Good Guys

In cruising the Internet, I see scared people who are in a panic. They are intelligent and informed enough to realize the liberal commie traitors and their Muslim pals are up to no good but they don't have the military training and experience to know what to do, who to contact, or anything else. These good people are over come with a feeling of hopelessness and fear. In desperation, I see some of them turning to different groups and organizations for help. Some of those groups are good and some are not.

I see people taking advantage of these scared people. The people taking advantage of the scared people are usually people who read a few books and web sites, bought some military clothes (camos), purchased some military looking weapons and purport themselves as military experts who can save these scared people, usually for a fee. Some of these experts are dangerous and many don't have any more training or experience than the people they are "saving". These experts will often falsely claim they are former or retired military, give themselves an officer's rank such as general, colonel, or major, often claim they won a medal in combat (which they probably purchased at an army surplus store or pawn shop), and set up a little organization providing "military training" for scared civilians.

Whenever you come in contact with such groups, always insist on seeing the leader's DD-214, which is a government form, of which, all veterans keep a copy. I have several copies of my DD-214 in my filing cabinet. The DD-214 provides a snap shot of the person's time in service telling such things as they were in the military, what branch they were in, what they did in the military, how long they were in, what their rank was, when they entered and left military service, what medals they earned, and other things. If they don't provide you with a copy of their DD-214, walk away without arguing or looking back because they are phonies, won't do you any good, and may get you in trouble. Do not accept any lame excuses for not producing a DD-214. Any veteran can go to any veteran organization, fill out a form, and get a copy of his DD-214 from the military within a few weeks.

Besides, let me share a little secret, if I were going to such an organization for military training, I wouldn't want an officer to provide that training. In the military it is almost always the sergeants who train troops and not the officers. All most officers do is provide the management for the training organization and the sergeants do the training. There have been very few officers who have actually been involved in training the troops at all. Most military officers are desk drivers. When it comes to training, I will take a good sergeant over an officer any day.

I have also noticed that the liberal traitors and their Muslim pals are trying to scare these already scared people even more in hopes that just one of the scared people will do something the liberals can use as an excuse for declaring martial law and setting up their commie dictatorship. The traitors will use this "red flag" event as an excuse for disarming the good people so the good people won't be able to resist the bad people setting up the dictatorship.

One of the many things I am doing in my writings since I returned to writing this May is to help you avoid this trap. My strategy is simple but effect and you have to understand that I cannot tell you who the good guys are, how to contact them, and what they are doing because that would just open those groups up to being attacked and destroyed by the bad guys. I feel that you do need to know that there are professionally trained and experienced good guys out there who are organized and preparing for this coming civil war.

First, I have been writing articles teaching you enough about the different groups of bad guys so you can identify them when you see them, know what they are up to, and why they are doing what they are doing. This is very important because it will help you avoid the bad guys and, when the fecal matter hits the proverbial fan and you see organized groups fighting those bad guys, you will know that the groups fighting the bad guys are the real good guys and whose side you should be on. Until the fecal matter hits the fan, most of you won't be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys anyway because the bad guys are very good imposters.

Mean while, I need to help you stay calm and prepare for what is coming. We need to get your emotions under control so you won't be so scared you are on the verge of panic and making bad decisions. I know you are scared for your life and you should be but you need to get the fear level down to where you won't be the one who gives the traitors their excuse for declaring martial law.

It is important to understand that, in situations like this, God uses fear to drive people to God so He can take care of you. When you are scared, confused, and there is no one else to help you, then you turn to God to take care of you.

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge your crimes against God's Law, turn from your crimes back to God's Law, and accept the amnesty or salvation of Jesus for your crimes against God's Law. After you have done this and only after you have done this, then God will begin teaching and directing you to protect you and your family. Only after you have done this, to become one of God's children and turn to God for help, will God provide that help because God doesn't help those who don't want His help. You have to need it, want it, and ask for it to get it.

Then you need to start basic disaster preparedness by stocking up on food and other supplies such as toilet paper so you will have enough supplies for at least 6 months. How do you do this?

Oh, you can buy all kinds of books written by experts telling what to buy and end up with a bunch of stuff you won't use. But the best way is simple and effective. You just set up an area such as an empty room or basement you can padlock shut with some shelves for storage. Then you buy a bunch of the stuff you normally use focusing on canned and other packed stuff which will last longest, especially without electricity. Then you use that storage supply as your larder to live off of for several reasons.

First, all foods have a shelf life before they go bad, even canned foods eventually go bad. If you are eating the older stuff from your emergency foods and placing new food at the back, that will mean you entire food supply will be fresher and last longer in an emergency. You won't have stuff going bad on you when you need it the most. Before you go to the store, you restock your pantry with the older stuff from you emergency food supply and put the new stuff you just got from the store in the back of your emergency food supply. You keep systematically cycling your food supply to keep it fresh.

Second, this method permits you to customize your emergency food supply based on what your family likes and normally eats instead of based on what some "expert" told you to buy. All you do is keep an eye on what you keep replacing and how much you buy of it. You will find that you need to decrease the amount of certain foods in your supply and increase the amounts stored for other foods.

For example, your family may use twice as much canned corn as they use canned peas. So you just cut your canned pea storage area by about 1/3 and use that extra space for more canned corn. That way your emergency food supply will be customized to your family's likes and needs and not set up based on what some one else uses.

This method will also show you things you need but you didn't think of or were not on your original list and let you know how much of that something you will need to store. And this shouldn't just be for food but should also include things like toilet paper, different soaps, water, clothes, and other things you use on a regular basis.

One very important thing which needs to be said at this time is that YOU MUST KEEP THIS FOOD STORAGE PROJECT SECRET FROM EVERYONE OUTSIDE YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY because, even some family members will kill you for your food when they get hungry enough. You can't tell ANYONE you are doing this, not even your best friend. They get hungry too and may tell some one else without thinking about it getting you killed for your food.

A very important thing this will do is to give you a real project to prepare for the coming war which will help you have a little control over your life and future and take your mind off the horror of what is quickly approaching. This will help you better control your fear so you don't panic and get yourself killed.

You will also want to get some things like weapons, a generator, bicycles for transportation, store extra fuel for your generator, and such. You need to find out from your local government what types of fuels can be stored on your property for you generator (in case of a power outage) and how that fuel has to be stored. Keep it legal and safe. If you give them an excuse to take it away from you and they will. :-)

Concerning weapons, there is a lot written about purchasing weapons for self defense. Most of it is just stupid fads and you don't want your life to be dependent on stupid fads. The basics are always the same. The thing you should be most concerned with is not fire power but stopping power.

There are a lot of nuts out there who think more bullets is better but shooting at some one and not stopping them from shooting at you will quickly get you killed. Fire power is about how many bullets you can discharge before you have to reload. Stopping power is the ability of the projectiles to actually stop the person attacking you. It should only be common sense that the reason you are shooting at some one is to stop them from killing you or your family, therefore, you want to stop them from attacking you as quickly as possible.

The first thing this requires is that you have to hit the person you are shooting at. My late grandfather was a sheriff when they rode a horse and he packed a Colt 45 revolver on his right hip (he taught me to shoot that gun). I was informed by a number of people that he had quite a few gun fights and, since he was still alive, I figured he probably won them. Therefore, when he taught me about gun fighting, I listened. One of the most important rules my grandfather taught me was that, when some one is shooting at you and you shoot at them and miss, all you are doing is giving them another chance to kill you. Marine General Chesty Puller said it a different way, "You have to hit them to hurt them."

When some one is shooting at me, I want to stop them from shooting at me as quickly as possible. That requires that I must hit them and that the projectile I hit them with must have enough stopping power to stop them with just one or two bullets. If the bullets you are firing at them won't stop them with just one or two bullets, you are going to need that extra "fire power" or bullets to stop them from killing you, which means you are going to have to shoot very accurately many more times and very quickly, which is very unlikely. The military saying, "One shot, one kill" means a lot.

For a handgun, if the caliber of the bullet doesn't start with a 4, you are going to have to use a lot more bullets and take a lot more time to kill the person trying to kill you which will decrease your chances of surviving. And it doesn't matter who is shooting the gun, a man or a woman, the same laws of physics apply for both.

There are experts out there who say a woman should use a smaller caliber gun or a "lady's gun" because they have smaller hands. What, is the smaller caliber bullet going to stop the attacker any better because a woman fired the projectile? I think not. A woman should only buy a lady's gun if she thinks she will only be attacked by ladies. Every man and woman should have a 40 to 45 caliber handgun and know how to use it effectively (consistently hit the target) at a range of at least 35 feet. 200 rounds of hollow point ammunition and five extra clips for each handgun should be adequate. For an automatic handgun, you will need to get the throat ramped to handle the hollow point ammunition without jamming. Then, most importantly, LEARN...TO...USE...THE...WEAPON...PROPERLY. Just because you have the money to buy a gun doesn't mean you know how to use it. Pay a professional to teach you how to use it.

A good rifle is going to be a 30 caliber and will be more accurate at a greater distance than a hand gun and will be most effective at 100 feet or more. I would prefer a bolt action but they have some new semiautomatics which are supposed to be good. The problem with a semiautomatic or automatic weapon is that, the faster you can fire the projectiles, the sooner you're going to run out of bullets and die, especially if you are not hitting anything. Under fire, it is very easy to get carried away just pumping rounds into the air and not hitting a thing. For ammo, I would get at least 500 to 1,000 rounds of soft point ammo per rifle with at least half a dozen extra ammunition clips per rifle.

To fill in the range between the handgun and rifle, get a good 12 gauge pump action shotgun and remove the plug so it will hold 6 rounds instead of just 3 rounds. Then get a few hundred rounds of buckshot (not bird shot) for each shotgun.

Other than that, I would get some good hunting knives, camping axes, flare guns (which can be used as weapons), and a bow and arrows with at least 100 broad head arrows per bow and learn to use them. With today's technology, they have some really nice bows which permit even a woman to pull 120 pounds which is enough power to easily put a big man on his back. The bow makes a great stealth and back up weapon for close to medium range but you have to practice, the same as you do with your firearms.

I keep hearing and reading all this macho crap about, "They are going to have to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers!" First, most people who say that are just talking tough to impress people. Most of those people will give up their weapons without a fight and the traitors know it. Besides, the idea itself is really stupid because you didn't buy the weapon to get yourself killed, you bought that weapon to save your life. Think about it.

What would a soldier do if the fighting has started and the bag guys came around to disarm everyone? First, he would probably be involved in the fighting to save the country so he would have other soldiers helping him keep his weapon. Second, he would stay in contact with a number of his soldier buddies and their soldier friends so they would have an organization or group of soldiers to stand up against the bad guys.

Third, a soldier is trained so that, if he gets caught behind enemy lines and knows that it may be a while before he can get back to his own lines, he is to use his weapon to kill an enemy soldier and take that enemy soldier's weapon and ammunition. Why? Because, if he keeps using his own weapon behind enemy lines, he will eventually run out of ammunition and die. Therefore, the soldier is trained to take an enemy's weapons and ammunition so that, when he begins to run low on ammunition, all he has to do is kill another of the enemy and take his ammunition for resupply. In other words, he is trained to use the enemy as his ammunition supply line until he returns to his own lines.

So our soldier is caught "behind enemy lines" without any support from his friends and the enemy comes around to take his weapon. What does he do? He surrenders his weapon, says alive, and the first time he gets a chance, he uses anything which will hold a sharp edge like a knife, piece of hard plastic, table knife, spoon, or that bow I told you to get and learn to use to go get another weapon and ammunition from the enemy. That would be the smart thing to do which is why soldiers are trained to fight that way. Stay alive and fight another day. Pick your fights to win them not lose them.

If they come to get my weapon and I don't have adequate back up, they can have my weapon, I know how to get another one. Besides, no matter what type of weapon you have, when the fighting starts and your rifle gets down to about 100 rounds, you are going to use that remaining ammunition to kill an enemy soldier and take his weapon and ammunition.

Now you can understand why it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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