bad things we have brought on ourselves. There will be some very, very good things in the not too distant future but first we must get through and survive some very, very bad things which are happening to us now and will soon get much, much worse.

God created the greatest nation in the history of this planet, the United States of American, and used that great lady to raise us up and protect us but we turned from Him to tolerate and follow after the wickedness of the liberals. Look where they have lead us, to the death of that great lady who raised us up and protected us for more than 2 centuries. We are now watching and enduring the horrible death throws of that once great and proud woman we have helped murder and must now watch as the liberals and their friends cruely and sadistically finish her off. We must now endure the poverty, oppression, persecution, and other hardships which are coming with her death as our punishment for our sins or crimes against God. She can no longer protect us from these evil people because we have helped deliver her into their blood stained hands while God stands watching and shaking His head in disbelief.

But be not deceived, those who have enjoyed murdering our great lady will be held accountable for their crimes against God and His great work, for their lies, thefts, murders, adulteries, and other crimes. God will soon use the end results of their own crimes to punish these wicked monsters and hold them accountable for their evil actions. They mock God and think they are getting away with their mischief now but the dust has not yet settled. God will soon use their own evil actions to bring down on their heads the punishments and judgments these beasts so long for and they will not like what they have wished for and gotten.

Therefore, I say, turn from your wicked ways back to God, acknowledge and repent of your criminal actions against Him, ask for His forgiveness and undeserved mercy, accept the attonement and amnesty our great God has provided through our Lord, Jesus the Christ, and ask that God deliver you and yours out of the hands of His and our wicked enemies. If you do these things, God will turn His wrath from you to your enemies, deliver you out of their evil hands, and deliver your enemies into the bowels of Hell but we will still have to be held accountable for our complicity in their mischief, even if it was just tolerating their criminal activity for the scriptures teach us that tolerance of a crime makes us complicit in that crime.

In the near future, I will go from teaching about the bad things the liberals and their evil friends are doing to us to counter their smoke and mirrors and about the bad these actions will bring up on us to teaching you about the good things we will get to enjoy from the hand of God. From the ashes these liberal monsters are turning our fine lady into, God shall quickly raise up an even greater lady so that everyone will know it is Him and not the false, liberal god, democracy. Through this great new lady and those who will have turned back to God, God will do some really great things for which you cannot even begin to imagine. If I were to tell you about these things, you wouldn't even believe them. Just know that this time will be brief but the greatest time in the history of this planet and our people up til now. Truly, we have been and will be blessed by God and it is not be because we deserve it but purely because of His magnificant grace and love for us. Let all things be for the glory of God.

There is a silver lining in our cloud. Stick around and soon I will be sharing it with you.

Therefore, for both the good, the bad, and God, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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