I Told You So 71

Wow, that didn't take long, did it! I only published the essay, "Printing Money", last week and it is already coming true. I just read that Ocommie's fake unemployment rate has just "spiked" back up to 9%. Gee, who would have figured? Oh, I did and I bet my readers weren't surprised either because I not only told you it would happen but how and why.

Can't you just see the stupid little commies sitting in a corner scratching their simple minded little heads wondering why it didn't work....again? But have faith my friends, you can bet the stupid commies will beat that dead horse again and again and again thinking they will make it work this time. And you think liberalism isn't insanity and a fanatical faith based religion?

It was only last week that research was released showing that the planet has been cooling off for the last 15 years but I watch on the Internet and see that the commie scare tactics about their global warming persists in spite of the evidence proving them wrong. These nuts refuse to believe anything other than what they want to believe in spite of any and all evidence to the contrary. They are irrational power mad lunatics.

So the questions remain. How high do you think the fake unemployment rate will go before the commies stop counting everyone who is unemployed? How fast will the fake unemployment rate climb? How long will it take Ocommie and his Commiecrat buddies to finish off the economy? How low will Ocommie's poll numbers go in spite of the fact that those polls are liberal biased?

Never fear, my friends, the commies have brainwashed enough people just enough that their constant smoke and mirrors (lies, misinformation, and propaganda) will keep many of the people thinking Ocommie is doing a good to great job. Plus the commies always have their rigged elections, the voting dead, miraculously found ballots (in the trunks of their cars) which always turn the elections around, voting numerous times in different states, and such to help them magically win elections.

How long do you think it will be necessary for Ocommie's fake unemployment rate to be above 9% before his fake poll numbers begin to drop? If it "spikes" back over 10%, he will be swimming in deep doodoo.

I have been noticing things moving in a way that is telling me that more and more Christians are praying and God is listening. God may not completely answer our prayers now and is going to let the upper class trash have their way first but, in the not too distant future, God is going to answer our prayers. Just remember that man plans and God laughs. You know God is having a really big belly laugh over this crap. :-)

Don't forget to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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