I have been surfing the Internet looking to see what information you have available and I have learned that there is a lot of propaganda, lies, and misinformation (PLM) being stuffed into your face in a very confusing way. It is very difficult to figure out what to believe and what to not believe, especially if you don't have military training in this stuff. So, with this essay I want to give you some basics you can use to help you weed through all the crap and figure out what to ignore.

First, you have to know that a lot of the PLM is either intentionally being put out there by the left to confuse you or people, especially journalists with no military training, guessing about things for which they don't know anything. The latter is the case for all of your Internet news trying to figure out what is going to happen in this coming civil war. Some of that is also fear based hype designed to increase their ratings. You, the people would be better off if both sides kept their mouths shut but they won't so I will help you weed through some of the crap.

One thing you need to know is that no one knows what will happen when the fecal matter hits the fan. Military strategists are trained and spend a lot of time figuring out different possible scenarios which will take place once hostilities begin. The best way to plan for such events is to figure out all the different possibilities you can, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and be trained to adapt as the events unfold. That is the best humans can do, only God knows the future. So when some one is telling you this is going to happen or that is going to happen, all they are really telling you is they don't know what is going to happen.

I saw a few items about "scary secret underground military facilities" people are hyping as secret places the upper class trash will run to in order to survive the crap they are causing. Wrong!

During the cold war, the US military built a number of secret underground facilities to help them and key people survive a potential all out nuclear war so the military could keep fighting and prevent the Russians and Chinese from invading the US and taking control. You have to understand that the liberal media and Hollywood hype about how an all out nuclear war was going to destroy all life on planet earth was based on ignorance and lies, even from a lot of college professors. The truth was that we expected at least half of the US citizens to survive an all out nuclear war, probably more. When they came out with that stupid movie, "The Day After", in the mid 1970s, which the liberals considered to be so accurate, I laughed my butt off all the way through the movie because that type of nuclear warfare had been made obsolete in the 1950s, more than two decades before they came out with the movie. I can't tell you why because that is still classified but know the movie is a joke.

The most famous secret underground military facility is Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado which was used for the movie and TV series, "Star Gate". That particular facility was originally set up as the emergency command center for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) to use during an all out nuclear war. Since I was in SAC for most of my military service, I was trained in the structure and function of Cheyenne Mountain more than a decade before you every head about it and know much more about it than anything the media have told you.

After the cold war, they changed the structure of the Air Force and SAC was phased out so they down graded Cheyenne Mountain from a secret facility very few people knew about to a standard military facility for storage, administration, and such with controlled civilian access. They even leased a small part of the facility for the movie and TV series "Star Gate" to help cover the expense of maintaining the facility and decrease the cost to tax payers. I like that. The US military did this with a number of formerly secret underground facilities following the Cold War.

It is partly because of these formerly secret military Cold War underground facilities (and some things which are still classified) that I laughed my butt off at movies like "Red Dawn", which was Hollywood commie wishful thinking without them knowing how such a war would even be fought. There is no way the Ruskies would have been able to successfully invade and conquer the US even following an all out nuclear war. The Ruskies would have found themselves facing a still significantly superior US military force because of these secret underground facilities. Believe me, they would have gotten their butts handed to them and it would have been us marching into Moscow, which is why Gorby surrendered to Ronnie, ending the Cold War in the 1980s. The idiot commies in Hollywood and the rest of the media were very ignorant about the secret military facilities we had at that time to protect their traitor butts from an invasion.

I have seen a number of videos on Youtube about these "secret" underground facilities and laughed my butt off. One of the videos had Jesse Ventura in a car with three other clowns and two cameras, one mounted on the hood, taping them easily "sneaking" into one such "secret" facility. Yeah, right! LOL If that facility would have still been classified secret, they wouldn't have gotten past the entrance and definitely not as easily as they did. If they had some how managed to gain entrance, they would have been quickly surrounded by a number of vehicles with them facing a group of automatic weapons and kissing concrete. ROFL They thought they were some kind of big time spooks beating our military security. What clowns and pure amateurs. It was like watching the three stooges on a CIA mission inside Wal Mart. :-)

That underground military facility they "snuck" into was clearly a former Cold War underground facility which had been downgraded to even below regular military base facility and was being used for things like storage, administration offices, and such and here they were driving around inside the vehicle access area filming the area thinking they were some kind of spooks. CIA they are not!!! ROFL

Then I saw other videos which were "covertly" taken of the inside of "secret underground military facilities" and posted on the Internet. Did you notice that those facilities were very empty and they had easy access to a lot of areas? Those bases were all but abandoned and downgraded well below secret or there would have been considerable human traffic in almost all of the places they took pictures. Let's get something straight. If they were walking around in secret underground facilities taking pictures, they would have quickly been surrounded by heavily armed security answering a lot of questions. Even if they did manage to covertly take some pictures, there would have been many more other people and, if they posted them on the Internet, they would have been hunted much more than even Snowden is currently being hunted. They wouldn't be still walking around freely talking about the stuff. These people are either lying to scare you or they are clue less.

Some of these people stated that the military is storing vast quantities of food in these underground facilities for the upper class trash to use during the civil war. Wrong! What the military is storing food for, is you because the military knows that the upper class trash will destroy our economy just before the upper class trash attempted coupe and you will need food. Of course the commies are using PLM to get you to get your politicians to stop the military storing food for you so the commies can have better control over you and even starve a bunch of you to death. The commies don't want you to get that food from the military, the commies want you to starve to death.

Then I saw these commie clowns pretending to be "conservative conspiracy theorists" putting out a bunch of anti US military PLM blaming the US military for everything which is going on. They blame the US military for all the wars we have fought in the last 100 years in spite of the fact that every war between the US and the commies was the US reacting to the Russians and Chinese supporting communist elements trying to take over and destroy one or more of our allies. This is very cunning smoke and mirrors being put out by the liberal commie traitors. What they do is pose as conservatives and spew their commie PLM in an effort to get you to believe their lies. This crap is designed to turn you against the US military so you won't support any actions taken by the US military to prevent the commies from staging a coupe to set up their commie dictatorship. It is nothing more than cunning brainwashing.

Then there is this one guy who claims to be a Jew who converted to orthodox Christianity. He has an entire series of short videos on Youtube. If you listen to his message, he is clearly a Jew hater who gets a lot of fun out of bashing all Jews not recognizing that, just like Gentiles, there are good Jews and bad Jews. He blames everything that is going wrong in the world on Jews as if there are not any bad Gentiles also participating in these crimes. According to him, this attempt to set up a commie dictatorship is only the Jews' fault. Really?

Let's take a look at some of the key players in this insanity. Hmmmm, Kennedy is not a Jewish name and they are very clearly involved in this conspiracy. Kerry isn't a Jewish name, McCain isn't a Jewish name, Clinton isn't a Jewish name, Obama isn't a Jewish name, King Abdullah isn't Jewish, Farrakahn isn't Jewish, Gates isn't Jewish, Turner isn't Jewish, Fonda isn't Jewish, none of the royal families in Europe are Jewish, and many others involved in this global dictatorship conspiracy are not Jewish. Yes, there are quite a few very wealthy and powerful Jews who are involved in this mess but there are also a lot of Gentiles who are involved in this, therefore, this can't be a Jewish a conspiracy. This entire mess is being caused by an upper class trash conspiracy.

Then I saw a bunch of liberals posing as conservatives putting out PLM about US military training in our cities and the movement of large numbers of military vehicles. The libtards purport that the US military are training in our cities and streets preparing to help the commie traitors subdue and enslave you. Really?

Whose side is the US military on?

Well let's think this through. If the US military is on the side of Obama and his commie traitor pals, why are Obama and his commie pals decreasing funding for and tearing down the US military decreasing its capabilities? That doesn't make sense. I mean, if I were president planning to stage a coupe and set up a dictatorship and the US military were on my side, I wouldn't be decreasing their ability to quickly suppress, control, and enslave you. I would be increasing funding and building the military up so it could more easily and quickly take control of you. Now, if the military opposed me setting up a dictatorship, I would decrease their funding and decrease their military capability so they couldn't stop me.

The very fact that Obama and his commie pals are decreasing military funding while preparing to stage their coupe of the US is an absolute proof that the military is not on their side. These commie traitors would have to be even dumber than commies to do something that stupid. The simple fact that the commies are defunding the US military, decreasing its size, and decreasing its capabilities is absolute proof that the military is on the side of the US people and not on the side of the commies. End debate!!!

Then we have the fact that Obama's commie infiltrators in DOD are trying to find generals who will swear an allegiance to Obama and not the US Constitution and will also order the US troops for fire on US civilians. Obama is having a huge amount of trouble in finding such officers. One thing Obama doesn't realize and most officers do realize is that, even if the officers order the US troops to fire on US civilians, that doesn't mean the troops will obey those orders. If given such orders, most likely the US troops will fire on and kill the officers who gave those orders.

When I was in the military, I was trained so that, if an officer gave me an illegal order such as to fire on innocent US civilians, I was to refuse that order and relieve that officer of his command even if it required me to kill that officer. Our troops are not going to fire their weapons at good US citizens, on the commie traitors to stop the traitors from setting up a dictatorship, yes, because they are sworn to also protect the country from internal threats, but not on the good, law biding US citizens.

"Then," you ask me, "why is our military training in our cities and on our streets?" 1) They need the training in house-to-house fighting to be able to defeat the commies in this coming civil war and 2) they need to familiarize their troops with the cities and streets in which those troops will have to fight the commies. In other words, our troops are not training to help the commies to set up the commie dictatorship like the lying commies are telling you. Our troops are training to stop the commies from setting up their dictatorship. There is also a psychological warfare thing here. Our military is sending a very strong message to the commies, "Don't do it!"

What the commie traitors are doing with their PLM is they are trying to scare you into believing the military is training to help set up the dictatorship so you will contact your politicians and demand the military stop training on our streets to protect you because the military training on your streets is scaring the crap out of the commies. :-) I like that. Keep scaring them, boys.

"Then," you ask, "what about the UN forces training on our streets and, some times, with our troops?"

Remember that years ago I told you that all the upper class trash around the world are VERY concerned about the militaries for different countries staging military coupes when the upper class trash try to set up their global dictatorship. The commies are simple mindedly hoping that by having troops from each country in different countries, it will prevent military coupes of the countries. They are assuming the UN forces in a country will follow the orders of the upper class trash for that nation forcing that nation's forces to also follow orders. Liberal logic doesn't make much sense, does it?

There are a number of factors that the liberals are not taking into account. First, many of these troops have been in combat together, developed male bonding, and respect each other and our different countries. When the fighting starts, most of these forces will most likely either stand down or fight with the host military and not against it. Second, the UN forces who do decide to fight against the civilians will find themselves surrounded by the host military and quickly incapacitated or destroyed.

Now, when our soldiers train with these UN forces, they are watching how the UN forces are fighting so that our forces will be able to develop tactics to quickly defeat those UN forces in the event those UN forces do fight. You can also bet that our military has told the UN officers that, when the fighting starts, those UN forces will either stand down, fight with our forces, or die. Besides, the military for the countries to which some of those troops belong will probably stage a military coupe at the same time. There are quite a few countries for which their military will stage coupes when they see the US military stage a coupe to stop our communist dictatorship.

I was in Los Angeles, California when they had the riots in 1992. I found out that it was a test run for the liberals and Black Muslims (all black street gangs are Muslim) to find out what would be required to stage a violent overthrow of the US government. The liberals and Muslims learned that their two biggest threats were the US military and armed law biding citizens. Because of this, the liberals and Muslims have been working very hard to down grade the US military so it cannot stop such a coupe and to disarm the US citizens.

During the 1990s, Bill Clinton devastated the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies and got passed a number of laws restricting gun ownership. Bush rebuilt much of what Clinton destroyed and Obama is destroying it again while trying to completely disarm the US citizens but it is back firing on Obama.

The professional troops, both enlisted and officers, who are retiring or getting out of the military (many because of the down sizing) are forming militias to train civilians as well as the military trains its troops. Some troops are actually getting out of the service early to help train and organize these militia troops on a national basis in order to help the militias prepare for this coming civil war. What this is doing is increasing the effective size of the US military with large numbers of well trained citizen soldiers who don't answer in any way to the commie traitor leaders. Obama trying to decrease the size and capabilities of the military is back firing on Obama. And there are other things I have noticed in this which I feel I can't tell you about.

Obama and the commie traitors trying to disarm the US citizens with their gun control is also back firing on Obama because it is causing more people to purchase more weapons and ammunition. We now have the best armed civilian population in history because of the commies trying to take our guns away from us and most of those people are joining these new professionally organized and trained militias which also tell these people which weapons the people should purchase to achieve each militias mission. This is why we now have the largest, best armed, and best trained civilian militias in history. When you include the civilian militias, we have a much larger, better armed, and better trained military than before Obama became president. Oops!

Please note that the commies doing things like permitting open homosexuality and persecuting Christians is the commies trying to drive the patriotic Christians out of the US military so the commies can replace them with their beloved CSF but the Christians are fighting back and staying in. Pray for them.

Isn't it interesting to see what God is doing behind closed doors? Keep praying because it is working. :-)

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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