Government Based Businesses

One of the biggest problems we are having in this country right now has to do with too many government based businesses. What I am talking about are businesses which have either become or were founded on dependency of money from the government. These include businesses such as construction companies which build bridges, freeways, and subways to no where, build ships using government money with no prospective buyers, and any other such government based businesses.

It became extremely easy to either shift your business to government dependency or start up a new business designed and intended for such a dependency because you didn't have to have a market, do any market research, or even develop a market strategy. All you had to do was bribe a greedy, corrupt politician or bureaucrat by donating to a political campaign, they would do the work to get you the government money to run your business, and you would turn a fast and easy "guaranteed" profit. You don't have to understand much about business management, marketing, or a lot of other business matters. All you have to know is how to work within the corrupt political system to get the government money and you got rich. It is called "being politically connected", which was basically having corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in your pocket.

The really big problem is that, when the government goes broke from so much corruption based spending, so do all of those businesses. Without the fast, easy government money, no market, and no knowledge about running a market based business, these businesses are doomed and so are their employees. They thought they were being really smart but are now facing bankruptcy.

And now those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have a delima. Suddenly they only have enough money to run the business of government (increasingly, not even that) or to give government money to the corrupt businesses to run their businesses. If they don't spend the money to run the government, then the government will fail and they will lose their cushy over paid jobs anyway and, if they don't give the money to those government dependent businesses, those businesses won't pay cash into their political campaigns and the politicians will lose their cushy over paid jobs. They have created a lose-lose situation for themselves because of their corruption.

I sure hope these corrupt business people, politicians, and bureaucrats saved a lot of that ill gotten wealth because increasing numbers of them are suddenly finding themselves without a job at all because of their corruption. Actually, I really hope they didn't save much money so they will end up broke like so many of the rest of us because of their corruption.

When too much of an economy becomes based on government spending, the economy becomes too fragile and will eventually crash in on itself. Most of the economy must be based on producing and selling products and services to individuals and businesses and not on free handouts from the government.

Don't get me wrong, government based businesses are not a bad thing as long as they provide a legitimate service or product and there are not too many of them. The best thing is for the government to do business with businesses whose clients are mostly individuals and/or companies and the government is just a very large, but not only, customer. When too many businesses become government based or even mostly government based that it drains the economy, then something is wrong and will eventually cause economic problems.

Also, when such businesses develop too much control over who will be in charge of government management, that will always lead to government/business corruption. In this case, the businesses and politicians have developed a system to where the campaign donations have become a system for bribery and corruption providing the businesses with too much control of government spending, which will always result in those businesses making deals with the politicians and bureaucrats for contracting those businesses for work. When this happens, more and more of the government spending will become unnecessary resulting in government waste and over spending and the eventual demise of the government and those businesses. Keep it small works.

Corruption and greed will always eventually destroy a democracy. It isn't a matter of if but when or how long will it take for corruption and greed to destroy the democracy. Today, the corrupt people in charge of things have developed government corruption and take over to the point that the corrupt people can too easily and quickly take over any democracy and destroy it too quickly before they can be stopped. These corrupt, greedy, power mad people have developed democracy take over to the point to where it may not be possible for democracy to work at all ever again. The proof for this is in how fast they have been taking control of different democracies around the world and how fast they have been destroying those democracies setting themselves up in virtual dictatorships under the guise of democracy.

Yet these criminals continue to sell the worship of their pagan god, democracy, under the guise of the people being in control when, in fact, the people have very little if any control of any democracy today. It is the corrupt upper class trash who are in control, whether we like it or not.

Believe me, by the time these criminals have finished destroying this planet this time around, many people will be very ready and willing for the monarchy set up and run by the being Yahweh, God, as predicted in the Bible for an eternal paradise. At this point, I don't see any other potential real solution to our crisis. The upper class trash just have developed too much control for anything else to work for very long, if at all.

Basically, God IS the answer.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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